2013 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0L Ecoboost Drive Review

this is the 2013 Ford Escape this has been completely redesigned for the 2013 model year as you can see it doesn’t look like the boxy 40 escape that we’ve been used to there are two reasons for that first one is this is now based on the Ford global focus platform with a wide variety of other Ford products and number two is this is actually sold now all around the world whereas the previous Ford Escape was really just sold in North America and Australia as you can see from the side profile Fordyce completely ditched the boxy mini truck butch good-looks of the previous generation escape for this more in a way traditional crossover look this is definitely the form factor that has really served Honda intuitive very well

in this segment like it or not the Ford c-max hybrid replaces the Escape Hybrid but don’t worry there’s still three engine options to choose from the first one is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine it’s the base engine produces 160 horsepower and 170 pound feet of torque and it’s really not the engine you want and it’s really not the engine you’re gonna find on the lot either because again that is only in that base model and it’s only front-wheel drive as well the SDN SEL models start with the 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine that’s a 4 cylinder direct injection turbo engine good for 178 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque it’s also available with all-wheel drive now optional on the SE and SEL and standard on the titanium model is the 2 liter EcoBoost engine good for 240 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque all three engines are mated to the same Ford 6-speed transmission and the SE SEL and titanium models have optional all-wheel drive as well if you’re familiar with the new

Ford c-max this interior will look very familiar to you we have the shifter in essentially the same position we have the same dual zone climate controls we have the same my Ford touch screen here we have very similar my Ford touch controls over here in the center console we have the same little knee air vent here there’s a little knob here in the center console and it opens these vents underneath the display area to blow air on your legs and knees that’s very handy I find myself in the car wanting more air down there on my legs frequently in many cars and this has the

perfect solution we also have very similar vents here on the side as you can see very similarly styled to the c-max again with an upper vent as well as a lower event that you can direct air down towards your leg area this new escape use is much nicer materials this dashboard is a nice soft touch – we have full leather upholstery available the titanium model and we have nice soft touch doors as well even the buttons and knobs on the dashboard have a much more premium feel than the outgoing escape model and everything in here is finally assembled with the precision that you’d associate with toda and Honda products the escapes driver’s seat offers a very good range of motion suitable for a wide variety of driver sizes and shapes it’s fairly wide and it’s not very heavily bolstered meaning that larger drivers shouldn’t have a problem fitting in here either since we’re on the titanium model we of course have an electric seat with a two-way electric lumbar support and a three-position memory here on the door we also get a tilt telescoping steering wheel in the dash but as you can see the range of motion is a little bit limited

now this front passenger seat is not
electrically adjusted even in this titanium model we still have the manual adjustment bar here and we don’t have any adjustable lumbar support here for the front passenger as with most cars the further back you go the less comfortable the trappings get and here in the rear we get hard plastic door panels instead of the soft plastic door panels that we get upfront but we still have reclining seat backs in the rear with fairly nice adjustable headrests as well and the Headroom in this vehicle is pretty good I’m six feet tall and even in this middle seat even though it has slight hump to it as well I still have a solid three to four inches of headroom left now back over here this front driver’s seat is adjusted for me it’s six feet tall and thanks to fairly thin and fairly curved

front seat backs I still have about two to three inches of legroom behind this front seat for me and behind this passenger seat which is adjusted in its most rearward position we had a six foot five person here I still have about an inch of legroom left in the back now these seat bottom cushions are a little bit close to the floor for adults but they should be fine for kids compared to the outgoing escape these rear seats are much easier to fold it’s a one-hand operation with the exception of this folding headrest here and they do fold completely flat making that cargo area considerably larger let’s go take a look at that now the escape score is seven out of ten points in our exclusive trunk comfort index and that’s thanks to a fairly nicely appointed rear area now we have the largest roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight as you can see it’s kind of hiding back here behind me it can easily fit a number of those in the cargo area and these rear seatbacks can be adjusted so that they’re almost vertical squaring
off this cargo area quite a handy

feature in addition to that reclining feature here as well now the escape can be had with a manual hatch a power hatch which of course we can close with this remote here you can also get that funky new kick hatch where you just sort of wave your foot underneath the rear bumper to open and close the trunk MyFord Touch has received some mixed press let’s be perfectly honest about that but we’re just going to dive in we’re gonna take a look at the system and you can make up your own mind about it the first thing you need to know is there’s a home screen in this system it’s divided into four quadrants we have our phone our navigation our entertainment and our climate control if you don’t have the navigation system this upper right-hand quadrant is still there it’s just that it only contains the compass directions here it doesn’t actually give you any street information or any navigation ability over here on the phone quadrant it’s your pretty standard phone interface with voice commands of course and you can also voice command dialing a specific number if you don’t have that person in your address book a nice feature in the phone interface is the ability to send these canned text messages to your contacts

via voice command or via the screen the
navigation interface is fairly standard we have of course the choice of 2d or 3d views in this particular system you can enter addresses manually by hitting this destination button over here and typing that address in all the system is a little bit sluggish when you do that or you can use the voice commands to command an address command navigation destination street address in California Street including the city six five eight one Camden Avenue San Jose California they changed something as you can see the system is very responsive when you use the voice commands strangely responsive actually when you consider how slow the physical interface there is for button stabbing system works very well never really seemed to make a mistake even on more complicated street names all the one important thing to keep in mind is if you’re entering

