2013 Honda Civic EX Drive Review

2013 Honda Civic now you might be asking yourself why are we taking a look at the 2013 Honda Civic when the 2012 Honda Civic was all new anyway well the reason is the 2013 Honda Civic is a complete refresh practically of that 2012 Honda Civic to address some of the complaints mostly of the automotive press because I haven’t really heard too many complaints out of civic owners of the 2012 model for 2013 just a year later we get an all new hood all new grille all new bumper all new headlamps we get all new tail lamps all new wheels and a completely revised interior so let’s walk around let’s hop under the hood let’s take a look hot has been under a lot of pressure from its competition we have the new focus the new launch are the new cruise even and of course that Volkswagen Jetta which has gone down market in an attempt to compete more directly with the Civic kind of an interesting twist because everyone’s crucifying the Civic fruits down market interior but no one’s saying

anything about the Jettas down market

interior to try and address that hot has gone for a more aggressive headlamp treatment we have a new grille here with sort of an egg crate effect treatment going on with this chrome smiley face trim and of course we have an aggressive lower trim on the fascia not a whole lots changed in the side profile of Civic so we have the same four window arrangement with a fixed window in the front door and a fixed window in the rear door even the rear end got a makeover with new tail lamp modules and a new trunk lid of course the biggest changes for 2013 in the Civic however
are here inside because that was the

source of the biggest complaints from
the press and certain customers for the 2012 Civic so the old Civic you can check out some of our videos on the 2012 natural gas Civic and of course the hybrid the old one had a what they called a rice-paper effect trim on the dashboard it got a lot of laughs but I actually thought it was an interesting alternative to this faux cow treatment that’s going on here pretty much everybody does this sort of full leather look on the dashboard and I kind of like the rice paper because it was something different it was unique yes it was hard yes it was scratchy but it was at least

different and honestly when you’re

buying a car for just over $18,000 I don’t expect world-class plastics but maybe I’m more realistic on that than some other people now for this refresh we get soft touch you know faux stitched panels in the dashboard we get the textures that have been changed here we get slightly revised seat fabrics the stitching goes all the way across the doors with that same soft touch treatment and of course we get the same gauge modules as before the biggest change in this cabin for me however is that there is a great deal more sound deadening going on than there was before we have a thicker windshield thicker front door glass and of course we have a great deal more sound deadening going on underneath the dashboard in between the firewall in the wheel wells under the floorboards etc that makes the Civic a great deal quieter than it was before
something that people have routinely

complained about Honda models in the
past under the hood of the Civic you won’t find too much changed from last year’s model so we still have the same 1.8 liter 140 horsepower one of engine one nice feature about the Civic I’ve always liked is there’s a dual stage plot prop rod here so we can put it in that position or we can put it in this position to open the hood a little further for better access that’s something that I find important because I work on my own cars and so I like the improved access as I said nothing’s changed from last year so we don’t get the new earth dreams powertrain instead we get the same engine and of course we get that same 5-speed automatic transaxle in our particular model there’s also of course a five-speed manual transmission in the regular Civic I find front seat comfort in the Civic to the excellent from my body shape it’s

great for long car trips didn’t have a

single problem being in this car for three or four hours at a time but people are shaped differently as I always say so you should spend a decent amount of time in the Civic to decide if it’s right for you because I like a decent amount of lumbar support and the lumbar support in this seat is not adjustable so if you don’t like a whole lot of lumbar support you won’t find the seat terribly comfortable the range of motion also is not quite as large as it is in some of the American competitors we do have a tilt telescoping steering column however with a decent range of motion and one of the side benefits of this funky dual level gauge cluster is that you can have your steering wheel set quite low as I tend to like it blocking this bottom set of gauges and it’s really not a problem because your speedometer and your fuel gauge are up there top rear seat comfort in the Civic is pretty average for this class we have a rear seat back that’s reclined a little bit much for my tastes and of course we have a seat bottom cushion that’s fairly close to the ground good for kids not quite so good for adults
there’s not much of a hump in the middle

of the Civic and there’s a decent amount

of headroom thanks to the civics profile so I’m 6 feet tall I can in this middle seat and my hair is barely brushing the ceiling not really bad for this size of course the Civic is not really a very small car anymore and if I move over to this right seat this front passenger seat is adjusted for a six foot five passenger we had in the car I can fit comfortably behind that seat not a whole lot of legroom left but there is a bit of padding in this seat so my knees aren’t really brushing anything hard rear passengers get a center armrest with fairly small cupholders these are suitable for your medium-sized drinks from your average fast-food restaurants they won’t accommodate those larger soda sizes rear passengers get headrests for all three passengers and of course we have the folding 60/40 rear seat back very convenient folds almost flat with the load floor of the truck all of the opening to the trunk is a little bit smaller than some of the competitors speaking of trunks the Civic has quite a large cargo hold for a small car however it’s not quite as big or as deep as the
Nissan Sentra’s so this is the largest

