2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

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the Japanese have been worried about North Korea for quite some time I think it’s actually South Korea they need to start worrying about now because if the first time I Genesis was enough of a problem then this new 2012 Honda Genesis 5.0 r-spec is definitely a torpedo under the water for Lexus and let’s take a look and see why so starting at the front you’ll notice for 2012 we get an all new front grille

it’s a new LED trim lights here the front grille is still very generic which is not really a surprise since Honda doesn’t want to advertise the fact that this is a Korean car let’s take a look around the side so you can see the side is both luxurious sedate and a little bit bold sort of vary along the lines of Lexus it’s not really very surprising I’m sure it’s the primary benchmark vehicle out back here

for 2012 we have some brand new LED tail lamps a tiny little Genesis 5.0 badge and that is really the big difference with the 5.0 r-spec Genesis instead of making a true all-out performance line instead they’ve just sort of basically stuck a enormous 429 horsepower five liter v8 engine inside the existing Genesis with some minor tweaks let’s take a look inside out on the road the genesis 5.0 feels very solid very

very stable very planted definitely feels heavy like like an LS 460 or you know a Mercedes e 550 or BMW 5-series as well the five liter v8 is both direct injection and variable valve timing and so produces 429 horsepower on regular unleaded apparently Honda is not really particular about what the performance the specs are like on premium or regular unleaded supposedly they are a little bit different although we have not noticed any difference in 0 to 60 times on this car speaking of zero to 60 we recorded 4.9 seconds to 60 in this car and that’s

with considerable you know intervention by the electronic stability program because it is only two-wheel drive and that much torque in that much horsepower really does provide sort of an exciting ride if you disable the stability program you get on the interior tier it feels very nice as well everything the driver touches has a good solid sturdy feel to it all the buttons are very nice

very easy to reach behind by 8-speed automatic transmission isn’t quite as smooth as the Lexus transmission or the ZF transmissions in the competition but nevertheless it is a willing partner down shifts take a little bit longer than I’d like a little bit longer than the ZF transmission but then again it is dropping quite a number of gears when you floor it when the some people have complained that the suspension in the 5.0 r-spec is neither firm nor soft it’s somewhere in between and I actually think that’s a bit a major selling point for

it I’m a fan of a large softly sprung sedan and this sedan is probably as stiff as I would ever purchase I owned a av7 TR with the adjustable suspension and it really spent very little of its time in the you know knock your teeth out mode and that is one thing that I have never really cared for in the Mercedes AMG or BMW M sedans but I think Honda actually made the right choice here especially considering that the 5.0 r-spec is only slightly more expensive really than the next v8 model in their lineup it’s only about two thousand three thousand dollars separates a fully

loaded v6 sedan from a fully loaded v8 sedan and then the fully loaded 5.0 r-spec actually is quite good value when you consider that the Lexus Sport the AMG models the M models all carry very very large price tags compared to their regular sedan counterparts since

I’m always driving a different car the one question that people seem to always ask me is what’s your favourite car that’s a question I’ve actually had trouble answering in the past because I always separate things in my head from cars that I could own and cars that I would never own in my entire life because they’re too expensive so I’d have to say that at this moment my favourite car would have to be the brand-new

Jaguar XJ Supersport which probably makes Jaguar very happy but on the other side I could never afford one so I have to say however that this new Genesis 5.0 r-spec really checks most of the right boxes for me and the big thing is the price I mean you get essentially 95% of what you would in an LS 600 – the really expensive hybrid however for less than half the price forty six thousand dollars really is a terribly good value and for that I have to say that the Genesis actually makes it quite high on my list

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