2014 – 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Detailed Review

014 and 2015 Elantra GT now GT just really means hatchback for the Elantra in this generation now I say this generation because the rumor mill is telling us that the Elantra and the Elantra GT should be completely redesigned for the 2016 model year you should expect to see that model in late 2015 as a compact hatchback but not a
subcompact hatchback the Elantra GT

competes with the likes of the Mazda 3
hatchback the Ford Focus hatchback and it’s sort of sistership the Kia Forte hatchback now the Elantra and the forte related with one another but they’re not exact duplicates of one another so this is not exactly the same car with the Kia logo and with the Hyundai logo on the front they share basic suspension designs engine designs etc but the interior and the exterior is very unique model to model the other thing to know is that the 14 the Elantra don’t share the same development cycles necessarily so the current generation Kia Forte is a
little bit ahead of this Elantra and the

next generation Elantra will be a little
bit ahead of that Forte up front our model has projector headlamps and we also have fog lamps on our particular model you can see that the design is in general the last generation of Hyundai’s designs this does not look like the brand new Hyundai Sonata or the brand new Hyundai Genesis but we do expect the 2016 model to go that styling direction now as I said the Elantra is a compact hatchback not a subcompact hatchback so this is larger than something along the lines of a Honda Fit or a Kia Rio but it’s definitely smaller than some of those larger wagons that you may find out on the market cargo practicality was obviously a high priority with this model we have a roofline that doesn’t really drop too
much towards the rear now our particular

model does have the optional panoramic
sunroof which does reduce a little bit of headroom and cargo room on the inside but it’s not really that great of a drop now right back here we do have a sloping rear glass hatchback but that doesn’t really limit rear passenger accommodations because the rear headrest is right about here in the vehicle you can see that that portion the roof is still very upright you should note that the model that we’re taking a look at has the optional upgraded 17-inch wheels I think the rear end of the Elantra is actually one of the more attractive entries in the segment let me know what you think down there in the comments section down below we again have this sloping rear glass down here and our particular model has the optional LED tail lamps all Elantra GT models have a

hidden exhaust tip right over here and
if you opt for the optional backup camera then the Hyundai logo actually opens up to reveal that backup camera and then snaps back down to give you a little bit of a cleaner look across the back although Hyundai hasn’t changed the looks of the launcher much since it was launched they had given it a new engine for the 2014 model year we now have a 2-liter direct injection four-cylinder engine under the hood producing 173 horsepower and 154 pound-feet of torque that means that the Elantra GT now slots in between the two different versions of the Mazda 3 in terms of power the Mazda 3 2.0 produces a little bit less horsepower and the Mazda 2.5 produces a little bit more this is also more power than you’ll find in the Ford Focus but less than you’ll find in the Focus ST this engine is mated by default to a 6-speed manual
transmission which is kind of a nice

feature because an awful lot of the
compact entries in America give you a five-speed manual transmission by default not a 6-speed now for $1000 you can add a six-speed automatic transmission and that will decrease your fuel economy just a little bit fuel economy comes in at 24 miles per gallon city 30 for highway and 28 combined for the manual transmission 24 33 27 for the automatic transmission despite its age front seat comfort comes in at 9 out of 10 points for the Elantra GT that’s the top-end model it drops down to 8 out of 10 points if you don’t get the option package which does include this 10-way power driver’s seat in terms of overall comfort in the segment the Elantra GT score is very high I actually rank these seats above the Ford Focus in any version and just about on par with the top-end trims in the Mazda 3 this

two-way adjustable driver’s lumbar

support really is part of that
now all trim levels do get a tilt telescopic steering column with a decent range of motion but none of the trim levels get a power passenger seat now moving to the back seats keep in mind this front seat is adjusted for me at 6 feet tall and I do have about 3 or 4 inches of legroom left right there now versus your average sedan in this compact category we do have a great deal more Headroom in the Elantra GT thanks to its hatchback profile if I lean back in the seat you can really see what I mean our model has the optional panoramic roof which does reduce Headroom by about an inch and right now my hair is just barely brushing the ceiling but my head is not touching the ceiling that’s a great deal better than you’ll find in most sedans now if I move over here to the right side of the vehicle this front seat is all the way back in its tracks suitable for a six foot five