roller bag you can carry on a domestic
flight it’s in here with me however if we were in a Nissan Sentra you could fit them tall ways in the trunk which makes it the center a lot more useful for larger and bulkier items we score a solid 7 out of 10 point starts this if trunk comfort index however but we do lose some points because there’s no handle on this trunk lid let’s take a closer look at the dashboard here as you can see that faux stitching continues all the way from the door all the way to this new soft touch dash panel we have some slightly different plastics going on in the dashboard itself now we still have the same multi-information display here a pie in the dashboard it’s controllable via the steering wheel we have a fuel economy we have a clock we have our infotainment information and our fuel you know back to the fuel economy there continuing over we have an instant fuel

economy gauge we have our speedometer and those little triangles there that are currently blue change between blue and green depending on how efficiently you’re driving and of course we get our fuel level gauge there we back out you can see we have this dual level instrument cluster here where most of the warning lights and our tachometer are in this lower cluster we back out even further you can see how that sort of interacts with the steering wheel from the drivers perspective there on the steering wheel we have this is the button that controls that multi information display we have our standard radio controls here menu button course controls that display as well never here we have our cruise control buttons since we’re in an e ex model Civic we have the six speaker
sound system which gets those tweeters

up there in the dash board of course we
get the same controls as the rest of the models we have our phone button here because we have standard Bluetooth now in the 2013 Honda Civic that wasn’t there before of course we also have a standard USB and iPod interface as well with Pandora audio streaming so up here we have our FM AM radio buttons we have a CDR auxilary input setup buttons and our phone button and again the display for that radio is up here very high in the dashboard which is an interesting twist now if we’re on our USB or iPod device we can control that via this little multi control knob here so you can navigate around your iPod that way an interesting thing with this Honda system however is you can also control the iDevice through the screen on the I device so you’re not limited to just using the system doesn’t lock the buttons on your iDevice now there no voice commands in the system as there would be with Ford Sync or Toyota’s new Entune system but that ability to control your USB or your AR device from the device itself makes that a lot easier to deal with the improvements that Honda made to the sound deadening in the Civic are immediately apparent out on the road is not only a great deal less wind noise but there’s also less engine noise going on something that’s always been a problem in the Civic as well as a number of other Honda models now because of that change it almost makes me wish that Honda had put the new

CVT in this vehicle because performance

wise the Civic has never been that exciting in regular base form the SI gets a little bit more power but here we’re zero to 60 in about nine point seven seconds which is fairly average for the segment to address some of the other complaints about the 2012 model Honda went back and they completely revised the bushings under the hood so we get new steering bushings and certain new suspension bushings as well to try and firm up the ride in the Civic as well as give the steering a bit crisper feel the tweaks that Honda’s made to the Civic take the Civic from being competitive if you like the Civic or you wanted a Honda to a vehicle that’s just competitive period now my personal preference in this segment would be the Nissan Sentra primarily because of the CVT and I find the the CVT in the drivetrain in that center just a little more to my liking Center has had a few initial reliability problems haven’t presented themselves in the Civic so you should keep that in mind now if Honda put that seat in the Civic that would be an interesting game changer because I think that the civics primary competition honestly is not from the you know other manufacturers it’s really from that Honda Accord because the Honda Accord is not much more expensive and in our tests we’ve been averaging about thirty three point five miles per gallon in the Civic she’s not bad mileage mind you that’s on average you know with a highway fuel economy rating around 38 in this particular vehicle but it’s not quite as good as the the Accord versus it’s you know EPA ratings and real-world mileage ratings so in our testing on the Honda Accord with the CVT we were getting

about 31 miles per gallon so you have a

much bigger car it’s much more refined than the Civic and has that CVT and gets really good fuel economy so I think that the honest competition for the Civic is really big brother Accord instead of having an endless array of ala carte options Honda likes to bundle all their features in certain trim levels and other than the natural gas the hybrid and the SI model they’re really just three models of the Civic that you’ll find on the lot there’s the LX the e ex and EXL the LX starts at 18,000 $165 the E X as we’re testing here 20,000 815 gets you the alloy wheels the 5-speed Auto the murder of automatic climate control the stereo and opens the door to the navigation system if you want leather that’s the EXL that’s 20 mm 265 gets you a few other features as well and again opens the door to navigation the 2013 refresh has transformed the Civic more than I thought possible we have a nicer more upscale interior we have a slightly more aggressive front end they’ve more elegant back end and of course the car only cost $160 more than it did last year now which compact sedan to buy is really more of a personal preference because there are no bad entries in this segment I think my personal preference would be for the Sentra first and then this civic second primarily because the center is styling as well as the CVT in the Sentra I know that’s a strange thing for an auto journalist to say because in general people hate CVTs but I live up in over 2,200 foot mountain pass so in my daily driving the CVT makes an awful lot of sense CBTs also end up saving gas which is why the brand new Honda Accord the 2013 Honda Accord with the CVT and it’s 200 horsepower engine gets almost
the same fuel economy on average that we

been getting in this car even though the

EPA scores are further apart that Honda Accord scored 31 miles per gallon in my daily driving average and this car scored 33 point five which is not a huge difference between the two I think that honestly the major competition for this Civic is not going to be a focus or some other car on someone else’s lot it’s really going to be that Honda Accord on Honda’s lot be sure to subscribe to us by clicking that link down at the bottom and of course comment on this video tell us what you liked what you didn’t like what you’d like us to review and of course go check out our Facebook page as well

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