2008 – 2013 Volvo XC60 car review

no goldfish were harmed during the making of this video promise Ford have been taking absolute liberties with their historical product names recently in case you hadn’t noticed the Ford Mustang has become an electric SUV the Ford cougar sports car has become yup an SUV and now the Ford Puma.Has become this what exactly is it well that should be obvious is yet another SUV this time a relatively small one for 20 grand based on the Fiesta platform don’t look at me if you look bought sports cars.

But make sports cars most of us out there are buying SUVs which means manufacturers are gonna keep making them still at least the Puma is decent looking I mean it’s nothing like an actual Puma it looks more like a baby hippo really but controversial opinion it does actually look quite similar to the original Puma mean look at the headlights look at the upper and lower grille it’s all in there it’s a natural evolution anyone remembering the original Puma as a proper sports car might be remembering them through rose-tinted memories whatever you think of that comparison there’s no denying.

that this new car has some cool design details the distinctive day running lights the sporty almost coupe a like roofline and the three-dimensional effect rear lights are all very cool but nothing on this car is quite as cool as the boot yeah I know I might sell out the most boring person in the world right now but trust me it’s the best bit first and foremost it has a powered tailgate which is quite rare on a car in this category and secondly its massive 468 litres which is bigger than you get in a Ford Focus how do you get a boot this big in a car this small well.

With a hidden spacevolvo xc60 takes everything that is good about those old Volvo family estate cars and serves it up in a more contemporary crossover package it’s available in both 2 and 4-wheel Drive depending on how muddy you want to get and should appeal to those mums and dads you still want.

That sense of solidity and practicality about their Volvo but wouldn’t mind a bit of swagger too when you check out the stance and visual character of the xc60 it very much looks like a downsized version of the xc90 this iron mark grille is now big and bold.

We’ve got some really strong surface language going on particularly around these shoulders and details like this rear lamp graphic really helps lift the finish of this car into the realms of BMW and Audi territory.
I think it actually manages to look quite voluptuous for a Volvo while you can spec additional our design styling upgrades the boxy proportions and these chunky door mirrors remain and that makes it excellent for towing so depending on the engine and your lifestyle choice you’ll be able to pull all manner of caravans horse boxes and even yachts inside the quality of materials is top rate.

This floating centre stack the houses all your main controls a particular jewel it’s practical in here too with some really decent storage cubbies and the raised driving position combined with ease orthopedically designed anti-whiplash seats really make it one of the most comfortable caster sitting safety has always been a major priority for Volvo so all versions of the xc60 get a high-strength steel roll cage intelligent sides and curtain airbags as well as a new system called city safety now this uses a camera is mounted in front of your rear-view mirror to constantly scan the road ahead and tell you if the driver in front it suddenly stops so it speeds at under 20 miles an hour if.

I’m distracted from the road and I don’t react to the potential danger the car can actually emergency brake for me we tested it in a controlled environment and it works consistently well in the back there’s just enough room for three adults the rear seats don’t actually slide but because the seat configuration is split 40/20/40 it means you get a decent picnic table in the center what’s more this middle chair can also be SPECT.

With an integrated booster seat and the seats fold flat with just one catch revealing a very generous load space importantly with no lip on the road the overwhelming feeling you get from the xc60 is refinement the ride quality is so supple regardless of surface and there’s hardly any tire wind or suspension noise transmitted into the cabin suddenly complain.

That the steering is a bit numb and a little slow on the initial turnin but that actually makes it less nervous on motorways and less time to drive on longer distances it’s affordability is your priority and we probably say that you go for the drive eversion of the 2-liter diesel the front-wheel drive train combined.

With the six-speed manual gearbox really helps to reduce those running costs and the figures are pretty impressive if you fancy a bit more of an all-rounder and go for the four-wheel drive d5 which uses a wonderfully slick 6-speed auto the downsides are few and far between really but we probably recommend that you SPECT parking sensors as rear visibility is a little bit lacking and also Volvo really needs to sort out its sat-nav controls.

Because using a remote like this is nowhere near as intuitive as a simple touchscreen the xc60 blends new volvo styling.

With old volvo practicality and the result is a brilliant family car ad excellent comfort together with strong residual values and it really has everything needed to temp customers away from the most premium of rivals underneath the boot floor ladies and gentlemen allow me to show you one of the greatest automotive innovations of the 21st century the Ford mega box under the height adjustable floor is a special compartment.

That adds an extra 80 metres of space it lets you carry taller items golf clubs potted plants plus an assortment of luggage that might not otherwise fit and because it has a hole in the floor for easy draining you can carry dirty items like boots pulls them down and then pull the plug you can even get creative forget just carrying golf clubs.