passenger I had in the car and my knees
are digging right into the seat back that’s just because the Elantra GT is not a terribly long vehicle the middle seat on this rear bench is about an inch and a half higher than the outboard seats and as a result my head is touching the ceiling I really can’t sit upright in this middle seat very much like the Focus and certain other hatchbacks the rear seats do fold in a two-step fashion we flip the bottom cushion up and then we can flip this cushion forward and fold it into place of course if you want it flat you do have to remove the headrest right like that now you can fold the seat without putting this rear cushion down right like that but it will not fold
flat with the cargo load floor now one

important thing to keep in mind
especially if you’re a taller driver or you have taller pastures in the front of the vehicle is that if you do this two-step folding arrangement right like that you can’t move the front seat any further rearward so about six foot tall is about all you can fit in the front comfortably and have the rear seats folded let’s go for a quick spin around the interior now we have height adjustable seat belts both the driver and the front passenger and we have two-way adjustable headrests keep in mind that we are in the up level trim with the perforated leather seats as with many compact vehicles you’ll notice that with this front seat all the way back in its tracks it is a decent amount behind the front door to help make that a little bit more comfortable hyundai has given us this little cutout right here that where your elbow has somewhere to go rather than banging into the b-pillar in the car the front doors are largely made from soft touch plastics we have soft touch plastics right up here we also have a stitched portion right in here and a thinly padded armrest right down here you will find hard plastics lower down on the door we do have some additional storage space right in there along with a bottle holder like the sedan we have a very large glove box it’s a traditional glove box and format
where this bin descends from the

dashboard I was able to fit a tablet
computer right inside there now moving on over to the dashboard we do have soft touch plastics on the upper portion of the dashboard hard touch plastics lower in the dashboard to help keep costs low we also have this metallic effect trim running all the way down the dashboard and then wrapping around those doors right over there on that side the dashboard has a well integrated very vertical theme right here we have the optional touchscreen navigation system direct access buttons on either side of this if you want to know more about this infotainment system then go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken on over to that view below that screen we have the optional dual zone climate control system that our model is equipped with two 12 volt outlets right here under those then we do have the auxilary input and USB input I wish this was hidden away in some storage cubby somewhere rather than out here on display one additional thing worth noting is that you cannot use for instance the Apple USB to lightning cable to attach your iPod or your iDevice you have to use the Hyundai’s

cific cable that plugs into the aux port

and the USB port that’s different than most modern Hyundai’s pretty much all the other options in Hyundai’s portfolio have moved away from that particular method of integration below that we have two large storage cubbies right back there you can access them from the side or from the front the model we’re testing has the six-speed manual transmission shifts are a little bit longer than you’ll find in the Mazda 3 but they’re short overall reverses all the way over to the left and then up rather than all the way to the right and then down which is my personal preference behind the shifter we have two very large cupholders these are easily able to accommodate large take-out drinks and then right over here we have a traditional handbrake behind the cupholders we have a Center Armas that slides forward and backward and it opens up to reveal a fairly large and deep storage KUB you can really see how deep that is right down there you really reach my arm quite far in moving over to the driver’s side we have a two dial analog instrument cluster speedometer
right over here on the right tachometer

over there on the left in the center you
will see some little digital gauges for your fuel level and the engine temperature right between those two dials we also have a trip computer readout you can see our fuel economy have our average speed elapsed time etc you can scroll along and you can see that we’ve actually been averaging quite decent fuel economy so far 29.5 we haven’t completed the entire economy cycle so check back with us at the end of this video for that particular number moving out to the steering wheel our model has the optional leather wrap steering wheel sport grips right up there it is a 4 spoke design as you can see on this side we have our radio controls volume up/down track up/down mode and mute over there voice command button dedicated phone hang up and pickup buttons for the integrated Bluetooth system over here on this side you’ll find the cruise control buttons this button allows you to adjust the steering effort you can choose between comfort sport and normal that just varies the amount of assistance this electric power steering is giving you trip and reset those belong to that
multi-information display right there

