2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Review

2013 Honda Elantra GT this is essentially the five-door hatchback version of the existing Hyundai Elantra that’s been around since the 2011 model year your guess is as good as – – why Honda has called the Elantra GT a GT and not just simply the Elantra 5-door if you recall there used to be a Honda Elantra Touring and this is not a replacement for that model because the touring was a traditional wagon with a much longer
back end here behind the rear seats and

the GT is really that traditional five-door hatchback that you’ve seen from Mazda 3 the Ford Focus and even something like the Volkswagen GTI a front you’ll find the same grill and same flowing lines that you’ll see in the rest of the Hyundai products in America I find the design language to be very flowing very elegant but not quite as exciting as some of the more aggressive entries in this segment but we’ll get to that in just a little bit the Elantra clean lines continue Outback with a hidden exhaust tip it’s over there on the passenger side of the vehicle and a hidden backup camera it’s right here under the Honda logo the

motor to operate that little logo is a

little bit louder than other competing products that I’ve seen out on the market but I do like the fact that they’ve hidden that backup camera rather than putting some large work somewhere else on the vehicle everything back here just continues that clean theme including the button to release the hatch which is nicely tucked away right there under the hatch and this little cutout from the bumper of course it is a hatchback so we get a hatch we can’t really talk about the Elantra without talking about the elephant in the room which is the Kia Forte because they are related now Hyundai and Kia are not the same company but the Hyundai Motor corporation’s parent company owns about 38% of Kia and as a result they share drive trains engines transmissions chassis designs infotainment seat designs etc a lot of floor stamping as well so this vehicle is very closely related to the 2014 Kia Forte 2014 being the important number there because the Forte has just received a complete

redesign for 2014 well the base of this
Honda Elantra GT is still stuck at the 2011 model year under the hood you’ll find the same 1.8 liter direct injection four-cylinder engine as the regular Elantra sedan it produces 148 horsepower and 131 pound-feet of torque it’s made it to your choice of a manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic if you offer that 6-speed automatic like most shoppers will then the EPA claims you’ll get 26 miles per gallon in the city and 37 on the highway now that is a slight decrease over last year’s 28:39 numbers because of course honda was accused of misrepresenting their numbers for epa publication either way we’ve been averaging about 28 miles per gallon in this car in mixed driving which is a little bit lower than that new 2014 forte hatchbacks are about cargo carrying capacity that’s true here with the Elantra GT this is the largest roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight you can fit four of them fairly easily in this trunk because of the ability to put them in this orientation take that out you’ll be able to see that under this cargo floor we have some

additional storage space on the left and
the right and in the center here this foam divider pulls out to reveal the fact that the Elantra GT was designed to accommodate a full-size matching spare tire we have a doughnut spare tire in our car so the jacks are stored in this little foam doughnut there but if you decided to you could put a full-size spare tire in the Elantra GT that is kind of a nice feature and something that you don’t really find in many modern cars that means it is now time to find out how comfortable the trunk in our Elantra GT is the Elantra GT scores 8 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index because this cargo area is very nicely upholstered it’s also well featured with a 12-volt power port over here grocery bag holders on each side we have this tonneau cover right here to help cover your valuables when you close your trunk lid and

speaking of that lid we have two large

and very well positioned handles one on either side of the Elantra GT s hatchback helping you close that trunk lid whether you’re inside or out front sea comfort in the Elantra GT is very good our model has the optional power driver seat which does increase the range of motion for the driver we also have a two-way power adjustable lumbar support which I really appreciate the bolstering in this seat is fairly aggressive for a compact vehicle we also have a tilt telescoping steering wheel with a decent range of motion getting in and out of the Elantra GT is fairly easy because with most hatchbacks we get a relatively square rear door opening that’s definitely happening here in the Honda Elantra GT this front seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall as you can see I have a few inches of legroom left over here but if I scoot over to the passenger side you’ll see it’s a little bit of a different story my knees are now touching this front seat which was adjusted for a six foot five passenger that we had in the vehicle earlier it’s not something that you’d find in the Ford Focus which is a

little bit longer has a little bit more
rear legroom in my opinion the Elantra has one of the more attractive interiors in this segment the perforated leather seats are very nice-looking and very nice to sit in we have very attractive door styling and very attractive dashboard styling in my opinion again now the dashboard is soft touch upper and a hard lower so these plastics and lower in the dashboard are hard same goes for those doors we have a fairly decently sized glovebox here and the center console in the Elantra is one of the more elegant and more attractive in this segment in my opinion I do find this more attractive than even the current generation Forte we have dual zone climate control in our model one thing that I dislike however is the fact that the USB ipod and auxiliary inputs right here are not hidden away in some cubby like the center console or that glovebox instead they’re right there for everyone to see we have our transmission shifter for the automatic transmission down here in the dash we have two large cupholders suitable for the largest take out drinks and we have a armrest here that reveals a smallish cubby and slides

