2012 Chrysler 200 S Convertible Review

this is the 2012 Chrysler 200s convertible now the oldĀ  2012 chrysler 200 s convertible Chrysler Sebring Convertible let’s be honest 2012 chrysler 200 convertible review it was it was pretty terrible and really they didn’t have a whole lot of money to try and correct this problem when Fiat took over so what they’ve done is they’ve taken the Sebring the fixed quite a lot in the suspension and they’ve sort of gently restyled the Sebring let’s take a look the


Chrysler 200 is essentially a mid-cycle refresh to the Chrysler Sebring and as such all the hard points the vehicle have remained the same as to say the shapes of the doors the chassis and where everything bolts into the car is exactly the same as it is in the Sebring that means things like these front door handles are positioned a little bit awkwardly for the 200 style on the bright side.2011 chrysler 200 s convertible review

this dashboard has been thoroughly reworked and now has a lot of soft touch materials we have this thick rim Chrysler corporate steering wheel leather-wrapped of course in the S model we have nice buttons on the front and we have our usual radio control buttons here on the back volume on the right and track up and down on the left we have the usual corporate radio here 2012 chrysler 200 touring convertible review

from Chrysler now unfortunately this was not able to be redesigned to cost constraints we assume so this is not the same UConnect 8.3 radio that you’ll see in the new Chrysler 300 and certain other Chrysler models this is their older UConnect system which does have iPod integration as well as Bluetooth speaker phone interface compared to the mid CBC Spyder this interior is much better and it’s about on par with the new Ford Mustang if I’m completely honest although I have to say that I do prefer the Mustangs interior styling cargo space is one of the reasons you’d buy the Chrysler 200 convertible as you can see I fit in the trunk at the same time as this roller bag this is the largest roller 2012 chrysler 200s convertible

bag you can carry on a domestic flight and that’s with the top in place of course there’s really no difference in trunk room between the hardtop and the soft top models and that’s because the design and the shape of the panels in the hardtop and the soft top are essentially the same so when they’re folded into the trunk the occupy the same portion of the trunk which we’ll take a look at chrysler 200 s convertible review

now in order to fold the top the first thing with to do is move our luggage to the very far back of the trunk space here fold down this cargo divider and latch it into place now you can see what’s left of the trunk we can fit one roller bag possibly pushed all the way to the side and perhaps one additional small bag or a laptop bag something like that here we tried our best to fit two roller bags in this space you just can’t do it this means that if you’re a party of two and you’re taking a vacation somewhere one person needs to pack really lightly or 2012 chrysler 200 convertible reviews

you need to use a garment bag because there is about enough room under here under this little divider flap here to put one roller bag in the trunk this of course means it’s now time to find out how well a journalist fits in the trunk so let’s answer this burning question the answer is not at all well even though this is quite a large trunk for a convertible you just couldn’t fit me in 2012 chrysler 200 hardtop convertible reviews

here and close the trunk lid the Chrysler 200 is rated for a four passenger capacity but we’re really limited by that trunk space and what I mean is as you’ve seen before you can only fit about two persons worth of luggage in the trunk when the top is down like this that’s kind of a shame because this back seat is large and it’s fairly comfortable I’m 6 feet tall this driver seat is adjusted for me and I still have about two inches worth of legroom left back here in addition these rear seats are shaped like normal seats which is a relief 2013 chrysler 200 s convertible

because if you’ve been in a wide number of convertibles like a Jaguar a Mercedes convertible BMW convertible smaller ones the rear seats are shaped funny they don’t have a normal recline to the back some of them tend to be kind of curved so that you have to lean forward strangely in order to sit in them the christ’ 200 seats are shaped appropriately for an hour or two hour trip in

the car it’s almost kind of a shame that there’s a no middle seat here in the rear my only complaint from the driver’s seat is this driver’s seat itself really I’m sitting on it rather than in it and by that I mean the bolstering and the padding in this seat is such that my butt is sitting sort of on this little mound on the seat it feels kind of like I’m sitting on a lar urghhh gumdrop and as the result my hips are not touching these bolsters in the seat as we continue our review there’s one important thing to keep in mind

Christ has given us the 200s model here to test and that means all four corners are shod with p2 2550 are a teams that’s fairly wide rubber and fairly low profile for a car of this type and that really does have an effect on the handling the other thing you have to keep in mind is the weight of the Chrysler 200 the crash 200 convertible weighs about 40 100 pounds with a soft top when you add the hardtop Chrysler doesn’t release any specifics on how much that adds but we estimate it to be at least 150 pounds which means

this car with gas and with a driver weighs almost 4,500 pounds as with the Chrysler 200 sedan the convertible has two engine options we have a 171 horsepower 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder engine or the Pentastar 3.6 liter v6 which produces 283 horsepower as you could expect with 4,100 pounds to motivate 4-cylinder acceleration is extremely leisurely in fact I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy the 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine unless you’re really really worried about cost but then again I’m not sure why you’d be worried about cost because

you know this is about a $30,000 convertible to begin with admittedly the four-cylinder engine is a little bit smaller but it doesn’t get any better fuel economy so you can’t justify getting the 4 cylinder by fuel economy that being said the 3.6 liter Pentastar v-6 really is a gem of an engine 283 horsepower is pretty good for this segment especially when you consider that the Mustang 3.6 liter v6 produces about 300 horsepower so it’s fairly competitive really there’s quite a bit of torque steer so I wouldn’t want any more power in a front-wheel drive car an acceleration happens in just under 7 seconds to 60 the tuner convertible gets the same six speed automatic transaxle as the crisis of 200 sedan and that’s Chrysler’s in-house developed transaxle the transmission is a little bit slow to shift and the shifts are a little bit odd because there’s quite a delay from one gear to the other

kick downshift in the transmission are fairly leisurely as a result but that goes with the rest of the nature of the Chrysler 200 convertible which is definitely a softly sprung large heavy convertible it’s odd when you think about it because in my mind I don’t imagine the Sebring as a large sedan but when it’s converted into a convertible it’s really pretty large vehicle

I mean we have full-size back seats back there we have a decently sized trunk we have an enormous lid and we have a 4,000 pound vehicle so everything points to the correct 200 convertible as being a very large convertible the Sebring Convertible if you recall if you’ve ever driven one was I mean let’s be honest fairly terrible on the road there was a lot of Cal shake the chassis was just really awful I mean it felt like you were driving a wet noodle I don’t know how else to describe it the new 200 however is strangely different that’s something I didn’t expect at all Chrysler’s

done an awful lot of work on the suspension and that really shows in this particular model they’ve also added an extra cross brace under the hood for torsional rigidity with the top down in this particular model and that again definitely shows on winding mountain roads this goes from a vehicle that no one would want to drive to something that actually is quite pleasant to drive I’m not saying this handles as well as a Mustang because

let’s be frank it really doesn’t but with 225 with tires all around and these suspension modifications on windy California Mountain Road I was having quite a bit of fun if you’re looking for fun to drive you should go right past the crass to do to the Ford dealer and buy a Mustang convertible that being said the ride in the crest 200 is much improved over the previous generation and so you couldn’t be faulted if you lived in a snowy area where you wanted that front wheel drive sure-footedness in the snow or you wanted a softer ride or a real backseat again this back seat is much larger and the 200 is slightly cheaper than a Mustang about a thousand $1500 similarly equipped based on our calculations

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