2014 – 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Child Seat Review

2014 Hyundai Elantra GT this is essentially just the five-door hatchback version of the Elantra sedan this is a croco classic ride 50 child site which means it’s time for a child seat review now this croco classic ride 50 child seat is suitable for a child from five to 50 pounds and it is convertible so that means it can be used in either

forward or rearward facing implementations now let’s start things out up front I’m in the passenger seat I’m 6 feet tall I’m going to go ahead and adjust this seat as close as I can get it to the dashboard and still be comfortable I also move this seat backrest to a point where it’s upright but yet again still comfortable even though

the Elantra GT is a compact vehicle I was able to fit a child seat in this rearward-facing position right behind myself sitting in that front passenger seat it is important when installing achild seat in a rearward fashion like

2014 – 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Child Seat Review

this that you do want to pay attention
to the little Raceway with the ball in it right now we’re in the Green Zone down there that means the seat is at the proper angle it may look a little bit more upright in the video than it really is one other thing you need to keep in mind is that you do want between one and two inches of room between the front seat and a rearward facing

child seat because if you get rear-ended the front seat especially if there’s someone in it can move a decent amount rearward and you don’t want it to impact the child seat if you have any questions about the proper installation of child seats in your vehicle you should consult a local child seat inspector or child seat installer I will place links to those in the description section of this video if
I move this child seat over to the

driver side of the vehicle there isn’t
enough room part of that’s because of the way the dashboard is shaped in the Elantra GT it allows me to push that front seat further forward on the passenger side then on the driver’s side with me sitting in the front due to the overall shape of the front seatbacks and the generous amount of rear legroom back here I was able to fit a child

seat in this center position with enough clearance between the driver seat and the front passenger seat moving on to our 2 across child seat test the Elantra scores very well the center child seat is actually in the center of the rear bench seat which may sound a little silly but a lot of vehicles out there you can’t fit the center child seat in the center of the bench it’s usually skewed to one side or the other one

thing that I noticed that’s a little bit

2014 – 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Child Seat Review

less convenient with the Elantra GT is the location of the top tether anchors

for these seats it’s not located on the backs of this rear bench seat instead it’s actually on the floor of the cargo area that means that you cannot sit in the bench seat like I am right here next to a child seat and then latch its top tether anchor in still in terms of

overall room I can actually sit up right next to this child seat my hair is brushing

the ceiling but keep in mind that we’re in the model with the panoramic sunroof and that does reduce Headroom by about an inch or so as you can see I was able to squeeze three Grotto classic ride 50 child seats into the back of the Elantra GT however if this describes your situation you may want to consider a narrower child seats

because we don’t have a whole lot of clearance between this child seat and the door on the side right there now you

do want a little bit of room there
between the child seat and the door because in the event of a side curtain airbag deployment you want that side curtain airbag to go between the child seat and the door not into the child seat even though hatchbacks are typically shorter than the sedans on which they’re based the Elantra GT holds a little bit more cargo

than you can in the Elantra sedan and a lot of that comes down to the dimensions of the cargo area right here

I have two roller bags this is a 26 inch roller bag I also have a 24 inch roller

bag in here and you can if you squeeze it in here just right get a 26 inch roller bag I swear to fit right there in the cargo area under the tonneau cover you can see put it in that orientation and close the hatch back right there that’s all under the tonneau cover this manner I was able

to fit to 26 inch roller bags and to 24.

inch roller bags 24 inch roller bags on either side and you have some additional cargo space to put luggage on top of that if you remove this tonneau cover one nice touch this vehicle is that if you lift up the cargo load floor you will find some additional cargo space right under there and some cargo dividers let’s see

How well those seats fit now the first thing.

I noticed is that this cargo area is not quite deep enough to put a child seat in in this direction so you will have to try and massage your child’s seat around try make it fit it will fit just barely in that direction but the hatchback will not close now one thing to keep in mind is that with this gronckle classic ride 50 child seat I cannot insert it

into the cargo area in this fashion because the child seat is just slightly too long as you can see I was easily able to fit three child

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