forward and backward as well our model
has push-button start as well as keyless entry going over to the instrument cluster here it’s a fairly typical two dial arrangement with this trip computer section that mimics the hourglass shape of that center console we have a very typical Hyundai steering wheel here I don’t find this quite as attractive as that Kia steering wheel or some of the other entries in this segment does have nice features right here on the steering wheel however is easy to use easy to find them over here we have our phone controls our voice command button radio controls over here cruise control buttons on this side over here we have our trip computer buttons that’s trip and reset and this little button here it changes your steering effort you can choose between comfort normal and sport if we move all the way over to the right-hand side you’ll find the active eco button that controls transmission shifts and a few other features of the car and then over here we have our window switches if you don’t care about infotainment then go ahead and follow those instructions at the bottom of your screen to fast forward to the drive

section of our review our Elantra GT

tester has the optional $2,350 tech package which includes this touchscreen navigation system the dual zone climate control below it rear view camera automatic headlamps and the proximity key with the push-button start as well now this touchscreen navigation system is very similar to the one that’s used in other Hyundai and Kia models it includes XM satellite radio we have a media interface for our iPod USB device and of course a quarter inch stereo mini input track up and down buttons over here direct access button to the map direct access button to our destination entry screen root button is where you’d cancel your route change your route or sea route overviews over on the setup screen we have our usual vehicle setup as well as navigation setup on the blue link screen we have our Blu link connected options here we have location sharing downloaded points of interest that you can capture on your smart phone and bring over to the car the eco driving screen shows your fuel economy history in the car supposedly 30 miles per gallon does the community average I’m not exactly clear where Hyundai gets that we’ve been averaging between 26 and 28 miles per
gallon in this vehicle the high

resolution touchscreen offers very attractive graphics we have three different am/fm and XM presets those across the top down here we have mode which which is from category tidal channel name etc we can list stations in the system as well you can search you can type in direct station numbers there you can scan and you can hit the sound button in most screens to be taken over to the tone settings over here on the media tab if we hit menu you’ll see playlists artists album genres on your USB or your iDevice it is fully featured you do have access to all of your playlists your artists etc on the system the interface is very snappy but it does not offer voice control like newer versions of this system the system features a single slot CD player with mp3 player compatibility we go over to the map tab you’ll see a fairly high resolution map here on the system it is very attractive very easy to read we also have XM data subscriptions available in the system for traffic that displays your real-time traffic on that same map sports weather and stock quotes these all require an additional XM subscription on top of the regular XM radio subscription clicking on over to the destination tab reveals your century intersections etc entering
address in the system is very snappy

we’ll go ahead and enter one here so you
can see you can see it selects an address very rapidly it’s much faster than a number of other systems in this segment voice commands also work very well for your destination entry the system also provides basic Bluetooth phone integration you do have access to your downloaded contacts from your phone you have a dial pad over here for quick and easy number entry system worked very well with our iPhone as well as a number of other Bluetooth phones you don’t have a text messaging assistant with this system like you do in some of the newer versions of the Hyundai and Kia system or as you would find in some of the competitors speaking of iPhone and other device integration I do have an iPhone 5 on the system and you do have to use this via adapter plug in order to use your iDevice on the system which means if you have a later model iDevice then you’d have to also use apple’s connector in order to connect that to the system you cannot just use apples or anybody else’s USB to I device connector and the system and have it work it just won’t play the audio so you have to use that Kia cable it is a $9 option we’re told hyundai did more than just add a hatchback to the existing Elantra sedan and that’s a good thing because the Elantra sedan doesn’t really have a very stiff chassis and it’s really noticeable out on winding roads like this
especially where there’s a lot of uneven

pavement going on that there’s just a lot of chassis flex in that Elantra sedan that’s not something that you find in this Elantra GT however despite that extra stiffening the Elantra still isn’t as engaging out on the road as the Ford Focus or the Mazda 3 part of the problem is the Elantra GT e–‘s engine even though this is a few hundred pounds lighter than most of its competition it’s not gonna win any stoplight races with a zero to sixty of about nine seconds that’s a decent amount slower than the last Ford Focus we tested or even the Kia Forte with its larger engine from the same engine family that Forte is the best competition going for the cilantro GT because they’re both very value priced when you take a look at the competition the Elantra is a decent amount cheaper than the Ford Focus or the Mazda 3 and so you can you can forgive a lot of the dynamic issues in the Elantra GT for that reduction in price the problem is that Kia Forte because the new redesigned 2014 Kia Forte doesn’t seem to have many of these limitations I wouldn’t call it quite as dynamic as the Mazda 3 still however it is about as dynamic as the Ford Focus that makes it a lot better than this Elantra GT
and the pricing is roughly the same in

