2012-2014 Toyota Prius C Review

this is the 2012 Toyota Prius C hatchback this is the smallest member the Prius family in America at just about a foot shorter than the regular Prius the lift back that we’ve all come to know so we’re starting out

here in the back so we can take a look at the difference most of the space is lost of course here in the rear since we don’t have the lift back we have a hatch that really just means we’ve lost enough lot of useless space in

the regular Prius cargo area is smaller but it’s not too bad this is the largest size roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight in this country and it fits the long way here in the trunk very easily we can definitely fit another one next to it and we can fit some small carry-on luggage as well would be a little tricky to carry luggage for four on a vacation away however if

I fold down the rear seat which is very easy they do fold flat but there is a problem as you can see here with this case of laundry fabric softener you can’t actually push it completely onto the seat you can only push it to the end of the cargo area since the seat is slightly higher than the cargo area let’s take a look inside [Music] so inside the cabin of the Toyota Prius C you’ll

find hard plastics which is as you’d expect in a car that starts under twenty thousand dollars but everything is fairly nicely textured fairly well laid out everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be except of course for this Center mount gauge cluster which has become a prius hallmark in the backseat room is a little bit tighter than the regular prius yet again as you would

expect in a slightly smaller hybrid this front seat is adjusted for a six foot four passenger that I had in the car earlier as you can see my legs are touching the seat back but I could do this for a short trip maybe to lunch something like that longer tip it might be less comfortable as you can see this is the folding seat back here our version does again have the 60/40 split folding

seat pop back into position the center seat is fairly uncomfortable and it rides considerably higher than the other seats as well making my head touch the ceiling this model is equipped with the optional sunroof which is an eight hundred and fifty dollar option and it really does hurt the Headroom here in the rear but more so in the center seat than the side seats if I scoot back to the side you can see that even in this model I have adequate Headroom for my height [Music] here we are into the hood of the Prius C and you have pretty

much what you’d expect out of a small hybrid car we have a 1.5 liter atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine now this is the same engine that was in the first generation Prius but it’s modified slightly for the Prius C it’s completely beltless now and that includes the water pump and we have the typical Hybrid Synergy Drive we’ll discuss that later on in this episode so that way you don’t get bored by all the technical details and this engine basically produces 73 horsepower and 82 pound-feet of torque the Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain adds another 26 horsepower for a total of 99 horsepower total in this system and an undisclosed amount of torque tota really doesn’t specify the torque ratings on

their hybrids but it’s about a hundred and twenty foot pounds or so we can glean that from the all-important spec sheet here which lists motor generator to is 125 pound feet of torque and that’s really pretty much the maximum again we’ll go into how the hybrid drivetrain actually works later on in the episode but basically Hybrid Synergy Drive employs two electric motor generators one basically generates power the majority of the time supplying it both to the battery pack and to the motor generator to a motor generator to helps the engine drive the car forward so the total horsepower of the vehicle is really motor generator – plus the engine – a bunch of other stuff that we’ll talk about later but performance actually isn’t bad although I am quite amused by how small some of these parts are like this tiny little air cleaner here in this ever so small little air intake right there it’s kind of cute [Music] let’s be honest the bass Priuses electro fluorescent instrument cluster and display here in this center mounted binnacle on the dashboard really is fairly low rent and the prius c solves that with a very nice high resolution color LCD as you can see here it mirrors

the commands that you’re using on the steering wheels you can see on the screen and we can cycle through our trip the information here our eco score which grades you’re starting your stopping and your cruise and also shows you charge and power that’s as close as you can get to a tachometer and a Prius we have our five-minute consumption graph here which as you can see we haven’t really been driving since the car started so there’s no information there eco savings which actually is fairly handy you can actually see how much money your prius has spent so the hundred ninety three miles since we last filled up our Prius has only cost us sixteen dollars and 84 cents and our total 533 miles that we’ve driven with the Prius has only been forty seven dollars and twenty four cents and that is at four dollar and forty nine set gas here in the San Francisco Bay Area you know which is quite a bit more expensive than the rest of the country is you can also see we have averaged over 533 miles a solid 50 miles per gallon and that

was actually borne out by our our hard filip the car and do the calculations manually tests over here we have our savings record we have our past record this is sort of like miles per gallon Olympics which is a little bit silly if you ask me settings can be adjusted on the screen and then of course you get the stereotypical hybrid energy monitor which shows engine motor battery and wheels [Music] on the entertainment front all prius c models come with a basic am/fm CD player with USB port ipod connectivity and four speakers as well as bluetooth streaming and bluetooth phone integration if you step up to the prius two you also add an additional two speakers and then stepping up to the ps3 and ps4 you get this lovely Entune system right here which is a 6.1 inch touchscreen am/fm CD player with iPod integration HD radio etc but you also get the Entune

apps so I have my iPhone 4 connected here as you can see we’ll take a look at the system here we get right now we’re getting our energy monitor which we you know it’s the typical Prius screen we also get our trip information you can hit the apps button and this is where you’ll find things like your navigation interface which once we confirm and it loads our map you can see we have a system that’s actually slightly different than the rest of the Toyota lineup this is a little bit more basic it’s a little bit more consumer grade hand-held kind of navigation interface ala Garmin although it is very functional takes voice commands for destinations etc you can also hit back here to

the applications tab you can get weather with your local weather forecasts as well as radar maps in this particular system all this data is actually streaming off your smart phone so you do have to have a smart phone in order to get traffic as well as weather stock OpenTable pandora radio etc so you can see it shows our current position forecast right now it’s overcast 57 outside we can get our radar map here and this actually proved could be kind of handy because it was raining for a whole week and it was interesting to see where the rain was coming and how it was affecting your travel that was kind of nice not exactly terribly speedy as you can see here in the video there we go so that’s the radar map

there hitting the audio button and our audio is off so we’ll turn it on here as you can see this is my ipod interface here so it does album art you can browse your playlists artists albums genres etc you do have access to iPod dynamic playlists in this set up but you don’t have access to genius albums and playlists on this device here we are in a parking lot the natural habitat for the Prius C and this is also where the Prius C gets its best mile it’s at 53 miles per gallon city that’s two miles per gallon city better than the regular prius liftback

it does however get two miles per gallon worse on the highway but there is a caveat to that one as Toyota’s numbers dictated by the EPA in the 2008 cycle really involve high-speed travel much higher than the average Prius driver probably would ever drive I’ve been driving the 65 to 70 miles per hour on the freeway and my average has been between fifty and sixty six miles per gallon on my way to work sixty-six miles per gallon if I’m really ginger on the throttle and keep it to 65 tops on the highway which is fairly good for a long distance commute like mine 54 miles again each way and that involves going up in over a twenty two hundred foot mountain pass on the way to work

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