2014 – 2015 Cadillac CTS V Sport Review

2014 Cadillac cts-v sport this is Cadillacs answer to the twin-turbo v8 German competition now while it may sound silly to bring a v6 to a twin-turbo v8 fight this is no normal v6 this is a brand new 3.6 liter twin-turbo v6 that Cadillac is shoving under the hood of their existing and
very well-received Cadillac CTS Cadillac

has been doing rear-wheel drive luxury
sedans for some time ever since they launched their original CTS in the United States however this is an entirely different beast the old Cadillac CTS was trying to deliver almost 5 series sized vehicles with a 3-series price tag and that’s not happening with the CTS anymore the CTS is a solid mainstream BMW 5-series mercedes-benz e-class outtie a six and Jaguar XF competitor with very competitive pricing cadillac is able to do that because they now have the ATS it’s smaller than the CTS and it’s a
solid BMW 3-series mercedes-benz c-class

competitor before we dive right into the
car let’s cover a few things up front this is a clean sheet redesigned for the Cadillac CTS and there’s some real advantages to that the first one is weight this Cadillac CTS weighs more than 400 pounds less than a BMW 5-series or a mercedes-benz e-class making this incredibly light for this category in fact depending on how you configure your ATS you can get one that way is slightly less than 4,000 pounds that’s a big big difference when it comes to driving dynamics out on the road that weight loss routine also explains how Cadillac can get away with bringing a v6 to a v8 fight styling is very subjective but I’ve always been very partial to Cadillacs angular art and science design theme and I think that’s why I also find
the 2014 mercedes-benz e-class so

attractive because the front end of the
mercedes-benz and the Cadillac remind me an awful lot of each other important to note that Cadillac was doing this before mercedes-benz so in some ways some of those styling cues that have been very popular for Cadillac are actually rubbing off on the Germans perhaps paying homage to Cadillacs fins of yesteryear we have this LED strip that runs all the way from approximately the front axle down the front to the bottom of the bumper Cadillac hides their front parking sensors very well we also have a hidden radar cruise control module right there behind the Cadillac logo these are HID headlamps and they are standard on all of the V sport models regular CTS’s do start out with standard halogen lamps you won’t find LED headlamps on the cts at any

price and that is something that you’re

starting to find on most of those competitors out there unlike the base CTS the V Sport has a relatively limited set of competitors because Lexus and Infiniti don’t really have anything in this high performance segment so that means that this competes very directly with the Audi s6 the Jaguar XF supercharged the BMW 550i as well as the mercedes-benz C 550 among that competitive set the CTS is the longest and it’s really obvious when you take a look at the side profile we have a very long hood this is one of the longest hoods in this segment it gives the car a very elegant profile we also have a relatively long front door the wheel based on the CTS isn’t the biggest in this segment and that’s really obvious when you take a look at the back door because the back door is a little bit smaller than some of those others the overall length of the CTS allows it

to have decent rear headroom and a

drastically sloping rear window at the same time as having a real trunk lid the V Sport is meant to be an addition to the CTS lineup not a replacement for the Cadillac cts-v there’s no Cadillac cts-v at the moment but we do expect one relatively soon up front we have Cadillacs Brembo brake package which is standard on all the V Sport models but we don’t get any additional braking gear in the back of the car because we need to leave something for that cts-v to give us out back Cadillacs angular theme continues but this rear end is not as controversial as the last generation cts coupe we have integrated exhaust tips and we have a very discreet v badge right there I’m actually not being facetious when I say that I wish Cadillac would bring back their fins I had high hopes because the XTS had a
definite Finland going on on the rear

lamp but it’s not happening on this CTS

front seat comfort in the CTS is very good but this is notably lower than the optional seats that you’ll find in the BMW and the Mercedes competition the BMW Mercedes offer massaging seats active seats active bolsters and more adjustments for the seat in general then Cadillac does we are in the Premium trim cts-v sport which means we do get adjustable side bolsters and an extending thigh cushion that’s activated by this manual lever right on front of the seat all cts-v sport you get a multi-way power driver’s seat and power passenger seat with a four-way adjustable lumbar support to position seat memory and a tilt telescopic steering wheel the other thing to know about the front seats is that these are fairly wide if you’re a larger person you may find this more comfortable than the German competition however if you’re a smaller person you may feel a little bit lost because of the way cadillac
chose to apportion the seating spaced in

the CTS we have class-leading front
legroom and about class average rear legroom I do have a decent amount of headroom thanks to the overall profile of the CTS that’s thanks to the general length of the car however these bottom seat cushions are a little bit close to the floor for my tastes seating is fairly upright in the rear which is also very comfortable you can really see what I mean about Cadillac choosing to apportion the space differently than the competition right over on the right side of the CTS because there’s an awful lot more front legroom going on than you’ll find in any of the competition resulting in a very tight back seat for me right here this front seat is all the way back in its tracks and a six foot five six
foot six person would have no problem

