2013 and 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Review

this very orange car is the 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek now don’t worry it does come in several different colors now regardless of the exterior color choice and yes the XV does come in colors other than orange you always get these

black wheels on the XV now that’s a good thing for some people and a bad thing for others really just depends on how you feel about black wheels if the XV crosstrek looks familiar to you then you’re not going crazy because

this is essentially the SUV version if you’d like to think of it that way of the impreza hatchback basically what they’ve done is they’ve jacked it up to an SUV like nearly nine inches of ground clearance they’ve added of course some black cladding and those black wheels now this is essentially the same formula that Subaru uses to create the outback and by happenstance since the outback

has continued to grow and so has the Impreza this is essentially the same size as the original outback because this is a Subaru you’ll find two things under the hood you’ll find a box or engine and you’ll find symmetrical all-wheel drive now essentially what a box or engine means is that instead of having the cylinders all in a little row or in a V configuration as is pretty normal in most vehicles

these cylinders are horizontally opposed so they’re two cylinders on each side and essentially they meet in sort of a boxing fashion which is why they call the box or engine now this engine design is typically smoother than an inline four-cylinder

engine however it is much wider and as you can see this is a fairly wide engine under the hood now this particular engine is Subarus new 2-liter boxer engine it produces 148 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque this is very closely related to the new boxer engine found under the hood of the FRS and the BRZ as you would also expect from Subaru you do get a manual transmission option

that is the base transmission in this particular vehicle it’s a 5-speed manual and for $1,000 you can get the CVT which is a continuously variable transmission now the CVT does improve your fuel economy ratings on this vehicle from 23:32 2533 on the inside of the XV crosstrek you’ll find interior trappings that are essentially appropriate for the price tag of this vehicle

we have a soft touch slightly rubbery upper desk with a hard plastic lower – you know we have fairly nice trim around the radio and very nice solid feeling knobs in the dashboard we of course have a plastic or I should say urethane steering wheel over here leather wrap steering wheel is not available in this particular model of car it is available in the limited

trim of the XV crosstrek however the cloth seats in our premium model are soft and do appear to be fairly durable now this driver’s seat is manual of course because we are in the XV premium not the limited model we do still have a height adjustable driver seat however and a tilt telescoping steering wheel on the downside the telescoping action of the steering

wheel is not the largest that I’ve seen and we don’t get any kind of adjustable lumbar support in the driver’s seat however seating comfort for me at 6 feet tall is very good in this particular vehicle and the lumbar support is just about right for me but I do like a bit more lumbar support than some people so you should spend some time in this seat and make sure it’s comfortable for you if your feet are large then you’ll like the fact that this car has a very large foot well and even someone with a size 11 and 14 shoe have no problems in this particular car driving it and that is kind of a nice feature because some of these newer cars do seem to have for some reason a very constricted foot well they’re in the driver’s side making it more difficult to drive with a larger shoe rear seat comfort in the XV crosstrek is fairly good

but you have to keep in mind that this vehicle is a small vehicle again is a impreza hatchback essentially that has a higher ground clearance so what we do have decent Headroom in the back thanks to that hatchback profile this front seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall and I only have about an inch and a half of legroom left now the seat bottom cushion is also a little bit close to the floor it’s fairly common in vehicles like this these days if you have children in the back seat this is actually better for them but if you have adults in the back seat frequently then you won’t really get much thigh support another important thing to keep in mind with the XV crosstrek but also with anything

that’s intended to go off-road is that these door sills are a bit high in this particular vehicle meaning you have to lift your leg up and then out to get out of the vehicle that makes getting in and out of the vehicle if you’re older a little bit more difficult but it means that if you’re trying to forward a stream or go through a very deep puddle something like that you won’t get any water in the vehicle if I move over to the middle seat you’ll notice another thing that’s very obvious about this vehicle and again that’s because of the all-wheel-drive system that’s we have a fairly large hump in the middle and that’s really just to be expected in any car that has a permanent all-wheel

drive system but it does mean that the middle passenger has a little bit less room one thing you won’t find in the back of the XV crosstrek are cupholders that are designed to hold normal cups now there are some bottle holders in the door but most manufacturers recommend that you do not put standard takeout drive-through cups in the doors because if they do leak then you’re gonna be taking the entire door apart to try and clean that up for extra cargo care and capacity the rear seats do fold completely flat with the rear cargo area and that is important because it’s much easier to drag boxes and other items from the cargo area straight into this area right over the seat the XV score is 8 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index because this is a fairly large cargo area for a vehicle that’s this size now this cargo area