Why not have an actual game of miniature golf in the boot then when you’re done you can load up your clubs and off your drive Plus check this out right the Pumas got cupholders and decent sized door pockets but you know the best place for drinks the mega box watch this ice you can get your beers your spirits the wines obviously.

I’m not drinking alcohol and the designated driver but all of it goes right in there plus most decent sized family cars will let you carry dogs and other pets right but maybe one other family car that lets you carry aquatic life check this out goldfish in you go but namely one other carbon lets you do that.

I’ll wait exactly so we’ve seen what the Puma is like on the outside what’s it like on the inside it’s actually a really practical car despite the fact that it’s based on the small Fiesta now.

I’m five eleven and this seat is of course adjusted for me well I popped in the back of this car in this setup and there’s plenty of legroom and plenty of headroom they’ve made really good use of the space in the Puma on top of that you get loads and loads of space and the door pockets for your knickknacks and your bits and bobs they make really good use of space in this car I like it in terms of the interior design well there’s not a lot to write.

Home about really but they’ve done a pretty decent job I really like the carbon fiber effect around the air vents and soft squishy material on the steering wheel.

Which gives it a nice premium feel in terms of a general layout of all the controls well it’s actually quite straightforward there’s loads of buttons on the steering wheel which you can actually feel a little bit complicated initially but you do get used to it and the controls on the central touchscreen are pretty simple and straightforward it can feel a little bit clunky at first but the good news is that the car comes.

With apple carplay and android also so you can just stick with that the Puma comes in three trim levels titanium St line and St line X the entry-level titanium is probably not the most attractive version because of the black rubber wheel arches the St line cars are body coloured but titanium cars.

Do have some decent kit 17-inch alloys cruise control wireless charging auto headlights and wipers and 8-inch infotainment touchscreen carplay Android auto electronic climate control messaging seats and all for only twenty thousand five hundred pounds for a grand more.

You get the better looking ST line which adds a sporty body kit but loses electronic climate control and massaging seats but you do get my so alloys and a twelve point three inch digital instrument cluster.

if you’re gonna spend extra money though get the st line-x which gives you all the sporty stuff in the st line the body kit wheels plus all the nice tech stuff in the titanium massaging seats electronic climate.

control for only two grand more now some of you might be wondering what this cars like to drive and the answer is that it’s really lovely it’s based on the Fiesta which itself is a great little car and this thing inherits a lot of that cars mannerisms there’s a really nice balance to it it flows really nicely through the corners it’s loads of grip and although the body roll maybe is a little bit too much you can actually work with it and in the corners it settles down and you can actually trust it through the bends it’s really rewarding really engaging and actually ultimately really fun right.

I’m gonna send it into this Bend yes those poor goldfish sorry one of the best things about the Puma is probably the engine power comes from three different configurations all of which used Ford’s 1 litre EcoBoost engine the basic model makes 125 horsepower and 117 92 meters of torque or you can buy one of two hybrid models one hybrid version uses a belt-driven integrated starter generator in place of an electric motor to provide more torque 200 Newton metres although no extra power while the other version has more power and torque 155 horsepower in 220 Newton metres this happens to be the hundred and fifty five horsepower version and while.

It might not sound particularly exciting it’s actually a really good powertrain the torque delivery is a lot of fun and there’s definitely enough grun if you want to engage a little bit of overtaking or if you want to have fun in a little traffic like Grand Prix.

Do you know where it’s just a happy little engine by itself it’s pretty gutless but with the addition of the mild hybrid technology it just makes all the difference.

When you’re not driving flat-out and you want to relax you can use some of the Pumas solid range of driver assistance features.

It has some great tech including adaptive cruise stop and go traffic light recognition and Lane centering which keeps you in the middle of your lane rather than at the edges as you drive fuel economy is good too at around 43 miles per gallon ok ultimately it is yet another small SUV and there really is no shortage of those.

But where this cars rivals fall is in the fact that they tick boxes of course.

But they ultimately feel a little bit soulless of it lacking in character a bit lacking in fun the Puma is different it does everything you’d expect from a small SUV it’s spacious is practical it has decent tech but it also has lots of innovations that make it really usable day to day more importantly than all of that though is the fact that when you drive one it puts a big smile on your face do you know.

What I am genuinely impressed with the new Puma before I drove it I was expecting a car that was basically Ford’s attempt to profiteer off a historic badge and shown out yet another boring SUV.

But having driven it it’s actually a cracking little car and one that I would definitely consider buying myself it might not be the Puma sports car some of us remember her love.

But this new model is in so many ways are better more usable and more logical car than the original  you

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