2013 Scion FR-S -Toyota 86 track review

this is the 2013 Scion fr-s now signs invited us here to Nevada to take a look at their brand new sports car this is the kissing cousin to the Subaru BRZ that you may have already heard about two cars that were specifically designed by toda and Subaru together to be fun cheap light rear-wheel drive and sporty let’s take a look we’re here in the driver’s seat of the FRS it’s actually quite a nice place to be we have a nice soft touch dash which is a rubbery in in kind of a Porsche esque in shape we have
a very nice 3-spoke steering wheel with

a faux stiff airbag cover which is definitely nice some nice red stitching as well and we have these quite interesting faux suede fabric covered seats which are very nicely bolstered but definitely sized for Americans not like the Mercedes c63 where these shoulder Boros pollsters are so close in that you have to be a swizzle stick to actually fit in the car really not the case with the FRS it actually sized fairly nicely decent Headroom for probably six foot four drivers I’m six feet tall and I still have about 23 inches of headroom left in this vehicle the one problem is like most 2+2 sports cars you’d have to be literally leg lift

to actually fit in the back seat which

will show you in a bit of course because that’s how we roll at T tech now here on the inside we get a single zone manual climate control we get the option of two radios there is a display radial like this that has bespoke powered by zipper powered by pioneer which is kind of a long way to say that this is one of pioneers app radio so you download an app on your iphone or your eye patch those are the only devices supported up launched supposedly Android might be available in about a year or so so you download the app and then basically the app runs on your iPhone doing all the navigation all the searches all the voice commands on the phone and it really just uses this radio for display purposes now we weren’t really able to give that a test in the vehicle because the software isn’t quite ready yet again this is a pre-production Scion fr-s so we weren’t actually able to test that but the system does have fairly good audio and it does actually work very well with both my ipod nano my iphone 4 as well as my brand new ipad 3

so that’s definitely a plus

Here I am in the back as you can see my head’s actually touching this rear windscreen and of course we’re in Nevada and it’s really hot so that’s really not very pleasant however this is markedly nicer inside as far as fitting in the back seat then things like the Jaguar XKR which is near impossible to actually squeeze into as well as a wide variety of other two plus two coups still wouldn’t want to do this for long but if you did have a shorter driver there is the possibility of actually getting your legs into the footwell here in the rear maybe if you were 58 59 something like that you’d be able to do it but my 6-foot frame means this front seats adjusted for me and I actually really can’t put my legs in there now the oppressed does have a fairly decent trunk this is a roller bag largest roller bag that you can carry on a domestic flight you can actually see that it actually easily fit to two or three roller bags in this car so it’s definitely possible to fit luggage for for for a short trip away in the car even though it’s not really possible to
fit for passengers for a trip away

so here we are and of course everybody
you want to know how well we fit in the trunk let’s find out a journalist in the trunk it’s a tight squeeze think we’d give this sort of a for probably a definite eight for two plus two coups however download the track the one thing you’ll notice about the Scion fr-s it’s definitely not quietness is actually a fairly loud car both in terms of ends of noise as well as road noise and wind or so I’m not a professional driver so I’ll leave all the track day Diaries comparisons to our own tame racing driver jack but since we are on a track with the Scion fr-s I will have to say that it’s very neutral handling the rear end does get a little squirrelly with you you climb brothel in these corners very very easy to tail spear which is interesting again for this price last my one and only complaint about the FRS

on the track and it’s actually less of a

problem in this particular track here interruptive Adam is that the fine of RS and the super brz are a little down on power in my opinion for a true fun track day car 200 horsepower really isn’t bad the problem is because the horsepower and the part really are are very high end on this engine you know the engine revs 274 hundred rpm and you really need to rev the nuts off this thing to get it going it can be a little tedious both in in traffic as well as on the track because of that very high revving nature they on a small turbocharged engine even if even if it was still delivering only around 200 horsepower would really improve the overall feel of the FRS or the BRC allah science people called us essentially that the chassis was really designed for a turbo’d its current configuration so we really shouldn’t expect one from zion hiren really exact won’t reply on either actually given the price point of the Aqua rest now buying an FRS should be pretty easy with Saiyans true price guarantee which basically means that it’s as close to a fixed price on the cars you can actually get a today’s market now that’s if you can actually find one because we

understand that production is somewhat

limited to about 10,000 units in 2013 possibly about 20,000 units in 2014 and the Scion fr-s will cost you about 25 thousand dollars it’s just about just under twenty five thousand dollars starting once you add destination you’re riding around the 25 thousand dollar mark and of course you add options ala carte in the Scion family and the FRS is no difference so if you want two different wheels different arrow packages different radios different things like that sub woofer you have those all item by item ala carte and so your top end FRS probably options out to something around thirty thirty five thousand dollars depending on how much you want to add to it and how much you really want to customize it personally I think I like to look at I don’t think I’d change much be sure to check out the full review on the truth about cars com coming soon you

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