2012 Toyota Prius

this is the 2012 Toyota Prius V now this is the largest member the Prius family in America and it’s actually a full fifty percent larger inside than the regular Prius liftback and that’s why we’re starting out here in the trunk as you can see I have my roller bag here we’ll get out so you can see it this is the largest roller bag that’ll fit on a domestic flight as you can see it fits very

easily in the trunk here and cargo room in the back of the prius v is extremely good it’s actually better than the Ford Escape Hybrid and that thanks to the large cargo area but also every receipt that not only folds flat but also moves forward in the vehicle to improve that storage space even when someone’s sitting in the rear seat does you see even though there’s quite a bit of room behind me for that roller bag I’m actually quite comfortable here in the back seat and the driver seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall and I still have probably four or five

inches of legroom left here in the back to improve cargo room further I can actually move the seat forward as well reducing my legroom but really improving the cargo space in the rear I can also recline the rear seat which is kind of nice although the reclining mechanism does hit me in a strange spot in the back under the hood of the V we get essentially the same powertrain as the regular Prius it’s the ninety-eight horsepower 1.8 liter atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine mated with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive which allows a total of 132 horsepower under

the right conditions you can see this is the engine here and this is the DC DC converter for the Hybrid Synergy Drive and the hybrid synergy drive itself is sort of on there under all of that cabling and masts under there if you’d like to know more about how Hybrid Synergy Drive works just sort of skip to the end of the video we won’t bore everyone else here about the technical details of the system and you can always check out the video the prius c which should have been published right before this video for more details on the system as well as a smallest member of the prius family inside the V we essentially get a reworked version of the Prius interior so everything is exactly

where you’d expect it to be from the center mounted gauge cluster which i think is a little strange but some people like it and it’s definitely a Prius hallmark to this nicely textured hard plastic – and what’s nice on the prius v versus the regular prius as we get these soft touch panels here on the dash and the glove compartment here on the passenger side which really improve the look and feel of the interior of course get the standard Prius steering wheel with it’s sort of oval look and flat bottom radio and controls over here on the steering wheel which is kind of nice we have Bluetooth controls and voice recognition for the nav system over here on the left and if you so desire you can get

radar cruise control both in the V and the Prius liftback those controls would be over here on the right of the steering wheel over here in the center console we get our usual buttons evey mode which helps the car stay in electric-only mode for crawling up driveways at night or sneakin upon unsuspecting pedestrians we have our Eco mode here which helps fuel economy by reducing the climate control effect as well as reducing the throttle effect a little bit as well if you press the throttle all the way down however you still get full power we have our power mode which again remaps the throttle to give it slightly sporty or feeling not really sure if that actually helps or not you can turn those both off and get regular mode as well the center cubby here is quite deep you can fit fairly large items in it so as I was saying the Prius V has a center mount instrument

cluster much like the other Prius models however the display is actually unique to the Prius V over here we have a tricolor charge and power indicator with Eva mode light we have our speedometer our gear selector display our fuel level and the battery charge as well as a trip computer now the display isn’t as interactive as the regular Prius now it’s not quite as nice looking as the prius c but it is fully functional and it is a color display so it is a little bit more entertaining than the regular prius liftback now the Prius V is available in three different packages the Prius V two three and five why there’s no one in four I really can’t answer but here in the center console all models get a Fingal’s on climate control as well as Bluetooth phone integration all models also have a touchscreen radio system the three adds a nav system within two naps and the five

adds leather and a few other trim goodies inside but really very little on the electronic side so as you can see here if we have our smart phone connected I have an iPhone 4 plugged in we can access our data services such as Bing Pandora weather stocks sports and most importantly fuel prices and traffic information which are quite handy over here on the apps screen this is how you access the navigation you can’t see maps it does display live traffic information the map data is already built into the system so you don’t need a smart phone for that

but you do need a smartphone if you want to get theta services such as traffic information on the system we get our typical audio interface with decent iPhone integration and iPod integration we have our phone interface over here which is very well featured and we have full voice control over most of the aspects of the system except for iPod browsing so you still can’t command specific songs or playlists or artists like you can with sync in this system over here on the car tab we get our typical energy monitor which shows the status the hybrid system

we also get trip information which shows our fuel economy over the past 15 minutes as you can see we’ve been averaging a solid 44 miles per gallon over a time with car 450 miles so far and long commutes mind specifically in the morning 53 miles I easily average 50 miles per gallon if I’m gentle on the throttle and keep it under 65 the one downside to this system as you can see here in the video is a screens not terribly bright and that’s not really the camera as you can see that’s actually the screen it’s angled slightly on the dash and it actually captures the glare from the outside very easily so it makes it difficult to read in strong light the PSP is essentially just the priya station wagon although

Toyota doesn’t really like us to call it that they just prefer to think of it as a versatile Prius and really it sort of is a mixture of both because it’s really a station wagon it’s actually quite long you can actually fit an 11 foot area rug or eleven foot lumber from the back of the tailgate slightly diagonally in the car to the foot well or to the dashboard of the car and that’s really a great achievement the Prius really can’t put anything that long in it and the other hybrids like the Toyota Camry Hybrid has such a small truck pass-through that you really can’t put large items in it either out on the road there’s just no escaping with the Prius be way is more than the regular Prius and as such

it doesn’t really handle as well it does definitely doesn’t handle as well as the prius c however it’s not really that bad it is a little bit slow though with only 132 horsepower under the hood you know freeway accelerations take a small eternity however the payback is that 45 miles per gallon as with all Toyotas hybrids the Prius V is able to run electric only up to about 42 miles per hour but that’s really only

if you treat the pedal very gently and in a strange twist actually when you think about this logically it doesn’t actually help you that much because the only way to charge the battery again is with the engine so even if you’re driving for that two miles electric only you’re gonna take the fuel economy hit somewhere else because at some point it’s gonna have to turn on the engine to charge the battery back up

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