2014 – 2015 Lincoln MKZ Child Seat Review

on today’s child state review we’re taking a look at the 2015 Lincoln MKZ this is a gronckle classic ride 50 child seat and we’re talking about this vehicle separately from the Ford Fusion because there is enough of a change between the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ to warrant a different video in terms of competition the MKZ sort of straddles the line between competition
with the likes of the mercedes-benz CLA

as well as a mercedes-benz c-class the
Audi a4 and the Audi a3 as well as the BMW 3-series the Volvo s60 and certain other entries from Cadillac and Buick the biggest difference between these competitors is going to be right back here in the rear passenger compartment you’re gonna have more room back here than something like a mercedes-benz CLA 250 or a Lexus ct200h but you’re gonna have less room back here than a Lexus es350 or a mercedes-benz c-class or BMW 3 series because the MKZ is a midsize sedan the first thing I’m going to do is move this
front passenger seat forward now you can

see that this seat does move quite far
back in its tracks I’m 6 feet tall if I actually put my butt back in this seat then you can see that my feet aren’t really touching the floorboards they’re about 2 3 inches away from that so it is a good vehicle for longer legged people or taller passengers now as I scoot this front seat forward you’ll also note that the dashboard is not terribly thick in this vehicle so the distance between this portion of the dashboard and the firewall in the vehicle is actually quite slim and that means that if I scoot the seat forward till I have about two inches of legroom between my knees right there and the glove box then my head is actually quite close to the Sun Visor in the car and that’s because of that compact Ness right there the seat
does have a decent amount of travel so I

can move the seat quite far forward it’s
actually a little bit too close for comfort for me so I’m going to move that a little bit further back many luxury vehicles have really thick seat backs and that does affect rear legroom now in general a thicker seat back is going to be a more comfortable seat back however these Lincoln seats are actually very very comfortable they’re also very soft but they’re really not very thick you can actually see right here how thin they’re and that does help rear legroom you can see how scalloped this seat back is right here and I think that in this thinnest portion of the seat seat is only about three inches thick it’s very thin for a luxurious seat that really does improve the legroom right here in the back thanks to these slums

Beks I was able to fit a child seat

right over here behind myself in a safe fashion I do have about an inch of distance between this seat and the child seat the distance between the front seat and the back of the child seat is important because in a rearward style accident the front seat can move a decent amount rearward you don’t want it to impact a child seat this child seat will be moved a little bit further back when it is strapped into this vehicle completely this is a very safe position one thing to note is that although this may look a little bit upright in the video the little green ball is in the Green Zone for rearward facing installation now one thing to note is that the driver’s seat is move further rearward when it’s adjusted for me at 6 feet tall than that passenger seat was that really just has to do with the way the dashboard is shaped in this vehicle and how far you can move that passenger

seat safely forward and still fit in
there at 6 feet tall that means that I can put a rear-facing child seat also right here in the center of the vehicle but I would be a little bit hard pressed to put it right here behind myself on the driver’s side you may be able to do that if you’re shorter but if you have longer legs you won’t be able to do that so in this particular configuration the person with the longer legs will have to be doing the driving right over here the person with the shorter legs can easily sit right in front of a rearward facing child seat now our MKZ has a $195 option which are these rear inflatable seat belts that you can see here this is a very unique option to the Ford and Lincoln family and I think this is one of the most important safety innovations in my mind in a great amount of time what this is designed to do is it’s

designed to reduce the load forces on

children women and small adults in the
backseat the way that it does that is right here in the buckle section we actually have an inflator you can think of that very similarly to an airbag inflator but it doesn’t explode with the same kind of force that inflator actually inflates the webbing right here in the child seat belt and you can see that this sort of has a design where it can rip open on one side now you’ll notice that it is a very traditional seat belt up here and there’s this inflatable portion right across the chest so if I plug this in right there this is now in position that’s why we have two different ratchet mechanisms we actually have one right down here on the bottom then we have another one right on the shoulder to ensure that this inflatable seat belt is positioned right here across the chest now what this is going to do in the event of an accident it’s going to become wider that’s the reason that it’s inflatable so it’s

going to cause a little igniter to

explode it’s going to cause this seatbelt to rip open a little bit and then inflate across the chest giving you much more surface area on the body now the reason you want these inflatable seat belts and the reason it is such an important safety innovation is that it distributes the load across a wider surface area right here on the chest and that helps you protect ribs collar bones that sort of thing in an accident because in an accident if you’re a smaller person especially if you’re a child or you have weaker bone structures then it is very possible to break ribs or break collar bones as you decelerate like that but if you can spread that force over a larger area then your chances of getting injured in that

