2008 Volvo S80 V8 Review

2008 Volvo S80 V8 Review Power folding mirrors with your blind spot indicator has built-in as well as your puddle lamps down below your sat and V8 all-wheel drive badges the first S80 V8 that’s ever actually made it onto the lot these.

Are very very rare and over here if you can see this one is riding on Michelin Pilot as3 plus higher fees are very very nice cars and trucks to be exact same time we can follow through on this side it’s just such a nice looking car up front you. 

2008 Volvo S80 V8 Review

Do have your projector headlights fog lights down below and front parking sensors V8 badge in the front grill as well as right here is all of your sensors for your adaptive cruise control and everything of that nature get instructions from the block unlock trunk release panic and then.

This button right here which will turn your parking lights on as well as your light up underneath the veneers as I said indulgent entry come up with you inside this when does happy soft beige leather interior is in fantastic shape WWE full power driver seat with 3% memory while.

They door Sills started to step foot on the brake and press right. 

2008 Volvo S80 V8 Reviews

Here button close the door and just for the sake of the video I am going to take the key fob and insert it into the slot right there your dad after cruise control car audio system controls on this side nice and tight all soft padded material padded leather around here and more patent leather on the door 04 automatically Spurlock term years communist as well or power-folding electronic parking brake over here headlight controls front as well as rear fog lights your fuel cap release and trunk release his rules are all soft touch high-quality rubberized exactly.

How you can see your gauges in the middle your speedometer right there tachometer on this side and everything.

Will show up and the center display on the side you can scroll through right here go through all kinds of different things on this display all from the stock start-stop button key slot and all of your wood grain around here do you have your hazard controls in the middle as well as like I should have this one does have your navigation system up top which is all control enter and it will bring it up you can go to all of your different place things like that go through or if you hit shut down.

Shut off Accenture again it will raise up to have your Center channel for the dynaudio audio system around it down below you can see your radio right here all your preset stations everything else AM FM CD auxiliary and all of that and it’s a great sounding system.

Tucson automatic climate control heated seats the driver and passenger as well as cool seeds for the driver and passenger which.

They very very nice touch Collision warning-plus on and off parking sensors you are active in headlights and this button right here present address.

Comfort Sport and advanced mode for your suspension as well as around here very nice wood grain all of this to is a rubberized material and a typology as I said shifter for 6 Speed automatic manual mode and reverse right there two cup holders storage and a 12-volt Outlet so they cover padded armrest right here storage inside of there with your auxiliary in the sequel are very comfortable padded leather high-quality they fit you very well and this is the top-of-the-line weather in Cardiff it’s very very soft leather with perforations in the middle you also do have your interior lighting controls as well as your auto dimming rear view mirror with your compass built into the corner right here garage Homelink visor with banding error.

Which is illuminated on the side handle a automatic driver side window down I really do have to say I’m jealous of whoever gets this car this thing very nice V8 SAT but in the backseat and you have your wood grain.

Open Door Sills down below and inside very nice amount of space it’s comfortable. 

The same seating is upfront you just it’s so flushed you just kind of sink down into it as well as back seat pockets on the side I’m 6-2 I can fit in the backseat perfectly fine a lot further back now it said that’s why it looks like there’s no leg rude you have your fence built into the pillars in typical velvet fashion interior lighting controls for rear passengers the pop address back up on that side and right here to have two cup holders as well as some storage funniest face pack your gear up your back seat release up top right there to school will drop down like.

That you can see both of your carpet rear floor mats also a pop is all nice and carpet and you have struts on the side. 

Hinges to wonder Junior cargo space at all you can lift us up access everything underneath your fix a flat kit Jack storage and everything else through the back seats button pop that back up and you do have a power passenger seat until you hear all of your own furniture and everything of that nature is included same-sex certificate as well I mean.

I have to say you really probably have a hard time finding another V8 all-wheel drive sat and the condition that this one is in with the miles this one has off-road UTV headlights they are HID fog lights down below does Windows have be 4.4 liter Yamaha Tunes V8 everything in great shape running fantastic this engine is so much fun in this car and like I said I’ve been here for a while and this is the first retail.

V8 sedan we have had so I do not expect the same the last long at all on the lot actually just moving it up here to get the video.

I already had a customer that was asking me questions about it beautiful sound that engine automatic driver side window back up right here and it’s always this is for sale at Volvo

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