2013 Infinifi FX37 Review

this is the 2013 Infiniti FX 37 now this is not an all new model for 2013 this is really just an engine refresh because what they’ve done is that remove the 3.5 liter engine from under the hood and they’ve stuck in Infiniti is 3.7 liter v6 that means we now have 325 horsepower under the hood and there’s been a few minor changes to the electronics let’s hop in and take a look some of our readers and viewers have complained we don’t comment on style enough of t tach and there’s a reason for that that’s
because it’s very subjective I know

friends that willingly bought a Pontiac Aztek off the lot and they didn’t live in an insane asylum this Infiniti fx35 I find quite attractive now this grill isn’t for everyone and this overall front shape looks sort of like some sort of sea creature trying to eat something it feels like it’s trying to grab on to my head and suck it inside but I still like it under the hood of the Infiniti fx35 we get of course a 3.7 liter v6 this particular engine is good for 325 horsepower and in our model all that power is set to the rear wheels only via a 7-speed Nissan Infiniti transmission now all-wheel drive is of course an option available on the fx37

as it is with the FX 50 which is the v8

version of this car as I said the Infiniti FX isn’t new this model has been around since 2008 and some might even say it’s getting a little bit old as a result now there’s not really a problem with that on the inside this interior is very good and very competitive in the luxury space we have a nice soft touch – there’s no stitch – option however we have a decent infotainment system which we’ll go over in a bit we have extremely comfortable and supportive seats we have a nice steering wheel etc the only problem with being this old you know and again it’s not a problem with the interior is you have a leased car and you least at a car in 2008 and then two years later you turned it back in and leased another one in 2010 now you’re turning another one back in because you want to lease one in 2012 you’re going to end up with essentially the same car with just a new engine under the hood front seat comfort in the FX is very good but like many other Nissan and Infiniti products this passenger seat doesn’t have the same

range of motion as this driver’s seat so

will this driver seat does have a two-way lumbar support it’s adjustable just in and out not up and down this passenger seat doesn’t have any adjustable lumbar support we do also have a tilt telescoping steering wheel but compared to some of the German products and even though the even Lexus as well in this particular space the seats don’t have the same range of motion as some of the competition well I did not find that a problem at all for my 6-foot tall frame you might want to sit in the seats for a while to make sure they’re comfortable for your body shade rear seat comfort in the FX is pretty good these rear seats do recline there’s a little lever back here so they do recline from about here which is a fairly reclined position to their most upright position which is terribly uncomfortable but really the reason that it exists is so that your cargo area is more square to fit larger items in there we do have adjustable headrests and even in this most upright position I do have a decent amount of head rooms available
here in the rear now leg room is a

little bit lower in the FX than it is in
models like the Mercedes ML and the BMW 5-series and that seems – OH – the FX is older design the FX score is 5 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index and that’s because the cargo area is a little bit tight now that’s mostly due to the sloping rear profiles you can see the FX does have a very steeply cut back profile here which really limits rear cargo area we also have a hard tonneau cover here rather than one of those rolling covers that you might be more used to and that does limit some of the area as well and if you want to put larger items in the trunk you’ve got to find somewhere to put this it doesn’t collapse as much as those roller covers do we do have the largest carry-on bag you can fit on a domestic flight and we have a powered trunk lid so let’s see exactly how we fit in here if it’s possible to contort

ourselves into the trunk the answer is

yes one journalist does fit in the trunk but I would prefer to be in the trunk of the bmw x5 or the Lexus RX or the Mercedes ML the infotainment systems in the Infiniti FX are pretty standard Nissan and Infiniti fare the base FX model gets a seven-inch multi-information display here in the center console it’s fairly similar to this fairly similar controls although it’s not a touchscreen our particular model has the optional navigation system which means of course we get this larger 8h higher resolution touchscreen we also have iPod integration here and I have an iPod nano connected right here it also worked well with our iPhone 4 and other various iPod models it also worked with our iPad 3 although the system was not capable of charging our iPad because the system is a little bit older than some of the newer that will charge them we have direct access buttons to am/fm satellite radio our CDR auxilary input we also have preset buttons lower here in the center console that you can’t see now the system is very responsive we have excellent iPod integration so you can see the system is fairly responsive when

you browse playlists artists etc there

are no voice commands to directly voice command specific artists songs or playlists like there would be in Microsoft Sync but again no one in this luxury space really does that at this moment other than Cadillac and Lincoln so that’s probably not too much of a problem for the Infiniti FX market now we have our camera button here this is our all-around camera system very much like the other camera systems in this segment there are cameras underneath the side view mirrors in the rear and in the front and this system stitches them together to give you this bird’s-eye style view we also get lines indicating our steering direction for both front and rear so if we’re in Reverse you get the same thing there and new for this year we have our motion detection system this will light up these little quadrants in orange if it detects motion in that particular quadrant to help keep you from running over Jimmy the mapping software is fairly standard for Nissan Infiniti the resolution is not as high as it is in some of the BMW products there are no topographical maps in this system although there is a 3d bird’s-eye
view the voice command system works very

well in the system and it allows you to enter destinations while you’re on the go the Bluetooth phone system worked very well on this vehicle and the microphone sounds very natural the one oddity in this however is that while you can browse the vehicle phonebook which in our particular FX is empty well you’re in motion you can’t browse the handset phonebook which seems a little bit strange to me actually I’m not quite clear why they do that because of course with all Nissan Infiniti systems you can’t control the screen through the buttons on the steering wheel which means you don’t actually have to take your hands off the steering wheel in order to use this screen the one nice thing however about this Nissan Infiniti screen while we’re talking about how to use it is that you not only have this knob here this sort of rotary knob with joystick buttons on top and an inter button in the middle but you can also touch the screen which is very unique in this particular segment and you also have that button on the steering wheel which will has a back button and enter button you can’t do absolutely
everything on the steering wheels you

can with this one but you can do most of
those functions which helps you keep your eyes on the road well you know sort of over there and put your hands definitely on the steering wheel our particular model also had the Bose 11 speaker audio system with of course an in-dash DVD player allowing you to play DVDs on this screen if you’re park the 11 speaker sound system sounds excellent just as you would expect in this particular price range

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