addresses for certain cities you have to

enter the address the way that the system expects it to so for instance the City of Industry California you would have to enter the address as industry California even though city of is part of the name of that city the system doesn’t understand that so you just use industry California over here on the climate control we have duplicate buttons essentially because that dual zone climate control has physical buttons further down on the dash these are really just duplicate commands here and these are also voiced commanda Belen the sync system command set temperature to 69 degrees degrees yes setting temperature to 69 degrees over here on the entertainment tab we have our usual infotainment interface over here on the left we have our sources am/fm Sirius radio of course single CD changer up in the – we have our USB interfaces there are two of them in this car the second one would show up if there was something plugged into it we have our bluetooth streaming interface
we have an SD card interface this can

only be used if you either don’t have
the navigation system or you don’t need to navigate at the moment because the nav maps do use that SD card slot and then we have a usual composite AV video in here that will display video on this particular screen if you’re in park the system worked very well with our iPhone 5 as you can see with a with or without the Apple adapter cable it also worked well with our iPad 3 although it was not able to charge the iPad 3 because it doesn’t provide enough power now exploring your music device is fairly snappy in this particular system although there are still moments where the MyFord Touch system lags and just you know freezes momentarily but it hasn’t crashed on us recently which is a very good thing because the first generations of this particular system really had some crashing problems now of course the entertainment interface is fully voiced commanda Balazs well as you would expect from a sync product play

artist Madonna now the system is a little bit sluggish sometimes with the voice commands it really just depends on how many songs you have on your iPhone or your iPod I have about 6,000 on my particular device so it does take some time to find those tracks you can also voice command things like shuffling you can ask the system what’s playing you can tell the system to play similar music etc being related to the global focus it should be no surprise that this new Ford Escape handles way better than the outgoing Escape in fact this titanium model with the 2-liter turbo engine and the all-wheel drive system is quite a competent handler on winding mountain roads and even fun enough to really abuse heavily enough to get those brakes to start smoking well 240 horsepower may not sound that impressive as far as the v6 replacement goes it’s that 270 pound-feet of torque that you need to keep in mind because this engine produces all that torque over a much broader range than any v6 that’s naturally aspirated and as a result our tester scooted to 60 in six point four

seconds to 6.5 seconds depending on the
run which is very good compared to many of the v6 entries in this segment specifically the rav4 v6 now the old Ford Escape looked like a little truck and handled like one too but this new Escape is a completely different animal and it’s really no surprise that this is based on the global Ford Focus platform because it sort of handles like a tall slightly overweight focus and that’s really a good thing especially compared to some of the other entries in this segment we can think the relatively wide rubber on this titanium trim as well as the torque vectoring axles for that now the torque vectoring system in the escape is of course a brake actuated torque vectoring system rather than a true torque vectoring differential as you would see in luxury vehicles well our Escape is rated for 21 miles per gallon in the city and 28 on the highway with a combined rating of 24 our average has been running about 21.5
to 22 miles per gallon over about 600

miles of very mixed driving now keeping
in mind that I do have to go up and over a twenty two hundred foot mountain pass on my daily commute it really isn’t that bad but it’s not exactly stellar it really does however slot in exactly with the rest of the v6 competition with all-wheel-drive which again is really nose because this vehicle essentially replaces the Ford Escape v6 Ford’s recent dedication to making quieter cabins is very apparent in this new escape although there is still a decent amount of engine noise and sense this is still a four-cylinder engine and it’s direct injection there is a bit more engine noise than you would normally think in some vehicles if you don’t need the trappings of the titanium model the SE and SEL models are available with that 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine now that’s really considered to be the base engine for the vast majority of shoppers and so we should directly compare that one to the approximately 2.4 to 2.5 liter four-cylinder engines in the competition and compared to those that’s really a gem of an engine because despite its smaller displacement and those two recalls that have happened with that engine it’s very drivable all that torque dualist starts at 2500 rpm and continues to over 5,000 rpm with that engine which is very different than the regular four-cylinder engines of the competition that are naturally aspirated and that
means that even though this transmission

is incredibly up shift happy in both the
1.6 and the 2.0 liter turbo engines it really is not a problem with these engines because there’s that abundant low-end torque to help you up the hill now it really is quite annoying in that 2.5 liter base engine just because of its torque characteristics even though it shifts essentially the same way that the 1.6 and 2.0 liter turbo engines do with this new escape Ford has a solid entry in this small crossover segment well we haven’t seen the new rav4 yet I would definitely place this model above the Honda CRV even considering some of the early teething teething problems with that 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine now of course check back with us when we do get our hands on that Toyota rav4 but until then definitely put the escape at the top of your list and as always be sure to check out the truth about cars calm for news or views and more just go ahead and bookmark us subscribe to this video feed go check us out on Facebook do all those other social things that you like and maybe if you do that I will stop looking at the camera and keep my hands on the steering wheel during reviews you never know

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