fashion are much much lower now Ford has

designed these safety belts to work very safely with a child seat so they’re not going to cause any problem if you do have to use a safety belt like this to actually install your child seat so they’re designed with this in mind they don’t blow up like an enormous balloon or something like that you can think of it just as primarily getting wider across the chest so there’s no problem with doing that of course the safest way to install your child seat is still going to be the latch anchors like most vehicles in the US the MKZ has two sets of latch anchors for the outboard seating positions however unlike many vehicles sold in the US the instruction manual specifically says that you may use the two outboard latch anchors right here for a center child seat installation if the instruction manual for your child seat says that that is acceptable to do now the reason that that’s important is because latch anchors are spaced 11 inches apart so the distance between this latch anchor right here and this latch anchor right over here is 11 inches but the distance between this latch anchor and this other latch anchor right over here on this other side is 18 inches so the instruction manual for your child safety seat also needs to agree that you can use those latch anchors for a safe child seat

installation so be sure to check both

the vehicle’s instruction manual and the child seats instruction manual before you do use those latch anchors for a center child seat but in the MKZ it is allowed I now have these two child seats inserted right here and it was very easy to get them into the MKZ because of the overall width of this vehicle now I did have to remove the headrests from both the center section and the outboard section in order to get these seats inserted proper we but that was very easy unlike some other vehicles I’ve tested recently when it comes to top tether installation it’s important to remember that you want no more than half an inch of movement in the child seat if you tug on the seat forcefully from its position right here like that then we do get just about that kind of motion right here because the top tether anchor location in the MKZ is a little bit close to the child seat right here they’re not terribly far removed and the buckle is extraordinarily large on these graha classic ride 50 child seats there are decent number of child seats on the market that have shorter buckle
arrangements and those may be more ideal

for use in the MKZ because you don’t
want that movement in the child seat and it will be a lot easier to install a child’s eat in the MKZ if it has a shorter buckle arrangement right back here for the top tether now if I sit back in the seat you’ll notice that the MKZ is a fairly wide vehicle so I don’t really have too much problem with wise sitting right next to this child seat however Headroom wise the MKZ is a little bit limited so if I actually sit back in this seat my head is touching the ceiling it’s just about as tight as the Audi a3 it’s not quite as tight as the mercedes-benz CLA 250 that vehicle you can’t really even sit upright in this vehicle you could slouch a little bit and I’d be okay right back here in the back seat this brings us to the three across child seat test and as you can see three child seats fit in the back of the MKZ fairly easily right over here you’ll notice I have about a hands worth of room between the child seat and the door that is ideal because we do have side curtain airbags here and you want them to deploy between the child seat and the door you don’t want them to

come down right into the child seat we
also have about two inches worth of room right here in the hip section of the seat between the child seat and the door and again that is ideal this really wouldn’t be a problem with child seats that are this size and the croco classic ride 50 child seat is very average in terms of overall dimensions if you’re looking at wider child seats those may be a problem to squeeze right back here in the MKZ but if you had average or narrower child seats it definitely won’t be a problem let’s talk cargo room the MKZ that we’re taking a look at right here is the hybrid model so it does cut in on your trunk space Lincoln puts their trunk release button right down there above the license plate I found that a little bit awkward let me know what you think in the comments section down below now even though we do have a hybrid battery pack right back here it’s very easily able to fit a wide variety of luggage back here this is a 26 inch roller bag and it’ll in that well but you can also roll it right there on top of the battery pack and that’s because the trunk is sort of
a two-tiered fashion we have this low

well right here and then we have a
higher area right back there so I can actually put this 24-inch roller bag right up there on that shelf as well now unlike some other hybrid vehicles we also get rear seatbacks that fold flat in this vehicle and we can actually push cargo right from there onto the inside now you won’t find a spare tire in this vehicle but you will find a little bit of extra cargo capacity under the load floor right here where a spare tire would normally go and it appears that if you wanted to put a compact spare tire in there instead of the tire inflator you might be able to do that so let’s go ahead and remove these two roller bags and we’ll see how well some child seats fit and there we have it you can very easily fit three child seats right back here even in the hybrid model that’s because Lincoln gives us a generously sized trunk and the battery pack even in this hybrid model doesn’t occupy as much rear cargo room as you might think in this vehicle it’s placed low and flat in that cargo area and it does allow you to have the full length of a regular trunk in the MKZ

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