2012 BMW X5 M Review

this is the 2011 BMW x5m well it may look like your average grosser Gator this happens to be one of the fastest vehicles the truth about cars has ever tested so before we get underway I’ve got to read you this section for the manual so you understand 2012 bmw x5 m sport review

what kind of beast this is it’s about launch control I didn’t know about launch control in an automatic car I thought really what’s the difference you have all-wheel drive you have an automatic transition why need launch control it actually does help your 0-60 time but only about a tenth of a second maybe 2/10 of a second absolute tops from our testing but here’s how you engage it in the M do not use launch control 2012 bmw x5 30d m sport review

while towing a trailer it’s lovely they need to tell you that holy is launch control when the engine is warm otherwise increased wear may occur first thing to do when it’s stationary with the engine running you step on the brake pedal then you put this funky little shifter into ms shift mode and then you use the paddle to shift it into m1 on the steering wheel then you activate MDM or deactivate DSC dynamic Stability control refer to page 21 then you select the sport program of the M Engine dynamics control then you floor the accelerator pedal completely 2012 bmw x5 40d m sport review

the engine speed is controlled for starting off and get a little flag symbol in the center console here then the brake pedal is released and then the vehicle will accelerate and you continue flooring the accelerator pedal up shifting will occur automatically as long as the pedal remains completely floored it will only be available after a certain amount of time so if that doesn’t tell you how absolutely 2012 bmw x5 50i m sport review

bonkers the x5m is then follow us along while we drive it on the road so as I Drive slowly along towards the main gate here I’ll talk about a little bit how we measure speeds so we have two devices that I personally use every review or the truth about cars does their thing a little bit differently but I personally use Ag tech fanatic this is the pro SS and this one is a GPS and accelerometer based 0 to 60 and quarter-mile tester 2012 x5 m review

it also does 60 to 0 testing which we don’t publish the numbers but I can tell you for this x5m it’s a fairly respectable 155 feet from 60 to zero which is really not bad for a car that weighs 5,000 600 pounds or so and then I also use at the same time the older G Tech Pro and this one is accelerator more accelerometer only based so I stick both of these on the windshield and if they don’t agree with one another then I do another test and if they still don’t agree with one another then I average the two numbers together for our published numbers and on the

whole actual they do seem to agree and the G Tech pro fanatic seems to be very very close to the radar based systems that are used at drag strips from my own personal testing so that’s how I test 0-60 times if you’ve ever wondered so well the manual talks about needing to push this button and put pop that button and slap this paddle put it into this mode for the fastest 0 to 60 time all you really need to know is that all of those settings can actually be put into the M mode setting in I Drive so they can all be turned on for 2012 bmw x5m review

you when you press this little m button on the steering wheel and that’s with the exception of putting the transmission in the sport mode or a go regular drive mode it’s quite a handy feature it also changes the exhaust note so if you want to be a bit stealthier while you drive home at night you know don’t use m mode it seems to open up some veins in the exhaust as well to make that sound a little louder but we’re going to put it in sport mode and an M mode of course and I like all of my nannies on so I’m not putting 2012 x5m review

the car in M dynamic mode does make kernof a lot more fun but I think I’d like to live on my way to work this morning so let’s go take it for a spin the first thing you notice about the x5m is how absolutely insanely fast this thing is zero to sixty four point zero six seconds was the lowest recorded time that we had and that was on an ice cold morning 0-60 times very a decent amount on this car because of the turbos and heat soak and that causes you know some variation here our lowest time is four point zero six as I said our average repeatable 2012 bmw x5 m

time was four point two seven second four point two seconds so it’s interesting that BMW quotes around the time that is perfectly repeatable in the x5m even though the true fast is zero to 60 time of this this vehicle is actually considerably lower and at four point zero six seconds that makes this car faster than the Cadillac cts-v coupe that I’ve tested the Jaguar XKR the bmw m3 the BMW m5 the Mercedes e63 AMG the c63 AMG and all manner of other vehicles 2013 bmw x5 m review

that I could mention and this is again just to remind you a five seater SUV it’s actually got a trunk back there so that is quite impressive the strange thing about this though is really not the acceleration it actually is the handling this thing handles very well I would by no means say that this thing handles as well as an m5 or an m3 but what it is is a lot more confident than either of those two cars so 2011 bmw x5 m review

I actually honestly have to say that I would rather have an x5 m than an m5 I read one reviewer reviewers complaining about the x5 ms environmental test score in which it receives a – out of possible ten for its environmental stewardship I guess I’m not quite clear what’s lower but I have to say that of the cars that we’ve tested fuel economy is not really that atrocious I mean it’s not great mind you but even driving it as we have been and I live in the mountains so you know going up and down the hills is a daily way of life I’ve been averaging 15.2 miles per gallon according to the car and about 15 even according to my own calculations which is actually not that bad this is in the same league as most of the 2012 bmw x5 m problems

Range Rover products with the supercharged engine it’s definitely on par with large number of sports cars with which it strangely enough competes and it is considerably better than the far lighter two-wheel drive Cadillac cts-v coupe which we tested and that one got 9 miles per gallon so you know this is an economical choice so who is the x5m for well I’m not quite clear we don’t have them on Rooney available forĀ  bmw x5 m used review

this vehicle yet as BMW didn’t have one when they loaned it to us but by our estimates on BMWs website this x5m should cost somewhere around ninety to ninety-five thousand dollars and while that is a little bit expensive and if you’re complaining about price tags then this vehicle is not for you but hear me out if you’re willing to buy a bass Porsche 911 and then you need an SUV because you have to take your kids on 2015 bmw x5 m review

the school run and then you have a trailer for weekends away and so that meant that you had to buy a pickup truck to tow your trailer because you know no one in the US can tow their trailer with something else other than a pickup truck then the x5 m actually makes perfect sense because it’s faster than your Porsche handles almost as well can tow your trailer and it’s only one vehicle so there you go that’s what the x5 M

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