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we’re in the 2012 BMW 650i convertible and we’re gonna take a look at some of the gadgets here on the 650 the first one we’ll cover here is the instrument cluster as you can see BMW has stuck with traditional gauges but they’ve also added this thin LCD here underneath the gauges and it actually access the bottom part of the speedometer and the tachometer here to give you your miles per gallon and your fuel level.

which word would have been done by regular gauges in previous BMWs it also gives you a little bit of a startup show so we’ll turn off the car here and turn it back on so you can see where lines service do etc the startup show is also given 2012 bmw 650i rims

by the heads up display we’ll see if we can zoom in so you can see this heads-up display is difficult to catch on camera there we go it’s a full-color heads-up display as you can see it’s showing us the next turn for our direction showing us our speed over here and this is the lane departure warning information over here on the lines there cruise control is a little green indicator above 2012 bmw 650i options

that and then it’ll also give you turn by turn lane directions or sorry lane directions as well as turn-by-turn directions on this full-color display as well and the heads-up display is controlled by this little button over here where you have lane departure warning and etc let’s take a look at the primary gadget and mostly MW switch is I drive and as I’m a gadget nerd I don’t really have a problem 2012 bmw 650i tune

with it at all although a lot of people do complain about it being too complex the the basics here are this controller here which moves side to side up and down turns as well as goes you know in and out to select we have back we have option we have our different modes here radio CD menu telephone and nav and those all control this very large screen up here so these may look like regular radio presets they can actually be programmed to do anything in the system and if you hover your finger over them you’ll see a little example on the display 2012 bmw 650i reviews

here it shows what this button does you can see a large number of them are not assigned but right now eight is what is number eight Hayden’s engine oil levels if we press a it it’ll take us right to engine oil level one is a particular map perspective two as a radio station you can set them to be anything three could be called my wife and four could be set a destination taking me back 2012 bmw 650i performance

home that kind of a thing and they’re all right there below that we have our dual zone climate control which is nothing out of the ordinary well let’s dig into the meat of I drive here which is this gorgeous large screen so I of course have my iPhone four plugged in and you can either use the BMW provided Y cable or you can actually use Apple’s own white cable here and we’ll go first over the reason why I have an iPhone connected and that is the new BMW ConnectedDrive menu with BMW apps so if we look here under connected drive we’ll see we can 2012 bmw 650i interior

I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do this while you’re driving but you could you can say what’s on your mind here you can actually post on Facebook and it will automatically pull things out of I Drive it’ll pull the temperature out it’ll pull the last person you spoke with on the phone so I can see here I spoke with John Quan I’ll say spoke with John qua on the phone and you can do that while you’re driving here 61 degrees here in Los Gatos you can say I’m on my way to wherever you have programmed in your nav system and it’ll even show 2012 bmw 650i issues

you how many miles you have left if you want to brag you can say I’m online in my BMW connected BMW you can also view people’s posts so we’ll go down here and we’ll pick one we’ll see what’s on auto blog today and you could have it read this out loud video see what an f1 driver really sees while racing so since we’re a fan of Auto Blog of course we’ll go back and we’ll thumb that up since 2012 bmw 650i

we like Auto Blog so we can so I’ve already said I like it so can’t do that again we can go down and we can see what the next auto blog post is and we can like that one so here’s another Auto blog post and we’ll like this one so there we go we’ve like that we can also go through and we can tweet I don’t have a twit account so I have no idea how that would work we can see our calendar we can see 2012 bmw 650i tires

what’s coming up next you can see tomorrow we have an x5 M so stay tuned for that we can go on web radio and it’ll load here at any moment there we go and playing out our 80s oldies tunes very much like Pandora you can search for various stations that are online you can search for local stations you can search for top stations all manner of stations are available going all the way back to the main iDrive menu you can also use iDrive for changing the vehicle settings heads-up display your tone your climate control lighting. 2012 bmw 650i xdrive

you have what you want sport mode to do update your software etc I’m going to go off and take a look at the multimedia features now since this is also as an iPhone connected so since we have an iPhone plugged in it will give us the album information from the iPhone turn on the radio so not only will give us show us what’s playing any moment now it’ll actually load the graphics for the album cover there we go we can also search the iPod we can search by title this isn’t quite as easy as it is in Ford products but the response. 2012 bmw 650i xdrive 0-60

the system is very snappy so you can scroll down to through your list there pretty easily our telephone functions over here it supports Bluetooth telephone address book download so you have access to your complete phone book on your phone we will go now to the parking features so you can see here we have a front view cameras these are cameras that are located as this graphic indicates in the front near the front quarter panels of the vehicle so you can see what’s to the left and what’s to the right of the vehicle we also have an above view mode.

which looks like a sort of God looking down at your car to help you park so these are by cameras that are underneath you can see my hand here underneath the side view mirror there this car also has BMW parking assistance so over here on the right if there was a parking spot available it would have a large PE and it would show you where the parking parallel parking spot was but also parallel park for you the system works extremely well it works just about as well as Ford’s system it is however slightly more cumbersome than Ford’s system to actually use 2012 bmw 650i xdrive coupe 0-60

you have to go into this menu to do it it’s not just quite as easy as just pressing the one button like Ford’s products have but nevertheless it does it and it will do it a whole lot better than the Lexus system and the Mercedes system we just won’t even talk about one of the benefits of our Drive is that it has the split screen view so right now we’re not in split screen mode so you can see 2012 bmw 650i problems

that the menu takes up the entire screen as do any of these functions but you can also enable the split screen view so you can see something on the left on the right anytime you’re doing something on the left and you can actually change what the right side is at any time.

you can have it be your onboard info your trip computer will have it be entertainment details for instance here instead of a map view and that will just sort of stick there regardless of what you’re doing with the system except for those parking cameras system also shows you what driving mode you’re in normal sport Sport Plus or comfort in the 650i and that is a quick look at the latest I drive system in the 2012 BMW 650i convertible stay tuned for news reviews and more on the truth about cars calm

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