2011 Chrysler 200 Touring Review

outside you can see there have been some changes to the Sebring gone is that kind of peculiar hood you have some new headlights a new grille it’s a very minor changes to the sheet metal around the car strange C pillar and rear windshield arrangement

are still here get some new better looking rear tail lamps dual exhaust some bright work here on the trunk and on the bumper as we slowly creep along here let’s take a look at the inside one of the major complaints about the old Sebring is that its interior looked like it was made by Rubbermaid actually that’s probably doing Rubbermaid it to service it was really pretty terrible but the new interior

now some people may complain about the style but it is all soft touch plastics this is all nice and nice and soft the doors themselves are also soft touch plastics although in the fabric interior it is a little bit of a mismatch here so we have this soft touch material up here we have this fabric insert and then we have pleather in a different color so that can be a little bit much there we have a new Chrysler corporate steering wheel this is nice thick rimmed and we have our trip computer stuff over here waiver cruise control over

here and we have the usual buttons on the back of the steering wheel for volume up and down and track up and down as well we have a revised slightly revised instrument cluster here if you can see it let’s try and look through the steering wheel there we go that’s the revised instrument cluster you see we have lots of storage cubbies here we’re left over from Pebble Beach so we’ve got a camera lens here got some extra microphones it is nicely lit here we have a power outlet singles on climate control we have our auto stick transmission

here it’s a 6-speed Chrysler design transmission I lived on a gravel road ins a perfect surface test car suspension the crash 200 is is pretty soft the 17-inch wheels on this model which are standard on the v6 do have a little bit less rubber than I’d like for a comfy ride but over all of this what I’d expect handling isn’t isn’t exactly the Chrysler 200 strong suit I’d call it approximately

equal to you know a Toyota Camry it’s not a Mazda 6 finding straight to the imagination is not sporty the crash 200 has the new Pentastar 3.6 liter v6 which is 283 horsepower which is actually quite peppy for this segment this is significantly better than most of the competition you know it makes it very very fast but unfortunately it suspension although much improved over the Quran sir Sebring is just not quite as nice as the Mazda 6 the Mazda 6 with this engine would be perfect many people complained about Chrysler’s six-speed front-wheel drive

transmission it is a little bit quick on the app shifts the ships aren’t exactly as smooth as I’d like definitely not too smooth as a sand six-speed transmission but it’s not really as bad as the first-generation DSG or anything like that does produce a pretty admirable fuel economy in this 283 horsepower sedan we’ve been averaging about 20 7.2 miles per gallon mostly highway

but then again for my commute that is mountainous highway if people will recall you know I go up in over California’s highway 17 every day on my way to work and then I commute on 280 which is fairly mountainous as well and you know the fuel economy really doesn’t drop too much below 26 in any of this trip so it actually is pretty good for a midsize car especially for being one of the most powerful

cars in its class well I appreciate the AutoStick feature you know and I love the AutoStick in my 1997 eagle vision TSI that I own it is kind of a handy feature but I will never quite understand why Chrysler decided not to allow you to shift into first you have to be going pretty damn slow to get into first I mean right now we’re going 35 we’re allowed to shift into second

but we can’t shift into first yet and the engines only revving 3000 rpm and first and second are quite close together in Chrysler’s new six-speed transmission so this is really baffling to me we’re going 20 miles an hour still not allowed to use first gone down to 1500 rpm 18 miles an hour still not allowed to use first 15 miles an hour 10 miles an hour Oh 9 miles an hour now it stuffed it in at first kooky thing is we can go all the way up to 30 miles now we’re very easily in first without a problem but strikes me is even stranger than that however is that Chrysler’s new 6-speed transmission will also let me climb this hill in fifth gear I’m floored in fifth gear right now going 8 miles an hour up the hill

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