between the gauges now logically you’d
buy the hatchback version of the Elantra because you want the additional cargo room and that’s true for the Elantra GT of course right here we have a 26 inch roller bag and a 24 inch roller bag you can see they fit very easily in the trunk now this 24 inch roller bag can fit pretty much anywhere in the trunk in that position but the 26 inch roller bag has to be pretty much towards the center now there is enough room on this side to fit a 24 inch roller bag right like that and I was able to fit to 26 inch roller bags and to 21 or inch roller bags right here in the cargo area now if we take those bags out of the car and we fold and open this load floor you’ll notice we have some additional storage right over here on that side on this side we’ll also see we have some cargo tie-downs which add to cargo practicality if we lift this foam divider you’ll notice we have a doughnut spare tire right here we do have enough room for a full-size spare tire if you so desire or you could always take out this little foam insert that contains the jack and tire iron and you can
always put some additional cargo right

there under the load floor one
interesting thing to note is that the top tether anchors for child seats are actually located on the floor of the cargo area right there rather than on the rear seatback when it comes to my exclusive truck comfort index like most hatchbacks they score 9 out of 10 points even though we don’t have quite as much room back here as I found in the Mazda 3 it is still a very nicely done cargo area we also have to assist handles on either side of the hatchback to help you close the hatchback and that is a very important feature when it comes to acceleration this new two-liter engine has done wonders for the Elantra GT I squirt zero-to-sixty a full second faster than the last Elantra GT with the manual transmission that I tested came in at eight point three seconds 0-60 which slots this again between the mazda3 2.0 and the mazda3 2.5 this is also a little bit faster than the regular versions of the Ford Focus if you get the automatic transmission your zero to 60 times are relatively similar they’re a little bit longer in my testing but it really just depends on how fast you are at shifting a manual transmission the Elantra GT that we’re testing has the optional sports suspension and as a result I give this eight out of 10 points when it comes to handling the Mazda 3 is by far the better handling vehicle in this segment and also is the better feeling vehicle
there’s not a lot more steering feedback

going on in that Mazda even though they

all have electric power steering the steering effort in the GT is adjustable there’s a little button right here on the steering wheel now I can select from comfort normal or sport now in sport mode the steering is firmer but there’s no more feel coming back from the road any of the steering modes in this Elantra GT the steering is going to feel very isolated if you get the Elantra GT without the sport suspension then I give the ride eight out of ten points if you get the one with a sports suspension that we’re driving right here then it comes in at seven out of ten points you can definitely feel most of the road imperfections in this vehicle and the suspension feels a little bit upset over broken pavement especially in the corners that kind of feeling is pretty common when it comes to vehicles with a stiff suspension so it’s not very unusual in terms of the compact category in terms of cabin noise I’ll give this six out of ten points cab annoys came in at 74 decibels which is approximately the same as the Toyota Corolla it’s one of the louder entries in this segment the Mazda 3 which used to be one of the louder entries in the segment is now one of the quieter entries and Ford’s focus is relatively quiet as well when it comes to breaking I’ll give this 7 out of 10 points keep in mind that we do have the Ford Focus ST in this category and that does score 10 out of 10 points the Mazda 3 also scores fairly well now in general of
vehicles with the wider tires in this

category will have better 62 0 braking

scores but the launcher does very well for itself even though we have 215 with tires on this model and 205 with tires on the standard GT even though the Elantra GT has more power than the Mazda 3 with the 2-liter engine it’s less engaging out on the road some of that has to do with the tire choices that Hyundai has put in this vehicle and some of it has to do with the 6-speed manual transmission the shifts are a little bit longer and the engagement feel isn’t quite as precise as the MAS of transmission but this is still a very good manual transmission I actually rank this just about on par with what you’ll find in the Ford Focus now I really love the fact that this vehicle uses a 6-speed manual transmission instead of a 5-speed manual transmission that extra gear really helps out on the road you have a slightly lower first gear in general in a 6-speed manual and a slightly higher final gear it gives you better fuel economy out on the highway a slightly better performance in terms of 0 to 60 it also means it’s a little bit easier to find the right gear ratio for you out on the road now this manual transmission is in general geared a little bit low I’m in sixth gear I’m going 50 miles an hour and the engine spinning about 2,000 rpm that does help out performance on these winding mountain roads that were on right now now like many small engines you do have
to rub the nuts off this 2-liter engine

