2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6 Ecoboost Drive Review

no this is not Aston Martin’s entry into the small luxury segment this is actually the Ford Fusion for 2013 it’s been completely redesigned and as you can see it’s been designed by the same guy that is responsible for all the modern aston martin looks so it’s really no surprise that the front end of this fusion looks like a baby Aston Martin but does that continue on to the interior let’s hop in and take a look before we go into what you will find under the hood of the fusion let’s talk
about what you won’t find you won’t find

a v6 at any price point in the new fusion that’s because this is a strictly four-cylinder offering now our base engine is a 2.5 litre 175 horsepower inline four-cylinder engine naturally aspirated of course and we probably expect that to find homes mostly with fleet customers this other engine which we have here is an $800 option it’s a 1.6 liter turbo engine it’s one of the smallest engines that Ford has ever sold in America and now it’s here in a midsize sedan this engine produces 178 horsepower but most importantly it
produces 184 pound-feet of torque which

is more than 175 pound feet of torque in
the base 2.5 liter engine not just that however it produces all that torque at a lowly 2500 rpm meaning that this car feels much peppier than that base 2.5 liter engine it’s also more usable really than that 2.5 liter engine there’s also a 240 horsepower 2-liter turbo engine as well as a hybrid drivetrain system which is fairly similar to the outgoing hybrid system all three non hybrid engines are equipped with the same 6-speed automatic transmission and that 2-liter turbo can be had with all-wheel-drive as well our 1.6 liter tester scores 23 mpg in the city and 36 on the highway as you would expect from a midsize sedan these days the fusions interior is very well put together we really were unable to find a seem out of place or a plastic that had

gone wrong in this interior which really

is saying something for Ford because the last fusion well very competitive did have some questionable parts inside now unless you buy the base trim fusion with the cloth seats you’re pretty much relegated to this black on black on black interior and it is a little bit sterile if I’m honest on the flip side it’s also very Germanic because if you’re familiar with Volkswagen and BMWs offerings a lot of their offerings tend to be very black on black on black heavy our tester is equipped with the eight-inch navigation system and this touch sensitive button Bank which adds that clean and possibly a little bit sterile look this is quite different than Nissan’s new Altima which has a tan dashboard option and while some thought it looked a little bit rental car ish I thought it looked a little bit warmer than this black interior you know keeping in mind that all of the black interiors in this segment have this same problem so if we get a black on black Honda Accord or a black on black Altima

or a black on black Camry it’s gonna
look a little bit sterile inside Ford should be commended for buttons that don’t look like they scratch easily that was one problem we noticed in our Nissan Altima tester a few weeks ago was that the buttons on the dashboard looked like they were already scratching and that’s just really from fingers and fingernails and even though this Ford tester has more miles on it there’s not a scratch to be found on this touch sensitive instrument cluster front seat comfort in the fusion is very good this driver seat has a decent range of motion something that’s getting a little bit rare in this particular segment we also have a two-way lumbar support I do wish the seat had a four-way lumbar support that would be lumbar that went up and down as well as in and out but we do have a nicely adjustable headrest here as well also the Ford Fusion has a tilt telescoping steering wheel with a decent range of motion our particular se tester has a three-position memory setting for the driver seat as well as a power passenger seat brew seat comfort in the fusion is pretty good this front seats

adjusted for me at 6 feet tall as you
can see I have several inches of legroom left back here even though the sloping profile of the fusion seems like it would limit rear headroom I do have a decent amount of headroom here in the rear as well now these seat bottom cushions aren’t too close to the floor like they are in some cars but they aren’t exactly high either so children shouldn’t have a problem with this car the middle seat in the fusion isn’t exactly the best place to be but it is fairly comfortable again fairly competitive in this segment rear seat Headroom in the middle seat is pretty good as well I do feel like I’m sitting on some sort of enormous bump here in the back because these outboard seats are designed more bucket like than they are in some of these sedans a word on rear seat legroom before you shop manufacturers measure their legroom differently and it all hinges on where this front seat is positioned so some manufacturers measure it positioned all the way back some measure it positioned in the seat of the average driver or the average passenger etc so the best piece of shopping advice I can give you is take your entire family with you to the dealer when you go car shopping jam them