stretching out their legs in the front
which is just not something you can do in the Germans even though the rear bench seat has very exaggerated buckets on the outboard positions and a fairly high middle seat I still have a little bit of headroom left my hair is brushing the ceiling but my head is not touching the ceiling however the CTS is one of the narrower sedans in this category and it’s really obvious here in the bench seat because it’s an awful lot tighter to fit three adults across the back of the CTS versus the rest of the competition it’s also a little bit trickier to try and stick three child seats in the CTS if you want to know more about the CTS and child seats then go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken over to our CTS child seat video rear passengers have a reasonably sized center armrest with a storage cubby flip-out cupholders right there we also have AC pass-through in addition to a 60/40 split folding rear bench seat let’s take a quick spin around the interior we have height adjustable seat belts there for the driver and front passenger 4-way adjustable headrests because we’re in the premium model we also have rear sunshades integrated into the door as well as the back window we have heated and cooled seats in the front and
optionally heated seats in the rear the

door panels are attractively made out of
a lot of soft touch plastics as well as leather if you get the premium option in the Cadillac CTS you also get a full leather interior the dashboard is attractive nation have injected mold materials and stitched materials we also have carbon fiber trim in the vsport and we have a fairly large glovebox open by a touch button right there in the center console the glovebox is where you’ll find the single slot DVD and CD player for this car Cadillacs angular style continues on the dashboard we do have a center channel speaker up there above the air vents if you want to know more about Cadillac q which is this large a touch touch screen LCD infotainment system go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen below that we have our climate controls as well as our radio controls these are all touch buttons so none of these are real physical buttons and if we touch the bottom of this it opens up to reveal additional storage cubby with the USB port right back there that’s lit up the CTS uses a very traditionally shaped shifter with a manual mode button on the top you can also engage manual

mode with the shift paddles we have our

stability control disabled button and our suspension and transmission mode selector right there this is where you’ll find the ashtray and 12-volt power port and then we have a motorized cover for the two large cupholders this is a very large cup holder set up easily able to accommodate the largest sodas that we were able to throw at it they don’t bump into each other like you’d find in some of the Germans either large padded center armrest reveals a fairly decently sized cubby for a rear-wheel drive vehicle you will also find full volt power port here and two additional USB ports along with an auxiliary input because we’re in the premium model we also have a 120 volt power outlet right there in the center console because we’re in the premium trim of the V sport we have this gorgeous twelve point three inch LCD instrument cluster rather unfortunately if you don’t choose the premium trim you get a fairly unattractive analog gauge cluster we’ll pop a picture here so you can see what that looks like we move on out to the steering wheel we have a very
attractive steering wheel leather air

bag cover this button arrangement
controls that multi information screen right there track up/down we have our volume up and down buttons over here cruise control buttons voice control button heated steering wheel and hang up button all these sport models have these attractive magnesium paddle shifters and this transmission has a true manual mode so if you command gears 2 through 8 the only way the transmission will shift for you is if you slow down from this vantage point you can also see the turn signal in the CTSV sport so we probably ought to talk about parts it’s very popular in certain circles to beat Cadillac up about sharing carts with the lesser cars in the General Motors portfolio well that’s definitely true in this car shares seat controls window switches turn signal stocks heads-up buttons and things like that with other models in the General Motors family I don’t necessarily think that that’s fair after all Toyota shares with Lexus Volkswagen shares with Audi Mercedes Benz even shares a number of parts with the Dodge Durango you’ll find the same window switches in both the e-class as well as the Dodge Durango so
sharing window switches between a

Cadillac and something like a Buick
Verano isn’t really that big of a problem as long as the parts feel quality and for the most part the parts in this car do have a very solid feel to them the only exception is this mirror control right here on the driver’s door but then again I can find an exception in pretty much every luxury vehicle out there so there’s definitely nothing unique or nothing untoward about Cadillacs part sharing with the lessers and a lot of people need to get over that at 13.7 cubic feet this truck is among the smallest in the segment it’s notably smaller than the Mercedes Benz C 550 s trunk and it’s considerably smaller than the Jaguar XF supercharged trunk it’s also not finished quite as nicely as the Mercedes or the BMW trunks although we do have a nice trunk handle here to help you close the trunk it’s not positioned in the same way that the Germans are so it’s a little bit trickier to actually use that handle to close the trunk you also won’t find any automatic trunk closers in the CTS it’s just not offered at any price at this time because the CTS is aluminum
intensive this trunk lid also has a

