2012 Jaguar XKR-S Review

this is the 2012 Jaguar xkr-s now this is one of only a hundred mate to 2012 a Jaguar let us get our hands on it so let’s take a look and see what makes the s so special now of course for xkr-s Duty Jaguar has bumped up this engine for a 510 horsepower to 550 and from 461 pound-feet of torque to 502 and jag claims that’s good for a half second improvement zero to sixty we’ll cover that later when we take it for a spin but much on those figures for a moment 550 horsepower is better than a wide range of supercars from just a few years ago and indeed even still 2012 jaguar xkr-s

it’s more powerful than all but one Aston Martin and a decent number of Ferraris Porsches Lamborghinis etc so one of the things I get asked quite frequently we never had a two-door coupe is okay so they’re two back seats are they actually back seats can you actually fit people back in there so let me kick off my shoes and I’ll show you exactly how we fit in the xkr-s now this is in comparison 2012 jaguar xkr s

to the BMW 650i that we had last week and you’ve seen that video we’ll pop a link down below so you can check it out but here we go let’s see how we fit in the back okay so we’re in the back and I’m going to attempt to buckle my seat belt here okay so now that we’re back here you can and I’m actually strapped in you can see it is physically possible to get in the back I just wouldn’t want to be back here in an accident now that exhaust noise is just absolutely incredible in the xkr-s and aside from the 40 horsepower boost that 2012 jaguar xkrs review

you get versus of the regular third-generation supercharged AJ v8 you also get that incredible noise and that’s due largely to a changed exhaust system in this XK are basically what they’ve done is they’ve created a cross bypass system rather than a true dual exhaust and that really helps free up the exhaust it also has some organ stop like valves in there to make sure that the exhaust is as free-flowing as possible when you floor the engine and the two combine to create the absolute most incredible sound you’ve ever heard and it’s 2012 jaguar xkr convertible review

really just a paddle flick away that’s the other nice thing about the xkr-s versus some of these other earth stands I’m going to talk about that by putting it in Drive is that it has Drive it’s not a dual clutch transmission it’s not a manual transmission it’s not some funky automatic with the torque converter removed what they’ve done is they’ve taken ZFS heavy-duty six-speed automatic and they’ve just bolted jaguar xkr-s 2012

it on to a more powerful engine and well that doesn’t sound as exciting as some of the flappy paddle boxes that the competition may bandy about it really makes it a great deal more drivable a lot of people have been asking why the six feet why not a ZF 8-speed well the reason is the number of gear ratios if you take a look at the BMW 650i for instance you’ll notice that when you put it in sport mode it doesn’t do this gear seven and eight so why have them and it a really a purpose-built sports car like the xkr-s there’s just no reason to have gear seven and eight especially 2012 jaguar xk xkr-s

considering this car is fairly fuel-efficient on its own we have been averaging about eighteen point nine miles per gallon and really that’s mostly because of how we’ve been driving it but it will get 22 miles per gallon on the highway if you treat it gently and you don’t call an all 550 of those horses I leave the track day diary comparisons to our own tame racing driver jack but I will say that this morning we did clock a three point eight second run 260 and our quarter-mile finished in 12 seconds flat at 122 miles an hour now those are absolutely mind-boggling statistics really for the world of cars and to put that in perspective that’s faster than a wide variety of Porsche models 2015 jaguar xkr-s

wide variety of Aston Martin’s Lamborghini and Ferrari models from just a few years ago had troubles making those performance numbers this really is an incredibly fast machine and the handling is is definitely up to scratch as well we have 295 s3 or 250 5s up front fairly grippy rubber but of course this is a fairly heavy coupe even though it isn’t all it’s really not a lightweight at all by any stretch of the imagination I believe this one weighs about 3,800 pounds I’m sure will correct that in the video if I’m wrong but you can definitely 2014 jaguar xkr-s

feel its weight in the corners the stealing the steering is fairly numb it is fairly well weighted and there is some response but it is it’s not really as engaging as you’d like in a performance cart of course in the era of electric power assist steering this really is not that unusual and I really don’t expect the new m6 to be considerably better unless they’ve done something 2012 jaguar xkr-s specs

truly magical with the electric steering now inside the xkr-s I do have a few complaints you know the XK platform is getting a little bit old last refreshed in 2006 really thoroughly and as a result the nav system is is you know pretty basic there are no voice commands for anything in the system you know we have decent iPod integration a decent Bluetooth phone integration with the exception of this microphone up here in the corner not really keen on that one we don’t find great our cruise control in the xkr-s it’s just not an option in this model 2011 jaguar xkr reviews

what you also won’t find our our new safety features like blind spot warning blind spot prevention pre collision warning night-vision pedestrian detection nothing like that is available in the xkr-s the excursus is really just designed to go fast and do that with luxurious minimalism in many respects and it does that quite well although I’m not sure four hundred and thirty thousand dollars 2014 jaguar xkr reviews

I really want minimalism in my luxury performance car in comparison the BMW 650i albeit only four hundred horsepower for a hundred and two thousand dollars gets you every gizmo and gadget you can imagine from anti fatigue massaging front seats to pedestrian detection and night vision and I’m sure that the brand new m6 for 550 horsepower will deliver many of the same features for around

the same price as the xkr-s now as I said before this is essentially the same radio and navigation infotainment system that the XF gets and as such it is a little bit sluggish by today’s standards on our home screen here we have our heated steering wheel heated seats not exactly the most convenient location for them audio system here as you can see their transitions are somewhat sluggish we do have access to our full iPod playlists artists etc as you normally would in most vehicles you can always turn the home screen by pressing the home button 2014 jaguar xkr review

this also where some of our climate control settings are hidden we have our navigation entry here entry address entry in the navigation system is fairly speedy but the graphics are not terribly great and there’s no XM traffic which is a bit of a bummer so you can see in our audio setup screen we have turned down trouble all the way and there’s a reason for that the Bowers & Wilkins sound system in this xkr-s is extremely bright and it doesn’t really seem to matter what input you’re using whether it’s the iPod interface or a CD or the satellite radio etc we really were never able to turn the treble down enough for things to sound more balanced like the Bang & Olufsen sound systems in BMW products you 2015 jaguar xkr-s gt

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