2013-2019 Range Rover Sport review

2013-2019 Range Rover Sport review if you’re in the market for a big luxurious SUV the chances are you

already know about the Range Rover Sport it’s the smaller sportier sibling of the

full-sized Range Rover and what’s traditionally set it apart from its

rivals is it go anywhere ability it will cross every mountain and Ford every

stream whilst carrying your family in absolute comfort but does that make it a

better buy the new arrivals such as the LD q7 and Volvo xc90 let’s find out the

range kicks off with a 2-liter diesel engine but we’d go for the v6 diesel

because that offers the perfect blend of performance refinement and affordability

you can achieve 30 miles per gallon without really having to try too hard if

you’ve got more to spend you might be tempted to upgrade to the v6 diesel

hybrid but we wouldn’t bother because it can’t match the low co2 emissions of the

best hybrid SUVs or the effortless performance of the v8 diesel Range Rover

Sport v8 petrol models complete the range and turn the Range Rover Sport

into a 4×4 dragster but boy are they thirsty

2013-2019 Range Rover Sport review

whichever sport you choose it does feel very stable and controlled on the road

at times you do feel it size and some SUVs grip better however it’s very

comfortable and aside from a bit of wind noise on the motorway you won’t be

disturbed too much this driving position was previously reserved for HDTV drivers

plus is plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering well so you can get a

comfortable driving position the airco controls are close to hand but the

entertainment system is slightly too far away

visibility is excellent and it’s front and rear parking sensors as well as a

reversing camera to help with parking and the general build quality feels very

good indeed it feels primo bust and there’s lots of good quality materials

everywhere and you get leather as standard every Range Rover Sport gets

this ten inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard although it is a

little bit slow to respond and slightly fiddly to use in terms of connectivity

there are USB sockets auxiliary ports and 12-volt power supplies dotted around

the car and you can add these rear seat multimedia screens that said let’s see

how easy it is to set destination in a sat-nav and pair my mobile phone so

first of all we will start with satellite navigation and if we just

scroll through the menus we will find sat-nav destination entry postcode I

always like it when you can do this instead of having to put in the full

address so we will do rg-31 v P Q I have no idea where that is I’ve just made it

made it up as I’ve gone along but we will see I would say that was very easy

actually oh it’s somewhere in tile huh ok so we’ve got the Sat Nav set and

there’s looks to be a shortcut button search new vehicle to device make sure

my bluetooth is on which it is it’s searching

still searching Rebecca’s eyes for home so in bed alright it might be slightly

slow to respond but you know what that’s really easy that was good

there’s loads of space before in the Range Rover Sport but this central seat

is not quite as comfortable as those other side so is best reserved for short

journeys and you can spec your Range Rover Sport with seven seats which means

two in the back trouble is they’re quite cramped and hard to get to so really are

only suitable for kids under 12 more positively and the boot is wide and it’s

straight sides and broad opening makes loading bulky items very easy on the

downslide is no underfloor storage because here it’s a spare wheel to keep

cost sensible we recommend the HSC trim because that gets you everything you’re

likely to want including dual zone climate control satellite navigation

heated leather seats and electric tailgate combined with the Range Rover

sports other virtuals that makes it a real luxury car as well as a proper

off-road ER and great tow car if you’re looking for a premium and plush su Reed

in the sport definitely deserve to be on your short list but the Audi q7 is more

practical classier inside and quite a bit cheaper to buy for plenty more on

the Range Rover Sport including our full online review ahead to watcard calm an
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