2012-2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

this is the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid let’s take a look let’s take a walk around the Camry upfront we have a more expressive nose but you can see from the side profile the toad is trying very hard not to alienate existing Camry customers we do have a slightly more interesting rear-end here than the previous model with all new lights and a decent sized truck which I will take a look inside

now all right side the trunk of the Camry Hybrid as you can see there is a cargo pass-through here although it’s really only good for small narrow items we were able however to fit to 10-foot area rugs inside the car but only bendable

items will really fit over here on the other side you can see we have a roller bag in here and this is the largest size roller bag that you can carry on a domestic flight that fits there quite nicely you see that access to the trunk is fairly good and this is a trunk that is larger than both the fusion or the sonata hybrids wonder the hood things may look very similar to last year’s model

but there are some important differences first off this engines actually gotten larger it’s now a two and a half liter atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine instead of 2.4 like last year they’ve also been some revisions to the hybrid drivetrain and hybrid electronics looting the majority of the hybrid electronics under the hood here which results in a larger front than last year’s model

this system is good for 200 horsepower up from 187 horse power last year and some of that’s due to the removal of all the belt driven accessories on this engine so this engine has no belt driven accessories were filled by soda and that includes the water pump so as you can see legroom in the rear of the Toyota Camry Hybrid actually really isn’t half bad this seats adjusted

for a six foot forward passenger that I had in the vehicle earlier as you can see I’m six feet tall and I have several inches of legroom left now this is a definite improvement on last year’s model but it’s a little bit of shape to agree in the way these front seats are actually shaped differently than last year’s car even though the car’s dimensions elf have not actually changed terms

of wheelbase and length there really is the illusion of more room on the inside thanks to shallower doors which allow a little bit more hip and shoulder room and these again scalloped seats we also have a redesigned center console which makes sitting in the center position considerably more comfortable than last years although I still wouldn’t do this for very long this veer bench seat

isn’t heated in the Camry Hybrid like it is in the Optima and the Sonata hybrids we do however get a nice padded center armrest here with integrated cupholders we get several cupholders juice box holders and whatever the heck that is here in the door and the seats are fairly comfortable for long car trips in the rear the interior of the 2012 Camry sports the latest trend in automotive interiors

which is thus postage – look here this is just a regular soft touch molded – send out a strolling machine run across to give you this stitching giving it the illusion of multiple pieces put together it really does actually dress up the interior a great deal compared to last year’s model so you can see our Camry Hybrid has a considerably updated center console versus last year we have this new JBL GreenEDGE and tuned infotainment navigation system here and right now we’re showing the Entune apps we have Bing I Heart Radio movie tickets calm OpenTable Pandora and access to previously used destinations now with Bing you can search for things on the internet using this app and then you can navigate to them or call them using the system as well one nice thing and unlike BMW system is you can actually access these right on your smartphone as well so if you want to look up

being things find look cheap gas stations iHeartRadio things like that you can do that right on your phone as well before you even get in the car to get ready we have access to our usual assortment of hybrid graphics here fuel consumption display is we have our mapping system here the mapping is very similar to all the other co2 Lexus products the map really doesn’t look as pretty as some of the more modern nav systems like BMWs iDrive but in this segment it’s essentially fairly competitive on the media button here we have access to our iPod with full

I pod control Bluetooth audio we also have access to our apps via Entune here again the application has to be running on your smart phone in order to stream audio that way we have satellite radio and of course am/fm radio the sound quality is fairly good on this system and I have to say coming out of a Jaguar xkr-s last week I actually prefer the sound in this system performance is definitely improved in this camry and that’s not dude just to the 13 horsepower improvement but also to a 200 pound weight loss in this model versus last year’s model that’s also helped the fuel economy coming up from a combined 33 miles per gallon to 41 in this model so of course let’s be honest driving excitement is not what the Toyota Camry Hybrid is all about what it is about is 40 miles per gallon average 40 miles per gallon city 38 highway according to the EPA honest-to-goodness seating for five you can definitely fit two child seats

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