2012-2014 BMW 650i Coupe Review

this is the 2012 BMW 650i coupe let’s take a look so under the hood of this beast we have BMWs all-new 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 now we’ll take off the vanity cover so you can see under here I won’t touch anything because it’s on but basically here

the innovative thing about the 650 eyes engine is that the twin turbos are in the valley of the engine rather than on the sides so that means the exhaust and intake is reversed from a normal viet engine so if you’re looking for a 652 if you have the choice now between three engines you have the single twin scroll turbo
inline six good for 315 horsepower you have this twin turbo 4.4 liter v8 good for 400 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque and of course you have the all-new BMW m6 engine which is just been announced and that’s 560 horsepower now in this particular model all the drive is available as this with the inline six and that makes handling much more secure than it would be in the m6 in the wet weather of course although

dm-6 probably does sound more exciting so now as I said 400 horsepower but the big thing about this engine is that it deliver is all 400 of those horsepower from 5,500 rpm to 6,400 rpm and it delivers 450 pounds of torque from just barely over idle 1750 rpm all with the 4500 rpm so the broad very broad torque range really helps the acceleration in this park BMW claims a 4.9 second 0-60 times but we achieved 4.23 back to back without a problem in this model and that actually is just about as good as the Jaguar XKR or the Mercedes CL 550 all-wheel drive now we should note that the steel 550 off for the drive

will do that rain or shine and the 650 with the rear-wheel drive setup as we have here will really only do that in perfect conditions now acceleration is very good and it’s met with some really great noises from this engine you know again 400 horsepower

really helps a lot the best thing about the 650 eye is that the handling is not exactly the best in the world I mean there are cars that handle way better than the 650 but what it is is very confident feels very good even in the two wheel drive version

handling is very confident except for the web BMW tells us the new 6 Series is their first all LED car now it’s all LED all the time that’s high beams low beams turn signals fog lamps and yep even led vanity mirrors trunk space and the Cooper convertible it’s not really a huge thing because everybody knows they’re small but in the 6 Series the trunk space actually is fairly good not quite as commodious as

the CL that we reviewed last month but you know still nevertheless very good you can definitely fit luggage for two away here and that actually is good because you really can’t fit back passengers which we’ll look at right now so as you can see the BMW is technically a four-seater all of these rear seats are a hair cramped you know I’m 6 feet tall I drove the car here so the seats adjusted for me and I can’t actually fit with my legs in the foot well in the rear seat and there’s really not enough Headroom to sit upright however my spare sport coat over here in the back it feels very special back here in the padded luggage area so you can see in the BMW 602 here we have our upgraded leather – which is hand-stitched which is very nice coming down here we have a full-size cup holder which is able to take this large drink from Wendy’s we have our usual BMW joystick shifter our end drive controller and then if we go here to the center console you know we have our little storage cubby and then right here in the middle we have our iPhone dock now this one specifically designed for the iPhone 4 docks right in there as you can see we also have our usual iPod cable which is over USB there now the

one thing to note is you can’t you can have another USB device plug in but you can’t use this BMW Y cable with a little audio dock Jack there while you have your phone dock here now the reason for this of course is the BMW app so you can see right now my phone says it’s connected to the car now once you have your iPhone docked you have access to your connected Drive with BMW apps and if you want to know more about that just take a look at the 650i convertible video because we went in into that in depth over there well it took up any time here but what we do have is access to the multimedia options so if you go into the multimedia menu here we have external devices and we have plug-in which is new so we also have my iPhone up here which you’d also get if you plugged it in via USB because you can see my iPods up here my iPhones here but it’s this plug-in option that’s new so we’ve got to plug in and we activate and here what’s interesting is we get iPod video out or iPhone video out so this interface here that you see in the center of the screen this is actually being generated by my iPhone and so we have access to our genius mixes you know you can you can sort through your phone and your iPod just like you would on your phone so you can see playlists here it has very similar look and feel to your iPhone if we continue scrolling down

we get the letter selection there and you can go through now I’m not quite clear why you’d want this I actually found it to be less useful than the regular iPod interface for me because I don’t care about accessing my genius list but also because if you use the steering wheel control here you actually can’t see your playlist in the gauge cluster here which you can if you plug it and regularly via the USB cable you’d actually get a track listing there so if use BMWs interface you get a few more features but you don’t get access to the nifty graphics you know or the iPod video out but you do get improved functionality with the car now the high beltline high dashboard and large center console really make a 6-series feel like a big car it is actually quite a big car it’s based really on a five series 7 Series hybrid I mean it’s neither one nor the other but it’s also both

as the 7 Series and 5 series share an awful lot of parts but that’s a good thing for the 6 Series the build quality is extremely high inside everything is exactly how you’d like it from the leather – to the wonderfully comfortable 24 way power seats so unless you like corner carving in style the 6 Series is probably not the ideal mountain driving car for you instead it really is a comfortable highway Cruiser because it is a GT at heart so to that end we have for suspension modes here we have comfort + Comfort Sport and Sport Plus Sport Plus reduces these traction stability control behavior of the car and so I really haven’t used that much honestly I don’t want a $102,000 car into a telephone pole

BMW would be mad at me but out on the highway it actually is a very comfortable car now our models also equipped with the four-wheel active steering system which really helps the 6 Series be more nimble in parking lots but does offer a kind of a strange feel when you’re actually carving corners in the 6 Series I’m not quite sure whether it feels unnatural or natural or not it definitely feels different than the 6 Series without it I’m not quite sure also whether it actually improves the handling or not it’s very difficult to tell in the subjective way but the system does really make your turning so quite a bit tighter in the parking lots and it makes a 6 Series just about as nimble of a 3 Series in many ways to park that’s also aided by our all-around parking system here and of course the self parallel parking system of the 6 Series has once again I’m Alex thanks of the Jews back are calm and that’s been our quick look at the BMW 650i check out the truth about cars calm for news reviews and of course the full review on the 650 is coming soon

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