2012 Infiniti M35h Hybrid Review

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this is the 2011 Infiniti M 35 H hybrid so you can see bb’s in the eye of the beholder and when I first reviewed this one back in 2010 the all-wheel drive v8 version I didn’t actually really like the looks of it that much but the looks have definitely grown on me it’s a little bit swooping here maybe it looks better in white than the previous one with tested I’m not quite sure 2012 infiniti m35h review

but the look may not be for everyone the only distinguishing features on the hybrid are these little hybrid batches right here on the front fender and then 35h logo out back otherwise there’s no weird blue logos no snazzy graphics on the side to differentiate this from the regular v6 model under the hood is the same Nissan 3.5 liter v6 used in a wide variety of Nissan and Infiniti products including 2012 infiniti m35 hybrid

the previous generation m35 it’s coupled to a 7-speed Nissan automatic transmission and the hybrid system is a motor between the engine and the transmission so there’s the engine a clutch pack a motor a transmission a clutch pack and then the rear differential this allows the car to operate electric only or electric with engine and it allows the ends in the charge the battery via the motor generator 2012 infiniti m35h

without driving the wheels so let’s hop in and take a look RM 35h is equipped with the $3,800 deluxe touring package which gets you semi-aniline leather this japanese ash wood trim here that’s actually rubbed with silver dust 2012 infiniti m35h hybrid battery replacement

I don’t know if you can see that here in the photo but it’s actually rubbed with silver dust and then varnished in epoxied to give it some sort of a lustrous silvery shine this one also has the Bose Digital 5.1 channel 16 speaker premium audio system which includes speakers in the seats front seats here you can see there’s one on either side of the headrest or surround sound has this 8 inch vga color touchscreen up here 9.3 gigabyte music box oh you can’t voice command your iPod like you can with sync integration infiniti m35h hybrid

with the Apple players is very good as you can see here you can browse by artists I balban’s songs etc it is fairly easy to navigate you can use this joystick light controller here in the center of the dash or interestingly enough you can actually also use the touchscreen so that’s fully touch screen compatible or you can use the buttons here on the steering wheel as well to navigate around the menus up and down back and push to enter over here we have our regular tachometer and the difference between the m37 and the M 35h we’d instead of a temperature gauge we get 2012 infiniti m35h problems

this little power slash charging gauge so you can see what exactly the car is doing without resorting to the information screen right now we’re in AV mode we’re going about 15 miles an hour because the engine can be decoupled from the transmission and allow the motor to be the only thing connected unlike Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive this thing can actually decoupled the engin

e pretty much at any speed that it wants 268 horsepower 199 pound-feet of torque or all you get out of the motor so you can’t really go that fast on it alone but it does provide more than enough assistance to keep you cruising on a flat freeway at about 50 miles an hour for instance periodically in one of the ways that infinities Hybrid is slightly less polished than totus is if we’re cruising along on a road like this that has a slight incline and we let off the gas the car goes into evie mode and therefore it decouples the engine from the transmission 2012 infiniti m35h specs

if you then decide you want more power it takes a little bit of time to kick the engine back in and it’s a little bit of breath so if we floor it here you get you get this weird little moment there where nothing’s going on and then you get a kick in the back as the clutch pack engages and the car scoots off into the distance this is probably a small price to pay for

the increased efficiency and we have been averaging about 30 miles per gallon on the highway and around 26 in the city in this car which is about what you expect from the EPA ratings of course no infinity would be complete without the latest in electronic nannies and this one has pretty much everything little tiny button here on the steering wheel it looks like a car with some rings around it that turns on all the fun nannies including dynamic collision assist avoidance lane departure warning lane departure prevention blind spot monitoring blind spot prevention

all that really means is the car will do its best to try and drive for you if you try and change lanes without signaling it will try and actually steer you back into the lane by applying the brakes on one side of the car to sort of torque the car back into place if you try and change lanes into a car beside you with or without the signal light it will do essentially the same thing and try and keep you from hitting the car if you’re driving along and there’s a car in front of you and you’re following a little bit too closely the Eco pedal which is an electric powered pedal accelerator pedal 2013 infiniti m35h

will actually push itself back up at you and if you then remove your foot from the pedal the car will automatically apply the brakes up to a complete stop it’s a little bit disconcerting it’s kind of like driving a carnival ride sort of like a one of those bumper cars where you take your foot off the accelerator pedal and the car just stops for you because the blind can have trouble hearing a hybrid vehicle operating in electric-only mode or a pure electric vehicle operating near them Nissan and Finney have introduced a new vehicle sound for pedestrian system now for the first time in an Infiniti product in this M 35h much like the Nissan Leaf it sounds like I’m not quite sure what it sounds like so let’s just take a look

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