2013 Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and today we’re gonna be taking a look at Chrysler’s UConnect 8.4 this is Chrysler’s infotainment system that’s used in a wide variety of Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram vehicles this particular model is used in a Chrysler 300 srt8 of course it’s an 8.4 inch screen here now much of the features and functionality

that we’re gonna be talking about today also applied to Chrysler’s smaller six-inch infotainment system logically named the UConnect six Chrysler’s gon button minimalist with UConnect down here you’ll find the only physical buttons and knobs in the system over

here we have the power and volume knob over here we have tuned in an enter button here we have the fairly minimalist set of climate control functions the rest of the climate control functions are all in the software system right

here we have an SD card slot so you can put music on an SD card and play that with the system and down here we have our traditional CD player of course you connect software interface is very nicely done this screen is a fairly high resolution screen and all the graphics are very attractive in this particular unit down here on the bottom we have direct access to certain features of course we get radio player we get controls

which is where you’d find your heated seat ventilated seat heated steering wheel etc we course get our climate control buttons duplicated we have the nav button phone and on our particular vehicle since we’re in an SRT 8 model

we have an SRT button over there back on that radio tab you can see we have Sirius satellite radio we’ve course get AM and FM radio this particular system allows us to replay live radio you can fast-forward and then rewind back to the point where it’s live I’m hitting that live button there you have direct access to nning we have a shortcut button to traffic and weather as well now up top we have various presets we have 12 and 12 each for AM 12 for FM and 12 for satellite radio over here on the player tab we have our fairly typical iPod USB and multimedia interface we can change sources by this little button up here and change between our discogs iller ii input bluetooth streaming of course

we have an iPod connected to the USB port if you had a different device there that label would be different and our SD card that we went over earlier now this car only has one USB port and that’s just particular to our Chrysler 300 srt8 different models have a different number of USB ports the system did work very well with our iPhone 5 and it was able to charge our iPad 3 which is fairly a usual in the automotive segment the way that you connect handles your media library is that it downloads all of your information from your

USB or your iDevice and then it indexes it into the system that makes responses once you’re in the system very snappy as you can see here can access our playlists our songs our albums etc and every response in the system is very rapid we also have our album art as you can see here on albums once it actually finally loads there but everything in the system is much faster than you would expect in something like my Ford touch or even totus Entune system back on this particular interface you can see that we now have voice commands for our device or USB media device as well play artist Toby Keith playing the artists Toby keep the system very rarely got anything wrong which is more than

I can say for other voice command systems for music devices out there does work very well with a wide variety of media devices as I said we’re gonna skip the nav system and go straight to the phone button so you can see you connect offers a stereotypical phone interface it has a full dial pad which is very handy and across the top you can see we have direct access buttons to particular contacts of course have complete access to our phonebook which it downloads and syncs with your phone our usual redial and end buttons since

we’re in an SRT 8 model this button over here says SRT and more but that’s where you’ll find system settings as well as serious travel link serious travel link is your data service it provides fuel prices weather movie listing sports and Sirius subscription information as well direct access button to call Sirius if you’d like my favorites allows you to store multiple different weather locations so you can see them all on one screen

the SRT performance section is unique to the SRT models and varies a little bit from vehicle to vehicle but since we’re in a Chrysler 300 srt8 you can see we have a picture of the vehicle there this is where we can adjust the suspension between regular Sport and Sport Trac modes over here we have our timers button so you can see your current zero to sixty eighth mile quarter-mile braking distance etc you see the last that you’ve done and you can see the best of all time so you can see the best in this particular

vehicle over the past nearly 7,000 miles was a 4.6 according to the car according to our GPS our best time was 4.5 some of this varies of course based on the the tires that are on the vehicle and their profile etc over here we have our g-force counter so you can see your current g-force your peak g-force etc over here we have some specialty gauges we have oil temperature oil pressure battery voltage etc you can start the vehicle and you can see how these gauges change to go back to that SRT performance gauges screen you can see now

we can see our oil pressure there and our battery voltage has gone up we go over here we have a second set of gauges this gives you even more detail so you can see your incoming air temperature coolant temperature oil pressure etc our exterior temperature right now is 57 degrees and just because the car was recently started that’s why that’s so high go over here to engine this is kind of an interesting screen you can see how many horsepower and how many pound-feet of torque your engine is currently producing both in a little bar graph

that goes across there as of course numbers over here as well it also tells you what gear you’re in and the speed that you’re going and we here on the handling screen that’s again another sort of a g-force gauged showing you what the car is doing and what the steering angle is in the car right now so you can see you can change the steering angle and those little wheel icons change over here on the option so you can change the color of your vehicle and of course you can change the background of the screen as well over

here on nav this interface should look very familiar to you if you’ve ever used an aftermarket Garmin nav system because essentially Chrysler has integrated Garmin software directly into this you connect interface so all the buttons here are essentially the same that you’d find in that aftermarket Garmin system this is fully voiced commanda belen you connect 8.4 now all of the voice commands are slightly less logical than some of the competitions so in most vehicles you’d tell the nav system you’d press the low voice command button

and you’d say navigation destination street address or a navigation destination point of interest in this particular system you press that button and you read what you’re seeing here on the screen so you either say view map or where to that’s a little bit less intuitive than I would like but once you’re on that where to option all these other sections are completely voice command able you can enter met addresses manually you can enter addresses with that voice command system and it does respond very well well Chrysler has done a nice job integrating this section of the Garmin system into you connect if we go over here to view map you can see that the map is slightly less integrated over here

we have a bit more information than you typically find in an OEM system so you get we get elevation we get driving direction time and speed but we have a fairly small map over here the mapping interface is fairly snappy however and it does give topographical information as well as having a 3d look zooming out it’s a little bit hard to see but the system does provide real-time traffic on this particular screen you can click over here to see the full-size map and you can zoom in and out like you can see here now you can see a little bit more closely that there is traffic information being displayed on the screen is a little yellow dot there and that’s the live traffic you can select destinations

this way and hit the Go button the system will navigate you there once you’re actively navigating somewhere it’s fairly easy to come in here and stop navigation or enter a detour to things that are usually buried somewhat deeply in competitive systems overall the UConnect 8.4 system is a great step forward for Chrysler it’s very easy to use has these great graphics it’s incredibly responsive which definitely makes it superior to the latest systems from Ford and Lincoln especially from toda as well Toyota systems don’t have the quite the range and breadth of feature functionality as these systems and their graphics are definitely a little bit old-school my Ford touch looks very nice and I do like that home screen layout where they divide the screen in quadrants but overall it’s nowhere near as responsive as this particular system the system even compares fairly well to things like BMWs iDrive just in terms of its snappiness the variety of controls that are offered here and their ease of use at this particular moment you won’t find smartphone app integration in you connect but you can play streaming audio via Pandora view your bluetooth streaming option here I do expect that to happen at some point or another with you connect and it would be nice if Chrysler offered some sort of upgrade package to allow older users to add that to their system that’s been our quick look at Chrysler’s UConnect 8.4 system if you’d like us to check into and review other infotainment and navigation systems just let us know that in the comment section down below and we’ll try and get to those as soon as possible

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