terms of absolute grip out on the road
the launcher does it very well and that’s thanks to those 215 with tires as much as the light kerb weight of the Elantra GT because it is about 200 pounds lighter than that Mazda 3 steering feel is probably the wrong thing to be talking about these days because electric power steering makes all these cars just about as numb as one another so I could say that this Elantra has just about the same steering feel as some modern BMWs and I wouldn’t be lying instead we’re going to talk about steering effort because it’s adjustable in the Elantra and it’s adjustable from a fairly firm rate in the sport mode to something that’s decidedly light and really really kind of weird feeling honestly in comfort mode not really sure what comfort mode exists normal mode is perfectly acceptable for most buyers and even sport mode isn’t going to make your arms tired out on these winding mountain roads it is notable that Hyundai still offers a manual transmission in the Elantra and that would probably be my transmission of choice not because there’s anything wrong with this 6-speed automatic but just because I prefer to roam I own now that manual transmission in the
Elantra is a little bit rubbery it’s not

quite as nachi as some of the
transmissions that are out there has kind of a disconnected feeling to it shifts but all in all I would still rather row my gears than not in terms of this automatic transmission it’s a fairly decent automatic it feels very much like the GM and Ford automatics that are used in the small cars that compete most directly with this Elantra so it’s not a whole lot of difference there it’s fairly eager to up shift as you would expect in any economy car but it’s also fairly eager to downshift which is kind of an interesting twist and this transmission does shift an awful lot when you’re out on the road and it kind of has to with the amount of torque and power that’s coming out of this engine but still it’s a fairly willing companion and it does help us get our average fuel economy of between 26 and 28 miles per gallon in our tests road noise is something that Elantras have had a problem with in the past and that does continue on to this launcher GT model however most hatchbacks are louder than their sedan siblings so that is something to keep in mind I would call this about middle of the pack of road noise when he compared it to its most direct American and Japanese competition if Hyundai was willing to drop one of their turbocharged engines under the hood of the Elantra they might have one of the best priced hot hatches in the industry you can forgive an awful lot for price and there’s not a lot to forgive in the Elantra GT so that’s an excellent combo all it’s lacking really is a little bit of power and a little

bit of steering feel if it had those two
things this would be perfect at any price but as it is and as it’s cheaper than most of its competition it is an incredibly good buy in this segment right now it’s great handling out on the road great feeling it’s a little bit down on power but it is also cheaper than those American or Japanese competitors that’s an important thing to keep in mind Hyundai has always been known for aggressive pricing and that’s true with this Elantra GT starts at just under nineteen thousand dollars and our fully loaded model here is twenty five thousand four hundred forty now when you compare that to fully loaded models of the Mazda 3 or the Ford Focus hatchback it’s a decent discount versus that Focus hatchback it’s about two thousand dollars less expensive when you compare this to something like a Ford Fiesta it’s almost worth looking at that comparison because if you’re looking at a fiesta for twenty one thousand seven hundred eighty dollars which is the fully loaded 2014 brand new Fiesta then something like this is only going to cost you about three thousand dollars more and you get a much larger vehicle with more power and more features we can’t end this video without circling back to that elephant in the room the 2014 Kia Forte hatchback because it’s
expected to be in showrooms later in

2013 just a few months after we shoot this video now if our experiences with the 2014 Forte 4-door sedan hold true for the Forte 5-door hatchback then I expect it to be more dynamic on the road than this Elantra GT I find it personally better looking on the outside I don’t find the interior of that for take quite as attractive as the Elantra interior got to keep that one in mind but the engines are better under the hood we get that 2-liter direct injection four-cylinder engine or a 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo engine produces more power than this Elantra in both forms so both of those engines are going to be faster same transmission

slightly better fuel economy it also has
some slightly newer features versus this 2011 based Elantra GT and that is something to keep in mind it’s not that kia is producing that much better of a prod really because again they’re very closely related it just so happens that the 2014 Forte is the latest design of that so the 2013 for Tate was a little bit behind this model and the 2014 is a little bit ahead thanks for taking the time to watch this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your
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