2013 BMW 7-Series 750Li Road

today we’re taking a look at the 2013 BMW 7-series now this particular model is the 750li which means that we have the twin-turbo v8 engine under the hood and of course we have these long doors in the back giving you extra passenger room

this isn’t an all new 7 Series is really just a mildly refreshed model from last year so under the hood we have a completely different drivetrain lineup we have course have a blender nose here with the revised larger kidney grille opening and of course some more chrome and full LED headlamps BMW is sometimes accused of making one sausage in multiple different links but that works really

well here with the 7 Series these proportions are excellent and they’re also very elegant thanks to this very long hood here which is designed to accommodate inline six engines v8s as well as v12 we of course have this long body because this is the long wheelbase model so we get these really long rear doors and we have a real trunk back here which is somewhat unique in this segment because

the Mercedes S Class seems to have a slightly short trunk overhang and the Jaguar XJ has an almost coupe like hatchback like profile going on as you’d expect from BMW there’s a fairly extensive engine lineup in the 7 Series starts with a 3 liter twin scroll turbo engine good for 315 horsepower you can add the hybrid system to that which brings you up to 350 horsepower this particular engine here which is their 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 good for 445 horsepower now is also a six-litre twin-turbo v12 good for 535 horsepower and of course

the Alpina b7 which uses a modified version of this particular engine but boost the power up to 540 horsepower all these engines are mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic and most of the engines are available with your choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive the interior of the seven series is a great place to spend your time although honestly I think that the BMW 6-series grand coupe a which falls into a a fairly similar price range as the seventh has a much nicer and more attractive dashboard with that that very distinctive

six serious swoosh going down here in leather of course our particular seven series does have the hand-stitched leather dashboard and of course quantities of wood that would make even jaguar blush now because the Mercedes s-class is getting a little bit old this interior is much nicer than the Mercedes s-class and I’m I’m really sorry about that Mercedes fans but honestly the s-clas

s interior feels a bit cheap and a bit plasticky even though it does have some nice stitched lower dashboard parts that are not available in the BMW 7-series compared to the Jaguar XJ I think that I like the Jaguar styling the quality is fairly competitive in terms of actual parts quality interior and the field between the 7 Series and the Jaguar XJ but again the Jaguar XJ does have some nice lower dashboard parts here and we get a leather steering wheel airbag cover in the XJ which we can’t get in the BMW 7-series at any price and that is something that you’re looking at and touching every day that you’re driving the car the Germans are still figuring out what to do with American cupholders so you can see they go here fairly high in the dash and that means that if you have a larger soda it blocks an awful lot of the controls here and of course

you can splash juice or whatever it is that you have into those controls fairly easily if you’re not careful versus the 5 Series the 7 Series is mostly about the rear passenger especially in the L versions as we have here in our particular model is equipped with the optional rear comfort seats which does provide a reclining rear throne here as you can see the range of motion on these rear seats is very good it’sit’s actually surprisingly good and about the highest that I’ve seen in any of these long wheelbase models that includes the Lexus LS 600h L which does have a very nice reclining rear seat as well in addition to this large range of motion this rear seat contorts in about the same number of motions as the front seat in a BMW sport seat equipped model now that means that this rear seat you can change the curvature of the seat back you can change the recline the headrest you even have a massaging feature back here and of course to position memory the else all about rear legroom so you can see with this front seat moved all the way forward which I can do fairly easily from my rear seat controls here I can’t even touch the back of the front so you’d have to lean forward to touch that means I can stretch out quite easily back here and I’m again 6 feet tall the 7 Ceri scores eight out of ten points in our exclusive

trunk comfort index because it’s a fairly large fairly deep trunk that’s nicely carpeted and upholstered but we do have these tubular trunk hinges that do cut down on our trunk space as well as cut down on my head room in my leg room now we have the largest roller bag here you can carry on a domestic flight and as you can see the truck opening is quite large making jamming those larger bags in the trunk fairly easy we also have an optional power trunk closure which means getting in and out of the trunk fairly easy as well when it comes to rear seat entertainment BMW did something a little interesting instead of reinventing the wheel what they’ve done back here is they’ve just given you an I drive controller of your very own and we have a right side and a left side control which corresponds to the two different screens that are in the seat backs of the car but interacting with the system is essentially exactly the same as interacting with I Drive from the front seat we of course have the same shortcut buttons as the front media radio telephone and nav and everything operates essentially the same way you can even enter in destinations into the navigation system