all in the car and see exactly how
comfortable everybody is in the car including you the fusion has a 16 cubic foot trunk and as you can see you can fit an amazing amount of stuff in this trunk however due to the size and shape of these midsize sedan trunks you typically can’t fit roller bags standing upright so you can see this is the largest roller bag and care on a domestic flight can’t fit it upright in this particular trunk you can fit them this way however in the trunk but that leaves a decent amount of unused space above the bag now this is kind of interesting because if you look at the compact sedan segment like the Civic and the nucentra you can fit these bags in that trunk tall waist which actually gives your trunk a little bit more usable capacity that pretty much anybody in this midsize sedan segment even with all this crap in the trunk you can still fit a journalist in here and I’d give this truck a solid 8 out of 10 in this segment especially because even though these hinges do impact the cargo area in the Ford Fusion they are nicely covered so they don’t rub against my leg as I close the lid and there is a nice handle here in the lid so I can actually close it on myself quite easily so how much will this baby set you back well our se tester here started just over $23,000 and as equipped here it’s ending just under $31,000 that puts it pretty much exactly
where the rest of the mid-sized sedan

pack is located performance from this
1.6 liter EcoBoost engine is pretty good we hit zero to 60 around 8 seconds in this particular car now well that doesn’t sound very fast there’s a better side to this 1.6 liter engine that’s not immediately obvious and that is because of this engines broad torque curve again all 184 pound-feet of torque happened at just 2500 rpm this transmission spends an awful lot less time shifting than the 2.5 liter naturally aspirated fusion that’s really a good thing because this six-speed transmission that Ford uses in all flavors of the fusion is pretty eager to upshift and very reluctant to downshift now there’s another side benefit to this 1.6 liter engine I don’t know if you noticed it there but the engine just turned off and now it just turned back on again that’s because for an additional three hundred dollars Ford will sell you start/stop technology in the fusion with this particular engine now well that doesn’t actually show up in the EPA test scores and that’s really mostly just because of the way the EPA city miles test works Ford claims that it’s good for about a 10 percent improvement in in city mileage as long as you’re not really using the air-conditioning too heavily we’ve been able to bear that out in our tests here and our particular Fusion has been averaging about twenty-eight point four miles per gallon in mix driving keeping in mind that mid-sized sedans with their base engines are really tuned more towards fuel economy than absolute road-holding this Ford Fusion se does fairly well

thanks to a very well sorted chassis we

can also thank its European roots for that well you know quasar European roots of course because the Ford Fusion and the Ford Mondeo are essentially really the same car tuned for different markets compared to the Accord and the Altimas based engine the 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine in the fusion would be my choice pretty much any day because it’s just so usable because of that turbocharger and that extremely broad torque band this engine just feels ready all the time turbo lag is fairly minimal in this vehicle which is a little bit surprising with an engine that’s this small our particular car doesn’t have Ford’s radar cruise control system but that works pretty much the same as everybody else’s in the market what is interesting is Ford’s lane departure prevention system in the fusion because unlike the other systems this car will actually steer you back into the lane now before you insert nasty comments down below let me explain what I mean by that now all the other systems on the market to this date will try and sort of torque vector you back into the lane it’s not quite steering and what they do is if they sense that you’re leaving your lane they’ll apply the brakes to the side of the car that they want to steer you towards so if they want to steer you left they apply the brakes on the left side of the car only which causes the car to sort of crab back into its lane a little bit the fusion takes a different tactic since this car has the parallel parking assistant anyway and the electric power steering which means the car can control the steering in the car essentially what it does is it just steers you back into

