2011 Fiat 500c convertible

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2013 fiat 500c

this is the 2012 Fiat 500c as you can see on this lovely California summers morning a little bit wet and drippy but then I actually has probably some of the benefit of having the 500 C versus the Mini Cooper convertible because you can actually open and close this convertible top if you want to call it that while

you’re going up to 50 or 60 miles an hour you can you open this section at 5060 miles an hour and this is sort of like a very large sunroof or you can press the button on the dash and you have the top blower all the way down to this position there’s this tiny little wind break back here and I have no idea what that sporck it doesn’t really seem to do anything and it’s so small so strangely positioned just seems like an accessory of course we also assume that we put it in the right spot because there were no instructions with it and that seemed like

where it should go back seats are fairly small as you can see come on zoom in here back seats are fairly small the seats arranged for a six-foot driver so the six foot four person sitting here he fit sort of the side rails stay up of course so it’s not a true convertible this is what helps make this more than four thousand dollars cheaper than the mini convertible it also allows you to keep the side impact airbags from the regular Fiat 500 it also helps to feel a little bit more rigid like if you got 500 like the base one and it also means that this convertible

it’s only 50 pounds heavier than the regular 500 so raising the top has as simple as this button here one press top brings you back up middle part another close brings you to this spot and then another press to hold gets you all the way close so this Fiat 500c is equipped with the optional preferred equipment package 21 a which includes the blue and me system as well as the Bose audio system you can see we get a Bose logos over here some tweeters and we also get a sub woofer under the front passenger seat here you can see it’s sort of like an acoustic mass style system uses a small driver which is quite suitable for the car makes the subwoofer very small performs fairly well bass can be a little bit muddy depending on what exactly you’re playing but overall it does an admirable job for a car this small

the main controls the system are are both this display here as well as the display inside the techno meter and speedometer some buttons underneath the steering wheel behind the steering wheel I should say as well as these menu buttons over here the system does do voice command but it’s not quite as good as Ford SYNC and we’ll show you

why so I have an iPod plugged in right now and you’d think that you’d want to navigate your iPod using the head unit over here like you would in many cars but you don’t actually you actually use the steering wheel over here and there are two ways to do this you can either do this by voice command or you can do it on the steering wheel

I don’t understand understand the point for the voice command we’ll go into that in a little bit but here you can hit the main button on the steering wheel and you’ll see the display will change to recent calls then you use that button back here on the back of the steering wheel to go through the menu until you see media player you press the center button on the back of steering wheel you’ll see USB options USB settings etc USB options is how you actually browse your media player so you choose USB options then you get to choose artists genres playlists etc the way

that they deal with with the fact that people have more than a few playlists or a few artists is you click here and then you’ll see that you will get a listing of your playlist in here and see my evolve my iPod used to be in a Volvo so it’s labeled Volvo iPod but if you go down the list you can see that here are my playlists here you can use

the buttons on the steering wheel to go back so you use the back button on the front of the steering wheel and then the buttons on the back of the steering wheel for actual navigation and they separate your playlists into groupings of approximately 30 playlists so you know we can screws down this playlist for the ones above that one

we can we can go back we can choose artists from the list and it’s very much the same so it gets a little bit a little bit more obvious here with the artists how it separates the list then once you’ve selected them you can then scroll down through the artists list it uses this very small display which is strange because the display

over here on the radio is quite a bit larger and you can actually shut see more there but instead here you’re limited by this display here the controls here on the left side of the steering wheel are track up and down and on the right side of the steering wheel its volume up and down and source or the left side can be used for controlling

this menus you’ve just seen same menus used for navigating the telephone as well as these buttons over here the second way that you can navigate your iPod is with the voice command and blue and me has this little button here for voice recognition you can press it media player media player the available commands are stop next previous and anytime

you cut in the rotor appliance by pressing this little button over here getting advanced USB options please repeat Advanced USB options Advanced USB options the available commands are played playlists to choose the desired multimedia content use the steering wheel keys and see you can see that the voice command is simply a shortcut from going in

through those same menus on the steering wheel because you get right back to the same place on this display as you would have if you just navigated manually you can’t manual it you can’t voice command playlist specific playlist specific artists etc like you can with sync so that’s kind of a bummer you can’t control some options you can control

shuffle things like that with voice command but it’s just not as fully featured as as st. canice and the Ford products and that is the look inside blue and me if you’re looking for a quiet convertible you might want to look somewhere else yeah it uses a folding canvas soft top on the 500c something along the lines of the BMW 3-series that used to have the so-called California roof it’s it’s basically a canvas top that collapses down these tracks runs run along the roof line here and collapses back towards the trunk the interesting thing is you can actually stick your hand out of

this roof and actually stick your hand completely outside underneath the seal it just sort of pulls the canvas tight like a drum but doesn’t actually lot latched into place along the sides of the roof otherwise it’s fairly decent top you can actually open it while you’re driving so right now we’re going 50 miles an hour and you can actually open the top

it’ll stop in its first position you probably see that in the video right there another press the button and it will collapse down the rest of the way there’s this little wind deflector up here that you can open and close to prevent buffeting for the rear passengers but since no one’s in the rear I probably leave that down it’s much quieter out on the road

the Fiat 500c handles just like the regular Fiat 500 that’s to say not too bad the steering is a little over boosted but you can press this little sport button here on the dash and firm up the steering a little bit it doesn’t really do anything to improve Road feel of course since it’s electric power steering but small price to pay and the that really is the key here

the Fiat 500c does really have a small price tag to pay this one is $21,000 as equipped and it has upgraded wheels

I think something like that it’s got some buttons here as the blue and me Bluetooth system when the road gets twisty the little 1.4 liter hundred horsepower and does seem to run out of breath every now and then but for one driver on winding mountain roads like this it actually isn’t half bad I think I actually prefer this to a more powerful engine it is a little bit more fun to just sort of floor it around everywhere you go throw it actually is quite fun in this car I have to say almost makes me forgive the the low-rent plastics on the door here but you know that is one of those Fiat hallmarks that has been preserved for the American market you

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