lighter some might even say cheaper feel
but really it’s just because of the aluminum intensive nature of the build of the CTS and their desire to reduce weight as much as possible we score 7 out of 10 points overall in our exclusive truck comfort index until General Motors launches the hotly anticipated cts-v sometime later this year we hope there are three different engine options in the CTS things start out with a 2.0 T engine it’s a 2-liter direct injection turbocharged 4-cylinder engine produces 272 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque we then have a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated engine produces 321 horsepower 275 pound feet of torque you’ll find that engine and a wide variety of different GM vehicles then we have this particular engine it’s exclusive to the V sport model and it’s a twin turbo 3.6 liter v6 engine although it’s based on that same 3.6 liter naturally aspirated engine it there’s very few parts in reality power is up to 420 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque instead of the 6-speed General Motors transmission that you find in the 2.0 T model the V sport gets an 8-speed transmission by Aysen this is essentially the same transmission that you’ll find in the Lexus LS as well as the Lexus GS model so it has a solid luxury car pedigree although I suppose you could call the maserati ghibli competition with the CTS it plays in
kind of a different pool that means this

is currently the only twin-turbo v6 in

this segment Mercedes does plan on replacing their 4.6 liter v8 engine in the 550i with a twin turbo v6 at some point we haven’t heard exact details yet compared to the competition Aldys s6 produces 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque from its four liter v8 Jaguar gets 470 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque from a supercharged 5-liter v8 mercedes-benz has that 4.6 liter twin-turbo v8 produces 4 no 2 horsepower 443 pound-feet of torque BMW is by far the leader in this segment right now with a twin-turbo 4.4 liter v8 engine produces 445 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque however that BMW is about 450 pounds heavier than this cts-v sport a lot of that really is noticeable under the hood because we have a lot of aluminum parts in this car we have aluminum doors we have an aluminum hood and we have a lot of aluminum suspension component tree as well out on the road the weight difference between the CTSV sport the 550i and the e 550 is very obvious the weight balance difference between this and the Audi s6 is also equally as obvious out on the road the light chassis also has a dramatic effect on performance we clocked 60 in this car in 4.75 seconds that’s a decent amount faster than the mercedes-benz C 550 it’s right around the same time that we clocked in the Jaguar XF supercharged and it is just the hair slower than the BMW 550i which came in right around 4.4 seconds the cars light kerb weight and
excellent weight balance are really

obvious out on these winding mountain

roads like this because this car has an impeccable feel out on the road it’s very easy to steer this car with your right foot if you feel so inclined if you don’t then this car is very neutral in the corners with the power off the CTS does use electric power steering just like every other option in this segment however Cadillac has somehow managed to put just a little bit of feel back into the steering in the CTS it’s really obvious yet again out of these winding mountain roads where it does have a definite edge over the BMW the Mercedes as well as the Audi all these sport models use General Motors Magna ride suspension system this system uses a ferromagnetic fluid inside the strut in each corner of the car and suspension by passing an electric current through that fluid they can change its viscosity and make the damping either firm or soft depending on what they’re after at the exact moment it’s all controlled by the car’s computer you can’t adjust it using these drive mode selector in this car and choose between track sport as well as touring mode regardless of which mode you choose however the V sport tends to be a fairly firm suspension it’s not harsh however so it’s never going to be very punishing out on the road which is something I complained about in the previous generation Cadillac cts-v I just felt that it was a little bit too
punishing for daily use and that’s not

happening in the V sport the suspension

is incredibly well sorted the 550i offers the choice between a regular or a sport suspension setup but it is a little bit softer than the CTSV sport all the way around mercedes offers two different suspension systems in the e 550 a regular spring setup as well as an air ride suspension but the air ride suspension does feel a little bit odd for a sporting car it’s definitely tuned to the softer more luxurious side of things breaking in the CTSV sport is absolutely excellent these are very fade resistant brakes up front and because the CTSV sport doesn’t weigh as much as the competition stopping distances are much shorter and fade resistance is definitely better the only area where people may complain about the CTSV sport is in the exhaust note this is a twin turbo v6 engine so it definitely has a v6 type sound to it it actually reminds me a great deal of Maseratis brand new midsize luxury sedan the Ghibli because that is also a twin turbo v6 engine twin turbo v6 s have also been used in a wide variety of Italian sports cars etc so it is a fairly pleasing sound the important thing to know here however is that the BMW and the Mercedes don’t have a traditional v8 sound either because they use twin turbos as well by sticking a turbocharger in the exhaust it really messes with the exhaust sound and that’s exactly why BMW uses a fake engine sound track in the BMW m5 Jaguar XF supercharged has an incredible

