2013 Honda Accord & 2013 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

2013 Honda Accord now Honda’s flown us out here to Santa Barbara to take a look at this all-new model because it’s one of the most important products for Honda it’s the second best-selling sedan in their lineup behind the Civic and of course with the increased competition from Sonata and the Optima as well as the brand new fusion is important for haunted to get this product right so under the hood we have an all-new engine lineup we have a new 4-cylinder and a

new 6-cylinder engine we have new

transmissions and we have an all-new interior so let’s hop in and take a look under the hood of the Accord we get three new drive trains we get this all-new 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine as the base engine it’s 185 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque what’s important about this is that all that torque is delivered at 4,000 rpm which is a very usable range for an engine like this it’s made it to a base 6-speed manual transmission or your choice of a CVT as well now the six the v6 option which is a 3.5 liter v6 278 horsepower that’s made it only to a

6-speed automatic in the Accord sedan

the Accord Coupe however you can get that engine with a six-speed manual transmission as well there’s also an all-new hybrid version this year instead of being a v6 with a hybrid like the last hybrid Accord this one actually is more like a Chevy Volt or a Ford Fusion or a Toyota Camry Hybrid style where it has a smaller 2-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motors to deliver more fuel economy than a regular Accord instead of more performance because a lot of our readers like to work on their cars this is kind of an important segment for us it’s it’s fairly easy to
work on this engine by all appearances

there’s a great deal of room between the
radiator and the engine and of course the firewall in the car and the back of the engine as well belt replacement doesn’t look too bad for many of these cars the belts right here it is a little bit tight there but most of the accessories look fairly easy to deal with the air cleaners over there fairly easy to access as well there’s a great deal of room in this car which is kind of surprising again there is also a v6 available but that v6 really doesn’t seem to have much of a room penalty here under the hood and that’s kind of important on the inside we get an

all-new interior in this generation

Accord because of course this a full redesign and not just a restyling or mid-cycle refresh we have an all-new one-piece – and why that’s important is it helps reduce squeaks and rattles things like that later in life the all the models are equipped with this large 8-inch screen right here in the – as standard which is a little bit unusual in this segment now if you opt for the more expensive infotainment options you also get another screen here in the dash and these controls sort of move lower in the dash will have an infotainment section in this video later to specifically address that but it is an interesting move this two screen arrangement here overall interior quality is extremely good easily one of the best entries in this segment if I’m honest the dash is nice soft touch all the trim is very nicely done the gaps
and seams are excellent if you look at

these trim items here our base models
doesn’t have a leather wrap steering wheel but the models that do get a split gray and leather steering wheel which is nice and smooth the manual transmission shifter is a little bit small for my tastes but some people seem to like that I’m sure that’s something you can change fairly easily aftermarket as well the driver’s seat is surprisingly comfortable even the space model has lumbar support and of course power tilt and recline and power forward backwards etc it’s very nicely featured for car in this class overall we get the dual zone automatic climate control here as well and a fairly decent instrument cluster being a family car you can tell that these rear seats are definitely designed for people with children and that is to say the Beltline is fairly low in this car as you saw from the outside meaning that visibility for smaller rear seat

passengers is good this rear seat

cushion also is a little bit low to the floor for for me as an adult but for a child that’s probably acceptable the rear seat angle is pretty good the comfort is pretty good and of course this front seats adjustment for me at 6 feet tall and as you can see the legroom is excellent back here as this Headroom because of the Accords traditional profile if I scoot over to the middle seat you’ll also find a rarity for most cars actually these days which is a decent middle seat I’m not saying I would want to sit back here for a very long time but I could definitely sit back here for a trip I have enough Headroom that my head’s not touching the ceiling and again I’m 6 feet tall in the rear we also get some air and if I scoot over we have an armrest with cupholders which is quite nice the seat back release is in the trunk and not inside the cabin I find that to be a little bit of a pain but the seat back does fold and has a decently sized cargo pass through here it’s smaller than in many cars however it’s not very square it’s a little bit round and the seatback doesn’t fold completely flat
trunk space is up by one cubic foot in

the Accord Sedan versus last year this

trunk is fairly comfy fairly nicely upholstered and it’s fairly easy to grab onto the trunk with this interior trunk handle we’re now inside a Honda Accord touring and this gets the uplevel infotainment and navigation system there’s some key differences between this and the base system the first is this screen that you see up here high on the dash is higher resolution than it is in the base system and we also get this second LCD here lower in the dash now they’ve moved the controls from here down to below the HVAC system in the car I’m going to get my one complaint out of the way right away and that’s this plastic trim right here it’s sparkly it’s black and it’s really shiny and it doesn’t match anything else in the car and I really don’t know why it’s there but aside from that there’s really nothing to complain about and I’ll explain why they separated these two things so here we get audio so that’s all this screen does does a.m. it does FM it does your hard drive your iPod your USB it does your satellite radio and your Pandora your AHA music and your aux input that’s all there that means
this screen up top you know has multiple

functions it is your navigation which is
controlled by this set of buttons down here below it’s your phone interface as you can see here I don’t have a phone connected it’s your infant information system here for trip computer voice information traffic incidents your calendar etc and of course back again to the audio system it’s obvious looking at these menus in these screens that the system is much higher resolution than the previous generation Honda or Acura products that’s an extremely good thing because previous generation systems from Honda have really been kind of lackluster and and a little bit cheesy sometimes even this particular system doesn’t have any of those problems

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