in order to get a lot of acceleration

out of this vehicle but it is an awful lot more fun than the smaller engine that this 2-liter replaces in terms of fun to drive the Elantra GT score is much higher than you might think I’ve noticed that a lot of people are worried about the Elantra GT thinking that it really pales in comparison to the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus well I do find the Mazda 3 more engaging out on the road we’re not talking about a great deal of daylight between this and the Mazda 3 in terms of actual on the road performance Mazda 3 does feel more connected without a doubt it definitely feels more precise out on the road but the difference isn’t huge if you decide to get the six-speed Automatic transmission in this vehicle you should know that that automatic is relatively reluctant to downshift the shifts are very firm actually like that transmission in general but it definitely puts a damper on the fun in the GT despite the engine upgrade fuel economy is actually a little bit better than I had expected and a little bit better than the EPA said I would get I’ve been averaging twenty six point seven miles per gallon and very mixed driving now that’s about one mile per gallon less than I got in the Elantra with the old engine but it is a little bit better than I averaged in the manual transmission version of the Ford Focus even though the Elantra GT is certainly starting to show its age this is still a

very confident hatchback out on the road

we also get very good fuel economy on
the downside however this is one of the louder vehicles in terms of road noise out on the road and Mazda has just announced that the Mazda 3 will now be available with a manual transmission and the 2.5 liter engine that was really a sore spot for me in the Mazda 3 was that before you could only get the manual transmission with that 2-liter engine and now that said that you can actually get it with the 2.5 which produces more power than this engine in the Elantra GT as we’ve come to expect from Hyundai pricing is fairly simple and it also starts relatively low pricing starts at eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty dollars for the manual transmission version nineteen thousand seven fifty for the automatic if you have all the options available you’ll end up at around twenty six thousand five hundred dollars when I say all the options I’m really just referring to two option packages because Hyundai does like to keep pricing and packages very simple the nice thing with the Elantra is that you can get the packages on both the automatic and the manual versions of the Elantra GT so you don’t have to choose features or the manual transmission first comes up the style package at $2,550 that gives us the 17 inch wheels that are on our model the power driver’s seat the leather interior the sport suspension and a few other items then we have the $3,250 tech package which our model is also equipped with that gives us this panoramic roof 7-inch nav system as well as two zone climate control and again a few other options when it comes to the competition the Elantra GT is without a doubt the value entry in this segment this is several thousand dollars less expensive than a comparably

equipped Mazda 3 now admittedly I think

the Mazda 3 looks better and also handles a little bit better a tiny bit more practical in the rear and it’s an awful lot newer than this vehicle the Mazda 3 is actually currently the newest entry in this segment and as a result it does seem the freshest the Elantra GT is not only less expensive than that Mazda 3 2.0 we also get more power standard under the hood we also don’t get any limitations as far as adding options and keeping the manual transmission and Mazda does like to keep some of those options out of the reach of manual transmission drivers Ford Focus hatchback is about a thousand dollars more expensive than they launched our GT but I do think that on the inside it has a slightly nicer interior the seats aren’t quite as comfortable as this model but we do get a little bit more technology going on on the inside now again Hyundai doesn’t limit the options that you can get with the manual transmission so if you fully load up your Elantra it will still be less expensive than that forward even though we can get more options with the manual transmission than you can in the Ford as you might expect the toughest competition for the Elantra GT comes in the form of the Kia Forte hatchback that Forte hatchback is again related to this it uses the same engine basically the same transmissions but it offers the latest suite of Hyundai’s and Kias technology especially at the top-end trims the Forte compares incredibly well with the Mazda 3 as well as the Ford Focus in terms of value as well as features now the Elantra is still less expensive in that forte it’s about $1,000 less expensive but again this is the older generation of both the key and the Forte platforms how does the
launcher GT stack up against the

Volkswagen Golf that is an excellent
question the golf is by far the better handling vehicle out on the road it’s also the better feeling vehicle out on the road however the Elantra GT is significantly less expensive now the new 2015 golf Volkswagen has really upped the game in terms of interior quality and it’s definitely above this Elantra GT it’s not that the Elantra GT is behind in any real measure I would call this about class average I would call this interior slightly above the Ford Focus but definitely a step behind that brand new Golf overall I give the Elantra GT 10 out of 10 points when it comes to value this is definitely the best value currently going in this segment it’s not exactly the best car for me however I would really take the Mazda 32.5 over this even though you can’t get the manual transmission the Mazda 3 is by far the better driver I also think it’s very attractive on the outside I do think that the Kia Forte five-door at this moment is also a slightly better buy than they launched a GT it feels a little bit fresher especially on the inside versus this Elantra that doesn’t however make the launcher GT

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