sound to it because it doesn’t use turbo

chargers it uses a supercharger it says
nothing in the exhaust to mess with the sound and it’s by far the better sounding entry in the segment when it comes to driving dynamics there is absolutely no question the CTSV Sport is by far the winner in this segment the Audi s6 really is kind of at the bottom of the pack for me in terms of true driving dynamics well I might buy an s6 because it’s all-wheel drive it does lend itself to a different driving dynamic out on the road because the s6 has its engine entirely in front of the front axle it’s also nose-heavy that’s very obvious out on the road the e 550 is now available only in all-wheel-drive and that does take a dynamic tool out on the road as well BMWs 550 I is incredibly fast in a straight line but when you start entering corners the CTSV sport just absolutely eats it up both in terms of actual handling ability as well as feel this is far more accurate far more connected to the road than that 550 I the Jaguar XF supercharged is a very close second for me in this category it has the same sort of connected feel going on in this Cadillac cts-v sport but it just lacks the power because of that supercharger it doesn’t have a whole lot of torque going on there and it is a little bit heavier than the CTS with this generation of Cadillac CTS General Motors decided to stop playing the game of giving you a 5 Series sized car for three series sized pricing and I think with the driving dynamics on the CTSV it was an easy decision to make pricing starts at 46 thousand twenty-five dollars for the 2.0 T model 54 thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars for the 3.6 liter v6 model I think I would skip that one I didn’t really find the 3.6 liter v6 to be that

engaging I think it was down on power

and I think the 2.0 T is by far the better option to get pricing for this V Sport starts at fifty nine thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars for the standard model for the premium model as we’re testing it right here 69 thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars there very few options on the standard model so you really just have to choose between the standard or the premium fuel leather choices some wheel choices and paint options as well if you load your V Sport all the way up you’ll hit seventy two thousand seven hundred forty dollars for detailed pricing comparisons I encourage you to visit my friends over at true Delta comm but in general the CTSV sport ends up about $2,000 less than the Mercedes Benz a 550 however the e 550 is all-wheel-drive only for the 2014 model year really making this about the same price overall compared to the BMW the CTSV Sport standard edition is about $4,000 less than a similarly configured BMW 550i however when you opt it up as our tester is right here which is the premium edition with a few little options it ends up being essentially the same price as the BMW 550i you can get your 550 I much more expensive than the CTSV sport however because there are a lot of options available on that 550 I that you just can’t get in the Cadillac before you think that the V Sport is the most expensive option in this segment it still has a decent value proposition when you compare it against the Audi s6 the s6 is four to eight thousand dollars more expensive similarly configured even when you take into account the Audi Quattro system that standard on the s6 this is also about eight thousand dollars cheaper than the Jaguar XF supercharged and the Jaguar XF
supercharged is in a way very good

competition to the CTSV sport because
both of them play in a similar pool both of them are trying to play to the meat of this segment rather than offering every option available so the Jaguar XF supercharged has the same sort of limitations when it comes to its option list as you find in the CTSV you won’t find the same level of equipment the same level of feature is the same level of opulent luxury gadgets or goodies or electronic systems like night vision in the CTSV sport or in that Jaguar XF supercharged it turns out that bringing a v6 engine to a v8 fight was the best thing that Cadillac could have done the v6 engine and its relative light weight really contributes to the way the CTSV sport feels out on the road and that’s really what’s interesting about the V sport Cadillac has in the past created very competitive vehicles in the segment but there were always some buts there were always some qualifications there was always that comment about value that it was a very good car wasn’t quite as good as the competition but the value really pushed it over the edge that’s not something you can say about the CTSV sport anymore because it’s not the value option in the segment it’s just the best option in the segment because this car

has the best driving dynamics by far it

actually has reasonable fuel economy
thanks to that v6 engine as well we’ve been averaging about 24 to 25 miles per gallon car which is better than I’ve averaged in any of the alternatives the vsport also wins for being the most attractive in this segment to my eye again styling is very subjective so I’d like to know what you think in the comment section down below but to me this is number one in the segment the mercedes-benz e-class is a very close second if you get the sport front end if you don’t then it’s a little bit lower on the list I think that the BMW 5-series is very attractive elegant but it’s also conservative to a fault BMW is really going for a very luxurious today on these days rather than more of an aggressive sporty car like the CTSV Sport the Jaguar XF is my kind of car it sounds incredible however I do have to admit it is awfully Plain Jane when you park it right next to a V Sport it’s a very exciting time at Cadillac the rumor mill is telling me that they plan on putting this engine in the Cadillac ATS and that should be very exciting as well more importantly however this has me really wondering

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