the lane like an automatic driving car

would in a way this means two things with the other systems you feel the car brake a bit obviously because it’s using the brake so you do get a slight slowdown as the car tries to return you to your lane and in the Ford system it just steers you back in the lane there’s no weird little jerk as the car is kind of braking for you the other thing is that this car can apply a great deal more to get you back into the lane well the Nissan and Infiniti systems feel like a little bit of a nudge back into your lane this system definitely is a pull or a tug back into your lane it’s definitely pronounced I mean this is not a if you’re really leaving it’s not a gentle tug necessarily it’s exactly what’s required to keep you in your lane now that’s not to say that the car is overpowering by any stretch of the imagination because if you want to you can still V rover that line and hop in the other lane without your turn signal you do have a few options of course you can either be aggressive and fight the car back you can change the angle so if your angle against the lane lines is more steep then the car won’t do anything to resist you or you can simply turn on your turn signal like you’re supposed to anyway we’re going to take a look at Ford’s latest Sync product and this is now called my Ford touch and that’s primarily because we have a large eight-inch touchscreen here in the dash and we have these touchscreen controls down below now again this Ford Fusion that we’re in right now has a base audio system that uses a smaller LCD that’s not touch sensitive and real physical buttons down below now basically all the my touch systems use the same eight inch screen

as well as these two four inch screens

on either side of the speedometer in the gauge cluster here on the steering wheel they all have essentially the same controls as well in this Ford Fusion we have a slightly redesigned steering wheel that I think is a little bit more user friendly and definitely more attractive than the other my Ford touch steering wheels over here we get our usual audio controls over here we get our cruise control buttons and then these two four-way joystick buttons with an OK button control their respective screens on the dash here in the center console we get two USB ports as you can see I have my iPhone 4s as well as my iPod Nano plugged in at the same time the system does work well with a wide variety of USB and iOS devices however it’s not able to charge an iPad if you’re not watching us in HD now it’s time to upgrade your internet connection and click that high resolution button down there on the youtubes bottom page so you can actually see what’s going on the basics afforded my touch are that we have this screen here that’s divided into four quadrants we have phon navigation climate and infotainment here on the bottom left we’ll start with the infotainment button as you can see the system is still a little bit slower than I would like but the graph are very nice and fort has done some improvements for the responsiveness on this system I’m happy to report that during our week with this system the system has not crashed once it there were periods of time where it appeared frozen for a short while but it did get regain itself it’s regaining its composure and start working again

without crashing that’s a significant

improvement for this particular system go over here to click the navigation screen you can see that we have a 3d view we have a 2d view as well and you can choose whether you want Northup or your direction of travel up just like most systems in this space we don’t have any topographical information like we do in BMWs iDrive but nevertheless this systems mapping is very good and the voice recognition in this system is absolutely stellar which is actually a good thing because I really dislike the text entry for addresses here if you try to enter a street address in this system it’s really just not very responsive so you can see here it’s not as speedy as many of the other entries in this segment especially a Chrysler’s UConnect system and again that new Chevy MyLink system but the voice command system seems to always get the address correct and and I live on a very strangely spelled Street it’s a an Indian an old Indian name and it doesn’t really come out in English quite right but this system fortunately understands it over here we have the climate control system and those buttons are again repeated here with these touch buttons below and our usual phone interface over here there’s really nothing else in the midsize sedan segment at the moment that is as snazzy as this particular system from Ford and my inner geek tells me that I would buy this regardless of any frequent crashes let me demonstrate Ford’s active Park Assist system now this system is available in a wide variety of Ford

products and essentially operates

exactly the same regardless of which Ford product that you’re in basically there’s a park button here in the center console you press the park button and on this display you’ll see that the car is now searching for a parking spot so as we drive along slowly the car will tell us when it finds we found one so here we go pull forward to park remove hands with steering wheel put in Reverse that’s the important thing let go the steering wheel as you can see the car is steering itself back into the spot all by itself now it does a very good job squeezing this Ford Fusion into spots that I don’t think I could have really fitted in you see the park sensors are still active there tells you when you want to put it in drive and then tells you to put it back in reverse and now it tells you that it’s done now the system does work very well even in spots where it requires more than just one Swift maneuver back into the parking spot as you can see it allows you to seesaw back in that parking spot and that’s a bit more intuitive and a bit more useful really than the Lexus and BMW systems that won’t do that all the time as not amount of journalists I get asked a lot what would you buy if it was your money well honestly there are three cars that I would buy I would buy this I would buy the all-new Honda Accord and I would buy the all-new Nissan Altima as well all three of them strike different chords for me and this really is a personal preference shopping decision honestly in this segment all these midsize sedan segments especially these brand new entries for 2013 all deliver excellent features and excellent value with pretty good fuel economy so which do you like better well that’s pretty much a style decision in my book

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