2012 Toyota Prius c hybrid hatchback review

this is the 2012 Prius C this is the smallest member of the Prius family let’s take it for a spin so essentially what towed is done to create the prius c is they’ve taken a four-door hatchback Yaris they’ve stripped out the suspension the engine and transmission they stuffed in the suspension modified from a regular Prius and then they took the engine from the former generation

Prius the 1.5 liter atkinson cycle 73 horsepower engine and stuff that into the hood and then they took the transmission and hybrid synergy drive power splitting devices out of the regular Prius and they modified them with to make the footprint smaller to fit under the hood of the Prius C the combination is good for 99 horsepower but it also is good for being 500 pounds less than the curb weight of the regular Prius side on the road the Prius II handles exactly like what you’d expect out of a cross between a Prius and a Yaris

that is to say you know the handling is not bad for a small car but it’s not really a Mazda 3 but then against not really trying to be either what it is trying to be is extraordinarily economical and we’ve been averaging 54 miles per gallon that’s over about a hundred and twenty miles of San Diego both city driving highway driving and freeway driving and as you can see you know if you look out in the distance you know we have been going up and down hills in our Prius C and it hasn’t really affected the fuel economy as much as

I would have thought on the inside the materials used to make the the Prius C are fairly similar to the Prius we have you know fairly hard – parts keeping weight down basically but we do have soft touch points in the armrest

both on the doors and the center armrest here the quality of the hard plastics does seem to be better than you’d find in a Chrysler for instance but again pricing is a is a definite factor here the Prius C starts at just under $20,000 and of course in tow to speak that really means nineteen thousand nine hundred something dollars plus scores to your destination charges so you really

are right around twenty thousand dollars the unusual thing with the Prius C is that Toyota has not really increased the pricing for the various flavors a great deal from the base price so there is no thirty thousand dollar Prius C most expensive Prius C is about $23,000 after $23,000 you get the fake leather you get some upgraded plastic here on the dash you get upgraded wheels and you get the option of an optional 17 inch wheel with lower profile rubber supposedly yielding sporty or handling we couldn’t really tell the difference on our short time with both this and the higher level Prius with those bigger wheels the one thing I did notice is the rides worse so I would just stick with the base wheels

but you know overall $19,000 for a car that gets 54 miles per gallon really is not a bad deal so since our Prius C is the Prius C version 3 it is equipped with the Entune system both the Prius C 3 and Prius C 4 get this one the 3 starts at 21,000 635 and the 4 is twenty

three thousand to thirty essentially this is a touch screen radio with iPod interface and it also has the ability to install into naps so you can do traffic fuel prices Bing searches Pandora stock quote sports and of course map based navigation unlike some systems you know like the Pioneer iPhone connected system this mapping system is actually part of the radio so this is not using your data service for

the navigation so you don’t have to have phone connected for that it is flash based it’s fairly asipi as far as responsiveness is concerned but it is kind of basic the graphics are a little basic the points of interest is not very detailed and the screen is not terribly high resolution but then again it is a fairly cheap car it’s taking look around the interior the majority of this should be familiar

to a regular Prius buyer everything is in a very similar place from the radio to the climate control settings here to this center-mounted gauge cluster and of course the steering wheel borrowed from the regular Prius which has the voice control here again only available with the upgraded radio on the Prius three and four Bluetooth which is standard on all models of the prius c radio controls over here and we have our display controls over here and these controls control the display in the center mounted gauge cluster here which now contains a nice high resolution screen this is one thing I really didn’t like about the regular Prius is its screen is you know fairly low-rent this one actually is fairly nice

has Drive information you can score yourself on your driving it’ll give you a score out of a hundred to tell you how ecologically you’re driving you can see your total typical consumption in five minute increments something kind of interesting but a little hokey is you can program in the cost of fuel and a car to compare your Prius C and you can feel very green about yourself by showing how much money you’re saving versus a regular car you can get you know historical data for that same screen essentially you can score yourself sort of like you know miles per gallon

Olympics for your Prius C settings and then we go back to our usual energy monitor screen if we zoom back out here you’ll notice the speedometer display is fairly basic just sort of gear speed and fuel level that’s all that really does if we go down here to the radio on the car tab you can get your sort of requisite hybrid energy monitor as well as trip information so that’s pretty much it from the interior of the 2012 Prius C stay tuned for a full review when the production model bows and we’re able to get our hands on one and always check out the truth about cars com for news reviews and more

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