from the back seat here now the display in the rear isn’t as high-resolution as the one in the dash but the system is incredibly responsive just as you’d expect from I Drive it of course does satellite imagery overlay as well as traffic complete destination entry from the back we have our usual meet multimedia interface back here radio we even have access to our BMW ConnectedDrive applications as well the only flaw that we’ve noticed in the system is that you cannot control an iPhone or a USB device that’s plugged into the front USB port from the rear here if you’re not a fan of slamming doors the BMW 7 Series offers soft touch closing doors which will close the door automatically like you can see there now I assume that you do that because you don’t like the sound of slamming doors not because you’re too weak and feeble to actually just close the door normally we have an entire video segment focusing on iDrive and exactly how it works so I’m not going to go over too many details here in this 750 video but I’d like to cover a few features first off we have this extremely high-resolution very gorgeous screen here in the dashboard this is honestly one of the best infotainment displays that I have seen in any modern vehicle and it’s all controlled by the iDrive controller here of course now this is essentially

the latest version of our Drive and you can tell because we have a media button over here instead of a CD button and the media button brings you over to your media devices so we have our music collection which is the CD based our sorry harddrive based music collection system in this iDrive system you can rip your songs off of your CD or DVD copy them off of USB et cetera on to the built-in hard drive we have our external devices which would include our iPhone via bluetooth or via USB there’s also the usual BMW dock connector in the center console we have an auxilary input of course and of course we have our rear entertainment zones in this particular model as you can see our 7 Series has the optional heads-up display well it does display navigational information in full color like you would see in the BMW 3-series it doesn’t display multimedia information that’s pretty much just shown on that central iDrive screen or on this large high resolution LCD that’s in the gauge cluster here a major

change for 2013 is the inclusion of voice commands in the iDrive system for browsing your music library or USB or your iDevice here the system isn’t quite as elegant as Ford SYNC honestly but the iDevice browsing interface in I drive is much better and the system is fully featured you can search for songs artists playlists genres etc you name it you can search for it using the voice command function it is very natural sounding and it worked very well in our tests now BMW describes the seven serious construction as aluminum intensive not all aluminum like the XJ or the audi a8 and that means that the 7 Series is about 600 pounds heavier or so than a comparable Jaguar XJ model the Jaguar XJ Supersport 510 horsepower weighs just about 4000 pounds and our particular model here rings in around 4,600 or so compared to the Jaguar XJ that extra

weight is very noticeable out on the road especially considering that our 750 li has 245 with 19-inch tires in the back here they’re not terribly wide really compared to some of the offerings on the Jaguar XJ supercharged and Super Sport models it’s now time for perhaps the least important section in this review the drive now well that may sound sacrilegious just bear me out for just a second here because with any full-size luxury sedan the overall experience can oftentimes be more about the backseat than the front seat so in the front we want to of course a car that handles well a car that’s quiet that’s easy to park etc has all the electronic gadgets that you might want to keep you safe but the experience is about everybody in the car in these full-size luxury sedans the front seat passengers and the rear seat passengers not just the driver and the way the car drives acceleration the 750li is extremely respectable at four point nine five seconds that’s thanks to those four hundred and eighty pound-feet of torque

from that twin-turbo v8 under the hood now before you get too excited about that the 760 is faster and of course a decent number of the Jaguar XJ flavors are faster than this as well primarily because the XJ is lighter at around 4,000 pounds now in our tests all v8 models of the Jaguar XJ and that’s the 385 horsepower naturally aspirated model the 470 horsepower supercharged and the 510 horsepower supercharged Super Sport model were all faster 0 to 60 than the BMW 750il now of course the 760 is going to be faster than those because of its insane to enter Bo v12 and Jaguar doesn’t really have too much that competes with that other than the Super Sport they’d like to tell you that the Super Sport is the competitor for the BMW 760 honestly a supercharged v8 engine versus a twin-turbo v12 not quite the same thing in terms of feel on in the car now the the twin-turbo v12 is going to be much there it’s gonna be a little bit faster than that Jaguar Supersport even though the Supersport has a great exhaust note but that’s primarily because the Jaguar XJ strangely enough has turned into a driver’s car and the 7 Series is really more of a luxury limo kind of car like you would have associated from Jaguar a few years ago so in some ways Jaguar and BMW have traded places in a way and the new XJ has a more direct feeling to its steering better grip from those larger tires and of course summer tires and most of the configurations available on the XJ versus these All Seasons in the BMW 750 if you really care about the driving experience in a car the Jaguar XJ is the better model but the 7 Series has a nice amount of Technology especially in those rear seats and it’s extremely well done extremely well integrated and definitely my choice if you’re going to be driven somewhere

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