is covered in fairly hard plastic but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easier to wipe down if you should need to there’s also an optional cargo tray liner here that sort of rubbery help catch spills and melting snow things like that of course I do have the largest roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight back here with me and you can fit several of those under an optional tonneau cover those tonneau cover isn’t standard in this particular model but I would recommend getting one if you were to buy this vehicle because it is nice to kind of hide your belongings so how much will next week Crosstrek set you back well our particular model here is the premium model and that starts at $21,995 of course you do get the manual transmission for that the CVT is another thousand dollars and if you’d like leather and automatic

climate control then you need to step up to the limited model which is twenty four thousand four hundred ninety five dollars that does make the automatic transmission standard however in this particular car there aren’t too many options to choose from but you can add the navigation system as well as the moonroof which adds about two thousand dollars that total price tag meaning you’re absolutely completely loaded XV cross Trek is just over about $26,000 or so so it’s a fairly inexpensive ride our particular XV crosstrek

has the optional $1,200 navigation system this unit is also available as part of a $2,000 package with the optional moonroof now we have our usual am/fm satellite radio of course have a fully featured iPod interface as well as a optional audio input that’s located in the center console with our standard stereo mini Jack the course have our Bluetooth phone interface as well now because Subaru is owned by toda these days you’ll notice a few things that are similar to other totoo products mostly in the voice command interface in this particular unit of course on the iPod we do have full access to our playlists two songs two genres through this system interface via the touch screen here or you can also voice command them in this particular system voice command please artists search artists please say artist name Madonna Madonna as you can see the system works fairly well although you cannot search for tracks on this particular system at the moment which is a little bit odd I think you can search for playlists you can search for artists and genres but you can’t voice command search for particular tracks if you want to find a particular track and you don’t know the artist then you’re gonna have to actually use the search feature here and try and find it manually over on the map interface this should be

fairly familiar to you if you use an aftermarket nav system now this is very Garmin like in terms of operation we can voice command address entry in this particular system and the display does show traffic information as well overall I find the interface in this particular system a little bit less intuitive than Ford or Toyotas products so you can see there are a lot of small buttons going on on this screen and the screen just doesn’t seem to use its real estate as efficiently as I might like the navigation interface is fairly easy to use although it too suffers from a slightly less than intuitive layout Subaru does not offer a traditional automatic transmission in the XV crosstrek so your only options are that manual transmission or the CVT now a lot of people dislike the CVT transmissions if that’s you then you’re really not gonna like this transmission either because it operates essentially the same as pretty much everybody else’s CVT however I really think that they are a good solution to a number

of different problems the first problem being fuel economy of course I’ve been averaging twenty nine point eight miles per gallon and about 500 miles of mixed driving in this particular vehicle and that includes going up in over a twenty two hundred foot Mountain Pass second thing they do is improve performance because they can keep that engine in the optimum power band for as long as they like of course we only have a hundred and forty eight horsepower under the hood but hill-climbing in a vehicle like this is much more predictable much easier honestly than in a similar vehicle with a similar engine and a regular automatic transmission and that’s because to keep going up that hill at that constant speed this particular vehicle can change the ratio of the transmission anytime that it wants to so a regular automatic transmission and a vehicle like this you’d end up slowing down and then the transmission would down shift and then you’d speed back up and then the transmission would up shift and you’d slow

back down and in this particular vehicle you don’t do that the transmission just varies the ratio and you just sort of get a lot of noise coming from underneath the hood but you stay a constant speed on mountain passes and I personally prefer that the suspension in the Crosstrek is fairly firm for an SUV a CV or pretty much anything with almost nine inches of ground clearance and the handling is fairly good in this particular vehicle although it is limited by these fairly narrow tires of course and that higher center of gravity just from being raised up so high Subarus all-wheel drive system is marketed an awful lot honestly it’s not that much better than many of the other competitors in terms of raw

outright performance but it is much more confident and that’s because this system is always engaged it’s always sending at least forty percent of the power to the rear wheels via a multi-plate clutch setup and that means that there is no slip and grip going on in the Subaru all-wheel-drive system so if you were going to drive something like a new Ford Escape or a Kia Sportage or something like that out on ice and snow then there would definitely be a slip where the rear wheels slipped or the front wheels slipped and then the car decided to apportion the power around whereas this particular system is always under all circumstances splitting the power at least 6040 with 60% of the power going to the front 40% of the power going to the rear and of course it can alter that whenever it feels like by just simply locking up that center clutch pack that always-on all-wheel drive system makes this car much more confident in a wide variety of slippery surfaces and it’s also more surprising when you look at the fuel economy in this vehicle because again we’re getting almost 30 miles per gallon and mix driving which is fairly amazing for an all-wheel drive system that’s always on that’s been our quick look at the 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek you should of course go ahead and like us on Facebook subscribe to our video feed on YouTube check out the truth about cars calm and as always tell us what you like and what you don’t like about this video and what you’d like to see next

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