2012-2014 BMW 328i Luxury Line Review

this is the all-new 6th generation BMW 3-series and this particular model is the new 328i what’s different about this model is instead of the usual six-cylinder engine that we’ve been finding under the hood of 3-series for ages and ages and ages the BMWs all-new direct injection twin power turbo four-cylinder engine in it let’s hop in and take a look BMW is used four-cylinder engines in the past but this is the first time in a long time that a four-cylinder engine has made it under the hood of a u.s. balance today on in the 328i we get the twin power turbo

2 liter engine it’s direct injection produces 240 horsepower and 255 pounds of torque now twin power refers to the turbo unit doesn’t actually mean that there are two turbos in this car the still only 1 turbo except that that one turbo has two inlets

into the turbine that’s on the exhaust side of the turbo there are actually two different inlets on there which helps the turbo spool up faster it helps it act more like a twin turbo set up a little bit more optimized than your regular single turbo the old 3-series was a little cramped in the rear but this new 3-series has grown fairly considerably over the previous generation and that comes into play back here in the rear seat this front seat is adjusted for me at

6 feet tall as you can see I have a decent amount of legroom left I also have a decent amount of headroom which makes this vehicle fairly accommodating for larger drivers as well as larger passengers here in the back we have a fairly nice center armrest with a coarse really decent cupholders especially for a European sedan but that isn’t what’s interesting back here we actually have a 40/20/40 folding rear seat this is the 20 portion and you can see it actually allows for a very large opening much larger than your typical ski pass through that makes us a decent amount more convenient than a regular sedan with just a sort of a 60/40 folding seat with a ski pass-through if you need that extra room

you can however fold down the other side the other 40% on either side if you want however you can’t fold down the driver’s side without folding down the middle seat as well as you would expect with a sedan that’s grown over last year cargo carrying capacity is up in the 3 Series as well we have an additional cubic foot back here and this is the largest sized roller bag that will carry on a domestic flight as

you can see you can actually fit quite a number of them here inside the 3-series trunk of course that also means that we must now see how a journalist fits in the trunk the answer of course is other than the entry here being a little bit small the trunk is fairly roomy and fairly nicely finished our particular 3 Series is the luxury line model which means we don’t get any weird red plastic or any other carbon-fiber things going on inside instead

we have the classic wood trim our particular model has of course this large fixed iDrive screen we have a decent amount of space here in the center console we have some interesting cupholders not quite clear why this pops out like that rather than an actual door to reveal the cupholders although there is a very nifty diagram right here on the back telling you how to store that in the glove box like so we get a USB interface of course the typical BMW one here in the center console as well as the usual BMW plug-in for your iPhone or your Android device if a particular cradle is actually made here in the glove box we also get another USB port which is kind of a nice feature if you want to keep your USB device in there because a 3-series is rear-wheel drive sedan and the position of the transmission engine are designed for weight balance in the car the transmission is essentially under here which means that there isn’t a whole lot of room in this center console it’s really the only drawback to this interior materials quality on the inside is very nice but then again it should be because this sedan lists for just over 49,000 dollars and that’s because we have a decent number

of options in this car the iDrive is of course optional as is the luxury line trim we have the heads-up display we have the automatic transmission and a number of other options that really boost our MSRP quite high our 328 is equipped with all of BMWs latest gadgets that includes iDrive as well as what you’re seeing right now which is BMWs full-color heads-up display this has been tweaked for 2012 and now display is full and infotainment information in the heads-up unit and that’s in addition to full color navigation with lane direction your speed your cruise control information as well as various safety messages from the car like fasten your seat belts things like that if you know anyone that owns a

Porsche Boxster you’ve probably heard this line before I bought a Boxster / 911 because it was lighter more nimble and more fuel efficient that’s just crap they bought the Boxster because they couldn’t afford the 911 that’s exactly what’s going on here with a 328i you buy the 328i because you can’t afford the 335i which is of course three horsepower and a lot more fun but the that being said the 328i is more nimble it is lighter and it is more fuel efficient and that fuel efficiency is really the reason that you can tell your friends

that you bought one because according to this window sticker this car gets twenty four miles per gallon city 36 highway and twenty eight combined however BMW is lying to you because we got much better fuel economy out of this 328i than that we’ve actually been averaging 35 over all that’s that’s combined for an entire week of 880 miles worth of driving and that’s high speed low speed city lots of stopping lots of starting lots of mountain driving of course I live up in over a twenty two hundred foot mountain pass that really normally wipes out

your fuel economy that being said my best round-trip commute to work was actually 42 miles per gallon in this car and that is of course using the air conditioning the entire way as well as going up and over that mountain pass really is quite amazing and that’s due in large part to this 2 liter turbo engine which delivers a lot of its torque very low so 1250 rpm this engine is producing all of its torque which means that the engine doesn’t really have to do much revving in order to actually accelerate you or keep you at a speed on the highway so for most highway driving you’re firmly in eighth gear at very low revs and that really improves your fuel economy now aside from those reasons

the 328i is fairly nimble although the extra size of this vehicle and it’s softer suspension tuning versus last year’s 328 I mean that this really isn’t as good of a corner Carver as the last generation at least in feel well empirically the numbers maybe better than last year’s and that’s what I’m told by BMW it doesn’t really feel that way it doesn’t feel as precise the steering wheel isn’t as isn’t weighted the same as last year’s model it isn’t as heavy it’s lighter there’s a little bit less Road feel this cabin is much quieter much smoother the suspension is softer the ride is better and honestly in my book that means that this 328i is a much car than last year’s because I’m all about something that’s quick and luxurious but I still want it to handle in corner carve and that’s really what this car delivers again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2012 BMW 328i to check out the full review on the 328 I as well as news reviews and more just click on over to the truth about cars calm

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