2012 Toyota Yaris 3-Door Review

the 2012 three-door occurred ARS let’s take a look now Troy does advertising the RSS just some car so under the hood you get exactly what you’d expect some energy 1.5 litres 106 horsepower it’s not really that slow actually though because this car only weighs 2300 pounds which is fairly light for a modern car and the 5-speed manual equipped Yaris is ever so slightly lighter now the RS is only equipped

with one windshield wiper blade and this is as fast as it goes doesn’t really do that great of a job of clearing water in heavy rain but it is a little bit cheaper or do you have to go buy one windshield wiper blade so the new Yaris can easily be described as cheap and cheerful the interior is not the best place to be necessarily we have lots of hard plastics but everything feels very solidly put together the hard plastic – is textured very nicely and we have a few soft touch points both here on the dash and here on the doors as well the only

two options even available on this through Dorris are cruise control and some floor mats both of which this cart has raising the price to just under sixteen thousand dollars which is still very cheap and decently less than the Mazda 3 for instance one of the standard features as standard iPod integration I have my iPod Nano plugged in here also works well with my iPhone port as well as my iPad all those work very well and the Bluetooth integration on the head unit is actually one of the best I’ve seen firm any vehicle to be honest no skipping

no jumping no quality issues with the sound that I’ve noticed unlike many other systems so it’s very easy to use legroom is fairly good in the RS even in this three door model this front seats adjusted for me at six feet tall and sitting behind I still have about four four inches of legroom or so left the rear seats however aren’t exactly as comfortable the seat bottom cushion is a little bit stiff and a little bit low and Headroom is somewhat limited in this three door model the five-door model does provide a little bit more room we do however

have three headrests and the rear seats do fold to expand the cargo area folding almost flat really not half bad actually this is a roller bags the maximum size you can actually carry on to a domestic flight fits back here quite nicely probably could stick another one next to it easily and of course the rear seats do fold almost completely flat however this little cover does get in the way a little bit to probably leave that at home but just over a hundred horsepower on tap jackrabbit starts are far from exciting in the Auris but of course

that’s really not what the RS is about it’s about an economical transportation and we’re not talking fuel economy we’ve only been averaging about 30 miles per gallon in this Yaris it’s only rated for 3035 with the automatic primarily because it is a four-speed automatic so it is pretty old-school sub models of Yaris there is an option for the 5-speed bandit which is slightly cheaper but higher-end

Yaris models come only with the automatic unwinding mountain roads it actually is kind of fun to fling your Yaris around the only thing I should mention is that the tires and suspension write checks that the brakes can’t cash and we noticed a significant break over heating in some mild fade after just a short time of spirited driving in the mountains which is definitely a pity because the Yaris chassis actually puts up with that fairly well again light kerb weight and some fairly decent suspension really make the RS enjoyable on the road

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