2013 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla Review

this is the all-new 2013 Toyota rav4 Evi this is the first all-electric SUV available for sale in the US so if you’re leaf just isn’t big enough for you then Toyota has an answer let’s hop in and take a look under the hood you’ll see the first fruits of the budding coda Tesla relationship we have quite a number of shared parts between the your Toyota rav4 evie and the Model S we’re told this particular motor produces 154 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque through a single speed transmission at
just about 10,000 dollars more expensive

than leaf you may be asking yourself is a rav4 worth it the reason is back here we have no problem getting a 60-inch LCD TV into the Nissan Leaf last time we had it but compared to that on the inside of the rav4 you can fit an entire TV store in here we actually have no reduction of storage space over the gasolene rav4 which means we still have an under the floor carbon compartment in the back of the rav4 we don’t get a seven seat edition of the raft or unfortunately for the evie market but we do get these rear seats that fold almost completely fount flat really improving the cargo area in the back of the rav4 Evi flat as you can see this is the largest carry-on you can

carry on a domestic flight fits back

here very nicely Toyota has retained the reclining rear seats in the rav4 a nice feature in this segment this front seat is adjusted for me at 6 feet tall as you can see I have a decent amount of legroom left as well as a decent amount of headroom in the rear of the rav4 so as I said these rear seats recline they actually have a decent recline range too this is the fully reclined position and this is the fully upright position which helps square off the cargo area allowing you to carry larger items at $49,000 you may be wondering why Todd hasn’t done anything to improve the interior of the rav4 it really is a pretty good interior for a vehicle that’s in the 20 to $30,000 market but for a $50,000 car essentially the interior is full of fairly hard plastics however as we all know with EVs you’re paying an awful lot for that battery as well as the drivetrain and that’s why this is $49,000 because we have an incredibly large battery pack in this car during our time here in Newport Beach we’ve experienced a range of around 120

miles which is considerably better than

the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Leaf will do about a hundred miles if you treat it very very gently and we have not been treating this rav4 gently we get a completely new Eevee specific instrument cluster over here on the left we get efficiency displays so you can see your current and average essentially fuel consumption we get an eco coach which is very similar to other products tells you how you’re accelerating how you’re braking etc a little co2 reduction plant this actually will grow leaves you can barely see the outline there if so the more gently you’re driving the vehicle the more little branches and leaves you’ll be showing an auxilary power gauge to show you how much your air conditioning is using of your battery and your effective driving range this will help coach you and tell you how far you could go whether you have the air conditioning on or off over here we have our usual digital speedometer and we have our range and battery and power gauges over here as you can see our range is about 65 miles greatly effected by the air conditioning usage if I turn
off the air conditioning the range will

instantly bump up to 87 miles this is
something to remember if you live in a warmer climate Clara is using the rav4 as an opportunity to test out some of their new infotainment options down here we have a new touch sensitive dual zone climate control this is very reminiscent to Ford’s Ford might touch system these are not real buttons other than the defroster the mode rear defogger and the off button these are all the sort of touch sensitive buttons we have a very nice LCD here with dual zone climate control and above that we have an all-new 8-inch Toyota Entune system this new Toyota Entune system ditches all the physical buttons except for this one home button here so you can see pressing the home button brings us back to main menu where we get our usual radio media map apps phone etc the mapping is essentially unchanged from prior toyota product so it still uses the same old to

the mapping system here fairly

responsive but not exactly a snazzy as some of the later systems from BMW and Ford pressing back to the home button we have our usual toyota apps here new app of course for the Evie is this Evie charging station finder as you’ll see here we get our usual Bing iHeartRadio movie tickets OpenTable pandora radio as well you may be questioning what on earth is the volume knob well I’ll show you that actually is the only downside to this system in order to adjust the volume assuming the system is on you have to press over here in this upper right hand corner you’ll see this little tune icon there’s a little sort of music note and then we get a little slider screen here that’s very iPad based with mute track forward backward fast-forward and rewind while there are repeater options here on the steering wheel the driver is really not the problem in this vehicle the driver will know to use the steering wheel commands they’ll probably know how to use the Entune commands here in the center console if that front passenger that grandmother that aunt that coworker that you have in the car that wants to adjust the volume and just can’t figure

out how out on the road the rav4 Evie

tribe’s pretty much just like a v6 rav4 and that’s actually what’s different about the rav4 Evie because if you’ve driven the Nissan Leaf the Nissan Leaf doesn’t really drive like a regular gasoline car it drives like an electric car it’s very different and feel what’s different about the rav4 Evie is that it’s very powerful for one we have 273 foot-pounds of torque available in this vehicle which is very high not only just for the Evie segment but for the majority of mainstream vehicles in general if you think about it a BMW 328i doesn’t even produce this much power from its 2-liter turbo direct injection four-cylinder engine with all that power comes definite torque steer at higher speeds but it’s definitely manageable steering is as numb as pretty much anything else on the market again you can blame electric power steering for that and electric power steering is found under the hood of BMWs Mercedes and pretty much every other premium auto out there so there’s nothing really different about that either if you’d like to buy or lease one of these check out Toyota’s
website for the list of toyota rav-4

approved EB dealers coming up soon on their website and be prepared to spend about forty nine thousand dollars for the honor of having one well you may not ever recoup the costs of this versus a regular rav4 in terms of fuel economy and cost of fueling you will be able to drive in California’s carpool lanes and how much that’s worth to you I’ll let you decide

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