2013 Audi A3 Sportback

od is jostling with BMW for the top spot amongst premium manufacturers and the launch of the new a3 is biggest seller should definitely strengthen its position further the five-door Sportback is the most popular variant within the model range and this new generation is better than ever before.

The exterior has been completely redesigned but it’s still recognizably an a3 is slightly longer but a longer wheelbase means are shorter overhang at the front and the rear giving it a sporty.

But stylish look and style is an important part of the a3 formula it’s a highly desirable car among young style conscious car buyers so OD her scandal a enhanced its appeal in this department both inside and out so we’re on the Cote d’Azur in the South of France and we’re about to turn the style dial up to 11 by taking.

This car on the Mediterranean coast and up into Italy to a city that’s synonymous with good design Milan let’s see how we fit in with those fashionistas first thing you notice when you get behind the wheel of the a3 is the design of the cabin audio turned itself the reputation over the past decade of building some of the best interiors in the industry they’re always well put together.

With intuitive easy-to-use controls and the best materials in short they’re the epitome of premium the new a3 continues that tradition with its driver orientated wraparound dashboard a cool new air vent design that has substance as well as style but it’s clever diffuser and buttons and switches that have real tactile appeal but best of all is this MMI infotainment system which almost silently arises from the dashboard.

Very cool and brilliantly functional in terms of its handling the a3 has benefited from the loss of 90 kilograms compared to the last generation that’s like losing the weight of a 14 stone person in the back the steering is light but accurate with plenty of grip on the road making. It very pleasurable to drive after all of those lovely scenic Mediterranean coastal views and a few motorways we’ve actually hit total gridlock but what do you expect for in Milan you

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