1990 Geo Metro – 2014 Fiat 500

answer segment is all about fuel economy this is a 2014 Fiat 500 pop and you can expect the full review on this car coming up soon but that’s not what this video is directly about this is about fuel economy because well I’ve had this carb had a bunch of people come up to me and say my god that’s a cute small car what does it get like 60

miles to the gallon the answer of course is no it’s about 34 miles per gallon on average that’s on the 2008 EPA cycle this then follows with a statement from these same people saying my god what gives my Geo Metro from 1990 got me 55 miles per gallon why is this only getting 34 miles per gallon well there are a lot of reasons for that let’s first address that 55 mile per gallon claim from the 1990

Geo Metro it was only on one particular Geo Metro model it was the Geo Metro xfi and it was rated for an average of 55 miles per gallon on the old EPA cycle when you actually measure that on the brand new EPA cycle according to the EPA

it should drop down to about 46 or 47 miles per gallon on average now that is still higher than this Fiat 500 now the geometric comparison isn’t quite as crazy as you might think because the Fiat 500 has about the same amount of room on the inside as that 1990 Geo Metro they both seat four and the Fiat 500 actually has a little bit more rear seat legroom than that Geo Metro did even though this is about 10 inches or so shorter than the Geo Metro most of that shortness is actually right up here in the hood because the hood on the Geo Metro was a little

bit longer than the Fiat 500 and the metro also had a more of a real bumper in the back but overall they have about the same amount of interior room so they do seem like a valid comparison although there are many reasons for the difference in fuel economy between the metro and the 500 they’re two big ones the first is weight the Geo Metro weighed just over 1,600 pounds which is incredibly light and this weighs over 2,300 pounds that’s more than an 800 pound difference it’s about a 50% difference between the Metro and this Fiat 500 there’s a huge reason

for that there’s an entire laundry list of safety and convenience features that you find on this 500 that just were not available on the Metro there are a lot to list so I’m going to read them off all those things add weight but these are all things that modern car buyers don’t want to live without a huge difference in weight comes down to the safety systems in these brand-new cars in addition to

the airbags we have an awful lot more steel and an awful lot more structure going on in the 500 than we did in that Geo Metro that’s why the Geo Metro scored very badly in all of its tests if you actually look at the IHS accident statistics for the Geo Metro it fares among the worst in terms of actual accident statistics it’s number three or so and the only things that are worse were some

truly awful contraptions back there in the 80s in the early 90s whereas the Fiat 500 scores good or above average in most tests with the exception of the new IHS small offset where it did get poor but other than that almost all the other crash test statistics for the Fiat 500 are very very good the next thing is the engine this car uses a four-cylinder engine the geometry’ used a three cylinder engine now in general the fewer number of cylinders the more efficient the engine is but also that Geo Metro was an awful lot less powerful it produced 45

horsepower whereas this car produces about a hundred horsepower or so out of its 1.4 liter engine that’s a pretty big difference in performance the weight difference and the engine account for the vast majority of the fuel economy difference between this and the Geo Metro the metro also had crazy narrow tires they really looked more like bicycle tires than real tires in contrast this Fiat 500 handles extremely well it has all the modern convenience and safety features you expect out of a real car except that doesn’t get as good a fuel economy as that ultra lightweight claptrap Geo Metro from 1990 well that’s always the kind of an extreme example there are things you can do with your own car who maximize your fuel your big sugar engine is well-maintained whether you maintain your engine yourself whether you have someone else do it etc all nicely but in general everything going

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