2012 acura rl consumer reviews

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this is the 2012 Acura RL this is Acuras flagship product in America and although it is due to be replaced in 2013 with an all-new model check out the truth about cars comm for information coming up soon on that one after the New York Auto Show let’s

take a look and see what makes this older model tick under the hood of the RL we find Acuras 3.7 liter v6 engine that’s used in a wide variety of products and in this particular car it produces 300 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque

power sent to all four wheels via a brand new 6-speed automatic transmission that’s new as of 2011 and Acura super handling all-wheel drive system labeled sh-awd now we’ll talk about that in a bit but just to put that in perspective Volvo s80 produces 300 horsepower at 300 pound feet of torque with an optional ECU update the 325 horsepower in around 350 pound feet of torque the RL isn’t exactly slow

but it is heavy at about forty 100 pounds and our zero to sixty tests clocked this car in around six seconds which is slightly faster than previous generation our LS that the 5-speed automatic and we’re here in the back for one good reason and that’s because the Acura RL despite being based on the same platform as the Honda Accord and the Acura TL has Honda’s most advanced super handling all-wheel

drive system that’s unique to the RL and actually unique across all the Honda product line and that’s because it can actually send more power to the rear wheels now in systems like Volvo s80 and Lincoln’s MKS the system actually

can’t send more than 50 percent of the power to the rear wheels and there’s a reason for that that’s because the rear differential and the front differential can only be mechanically connected to one another via a clutch pack there’s no center differential in those machines there’s really just a clutch pack that allows them to connect a disconnect and vary that connection between the two Acura fixes this problem by inserting an overdrive unit between the differential and the transmission to allow the rear wheels to spin up to 5.7 percent faster in the rear than the front now this is unique to the RL because the TL and the MDX have a fixed overdrive unit of 1.7 percent faster than the front wheels and it can either

connect to disconnect at four the transmission but the RL can actually vary this overdrive of the rear wheels up to 5.7 percent as well as disconnect them from the front of the car so when you’re driving along in a corner you can actually make the rear wheels spin faster than the front wheels which has the effect of being able to put more power to the rear than just 50% in addition feel the electronic rear differential it can actually shuttle that power from one side to the other so this allows up to seventy percent of the power to be set to the rear and all of

that 70 percent of the power can be sent to just one rear wheel and here in the rear of the RL begins to show its age especially compared to its younger sister the Acura TL the rear seat is not exactly large compared to some of the competition this seats adjusted for a six foot four passenger arm six feet tall and my knees are fairly close to that front seat although the rear seat is fairly comfortable and we have a fairly nice center armrest here with integrated cupholders and we have decent headrests that automatically fold into the rear neck our RL is a fairly nice place to spend your time on the inside but it is beginning to show its age a little bit compared to the recently refreshed Volvo s80 and of course the Lincoln MKS both of

which have at least the option of a stitched dashboard which really dresses up the cabin to more full size full luxury brand standards that’s not an option in the RL also the infotainment system is fairly low resolution and fairly old and this center console has a wide variety of buttons on them that are very similarly sized and shaped and so it’s a little bit difficult to find what you’re after in the dark side from the tech things slightly outdated and there being no stitch dashboard there really is very little to complain about on the inside everything is finished exactly

like you would expect in a car of this price category there really are no corners cut and no cheap seams or hard edges or harsh plastics to be found in this cabin button minimalism seems to be very in vogue lately with things like I Drive in command and Volvo census system and Ford Sync system for instance everybody seems to be going after the buttons except for accurate that is there are a lot of buttons here in the RL we have our climate control buttons here up top we have our radio here we have our infotainment and vacation screen controls here with this knob

which is sort of a joystick and has a rotary section on the knob it’s actually fairly easy to use once you get used to the menus and then over here on the steering wheel Acura continues their love of buttons having not just the usual array of buttons on the steering wheel spoke here and some buttons here to control the trip computer and on the other side we have our phone buttons

we have this other set of buttons here which is kind of interesting so we have two voice command buttons this is voice command for the phone and this is voice command for the nav system and their own set of back buttons which is a little bizarre and if you opt for the radar cruise control you get a radar cruise control distance button here and then on this side we get the usual radio buttons of course there’s some buttons lurking there next to the dials and we have another array over there as I said before the RL really isn’t a spring chicken and there really

aren’t too many things that would draw your attention to that fact aside from this infotainment and navigation system as you can see on a screen the graphics really are not very high resolution you can actually zoom in a little bit more and you can see they really don’t get too much better further in further out you can see that they’re definitely not as snazzy as the more modern Lexus systems or even the new brand new system in the Acura TL for instance now we do have access to just about everything in this system this is really more of a testament to

how modern the RL was when it first was introduced in 2005 and the system has changed very little since then over here on the audio tab we do have access to our iPod so right now we’re on XM satellite radio which is standard in this model we get access to our DVD this is just DVD audio not DVD video over here on the iPod menu we have full access to iPod playlists including smart lists however the system really didn’t work very well with my iPhone 4 and that is a little bit of a concern if you have newer iPods it did however work fine with my iPad 3 as well as

my iPod Nano that’s the more recent little tiny square one so you have full access to your playlist although the system does get a little bit laggy if you’re scrolling down as you can see it took a little while to fill that playlist in but you do have acts – just about everything on your iPod which is very nice and again a testament to how modern the system was when it was first introduced there really isn’t anything

that the system won’t do for you that you would normally associate with a modern system it just doesn’t do any of those things as elegantly as the latest Acura system or as many of the competitive systems like Volvo’s brand new census system here on these winding mountain roads Acura super handling all-wheel drive system really shines and that’s because it can overdrive that outside rear

wheel in these corners and well it doesn’t really make the RL handle like a true rear-wheel drive car it doesn’t handle like a front-wheel drive car either it really handles it’s quite fun actually by overpowering that that outside rear wheel it actually gets the car to almost oversteer I wouldn’t quite call it oversteer it’s definitely not under steering like a front-wheel drive car it’s not heading for the bushes you know if you’re in a corner and you’re and you’re coming on a little bit hot your natural instinct might be to slow down a little bit in a front heavy car like the Acura RL but it’s actually more fun if you instead apply more power because then you can actually you know get that super handling all-wheel drive system to work for you and help pivot the car around that corner it’s quite entertaining actually

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