2014 – 2015 Mercedes E250 Bluetec Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and this is the 2014 Mercedes Benz C 250 BlueTEC this replaces last year’s e3 50 BlueTEC as the only diesel option available in the United States in this eClass sedan not only is this replacing the e3 50 but it also is now the least expensive model in the mercedes-benz e-class lineup in the United States it’s actually $500 less expensive than the e3 50 gasoline
whereas last year the e350 diesel was a

$1,500 option over that gasoline model
now I realize our European viewers are likely thinking what’s the big deal about a small diesel engine in a mercedes-benz e-class it’s been happening for ages and ages and ages well the big deal is it hasn’t happened in the United States since about the 190 D era in the 1980s so it’s really been a very long time since we’ve had a very fuel-efficient where City’s Benz diesel in the u.s. Diesel’s just don’t have the same reputation that they used to in the 1980s they’re no longer smokey they’re no longer smelly they’re an awful lot
smoother and they also get excellent

fuel economy and that’s really what
diesel has been known for fuel economy in this e to 50 diesel is 28 miles per gallon study 45 highway and 34 combined that’s what the rear-wheel drive model that drops slightly if you choose all-wheel drive down to 27 miles per gallon in the city 42 on the highway and 32 around town that represents an awful lot of difference between this and the e 350 when it comes to your annual fuel cost it’s about seven hundred dollars cheaper to operate this e to 50 then the e 350 which is five hundred dollars more than this vehicle versus that outgoing a 350 BlueTEC this e to 50 model provides almost the same amount of power but it gets eight miles per gallon better fuel economy in the combined cycle not only is it fuel efficient but the e 250 is
quite attractive 2014 brings a refresh

to the mercedes-benz e-class lineup we
have these very attractive LED light pipes right here in the headlamp modules our model has the optional LED headlamps those are an attractive option and something that I would probably buy if I were going to buy this car we also have the Sport Line trim on this mercedes-benz e – 50 they’re two different front end looks and two different rear end looks on the e-class for this year there’s the sport line and then there’s the standard line the standard line can be distinguished because it has a different grille and also still has a hood ornament whereas this model gets this very large mercedes-benz logo right here and this more aggressive looking front end with these large cooling ducts right down here compared

to the competition

I find this front and the most attractive in this segment I think it’s aggressive it’s also elegant enough for a luxury sedan like this if you want something a little bit more classic you do have that alternative front and look that you can opt for I think that BMW has been going for a very luxury oriented look lately and it’s really shown with their front ends they’re just a little bit more boring than this the audi a6 definitely has I think kind of an inelegant look up front I think it looks just a little bit too Volkswagen like for my tastes the Cadillac CTS is definitely a solid competitor to the the e-class and the 5 Series these days and I do like the way that CTS looks but it appeals to me in sort of a different way than this mercedes-benz this year’s refresh did relatively little to change the side profile of the e-class I think that’s a good thing we

still have this attractive blunt nose up

here we still have a relatively long hood and very rear-wheel-drive proportions what I mean by rear-wheel drive proportions really has to do with the distance of the wheel to the front bumper as well as the wheel to the front door if you take a look at the 5 Series the e-class and the Cadillac CTS they all have a relatively short distance between the front bumper and the wheel and a relatively long distance between the wheel and the front door that’s really what you get when you get a rear-wheel drive sedan the Audi a6 isn’t like that the Audi a6 has very front wheel drive proportions just because of the way that drivetrain is designed so you’ll notice the Audi a6 the wheel is much closer to the driver’s door and it’s much further away from the front end of the vehicle that design causes a
definite difference in feel on that Audi

a6 when you’re out on the road compared

to the rear-wheel drive competition Rossetti’s Benz also continues to stick to their traditional profile with this tall greenhouse and a relatively high beltline the tall greenhouse really improves rear seat Headroom that’s one thing you’ll notice when you get inside an eClass versus something like a mercedes-benz CLS which has a very drastically plunging roofline or something like an Audi a7 etc you have an awful lot more rear seat Headroom and that’s why mercedes-benz e-class azar used as taxicabs in certain countries out back you’ll notice a decently sized trunk lid that’s part of the prioritization process going on in this eClass the mercedes-benz e-class doesn’t have as much rear seat legroom as you’ll find in a BM doh five series but does have a very large trunk Outback 2014 brings a more attractive rear end with a slightly massaged design these integrated exhaust
tips down here and nice LED light pipes

right here in the rear tail lamp modules
plus another picture here so you can see what that looks like at night it’s a very attractive design overall I think it’s a nice improvement over the outgoing model because we’re in the sport trim there are a few differences between this and the base trim we have a little bit less chrome going on back here and it’s slightly more aggressive I think this look is a little bit more attractive for the e-class overall under the hood is where you’ll find the big news for 2014 this is a brand new for the United States again this has been around in other markets for a little bit longer 2.1 liter four-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine this engine uses two sequential turbos
it actually doesn’t put them in parallel

like you’ll find in something like a BMW
inline 6 engine from a few years ago this puts them one after the other they’re sequential turbos so there’s a small one that gives you good low-end performance and then there’s a big one that engages later to give you good high-end performance the two of them together deliver 195 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque which is an awful lot of torque and thanks to that twin-turbo arrangement peak torque happens at just 1600 rpm and continues way on up through the RPM band this engine is mated to a 7-speed mercedes-benz automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels by default you can opt for an all-wheel drive system for $2,500 on this diesel it’s an option that I probably would select however it does numb the handling abilities of this car notably out on the road one thing worth knowing is that mercedes-benz 4matic system actually adds less weight than outies Quattro system and it retains an impeccable weight balance in this vehicle you can see right here that this is where the front struts are located in the car and that means the majority of this engine is actually behind the front wheels which is very different than you’ll find in an Audi product where the majority of the engine is in front of the wheels or something like a Volvo where the engine
is entirely on top of the wheels this is

very similar to the layout you’ll find
in the Cadillac CTS as well as the BMW 5-series just leads to that good rear-wheel drive driving dynamic that the e-class as well as the 5 Series have been known for if you need more power Mercedes still offers several other engine options from a 3.5 liter v6 engine gasoline of course 302 horsepower to a 3.5 liter hybrid system still delivering 302 horsepower and two different twin-turbo v8 s there’s a 4.6 liter twin-turbo v8 good for 402 horsepower and 448 pound-feet of torque and two different tunes of the AMG 5.5 liter v8 good for either 550 horsepower or 577 horsepower and either 531 pound-feet of torque or a stump pulling 590 regardless of the engine I need to point out this hood because you’ll notice it’s nearly in a vertical position which is very different than most other vehicles out there really just Mercedes and certain Honda models have this feature and it makes it an awful lot easier to work on your car because you can really get back there without banging your head on the hood under this hatch the trunk you won’t find a spare tire instead we get an ADD blue tank add blue is the brand name

that mercedes-benz uses for their urea

injection system in their diesel vehicles urea is injected into the exhaust stream in order to reduce emissions and bring diesel vehicles into compliance with the latest EPA and California emissions regulations although relatively minor this urea fluid does need to be purchased and it is a cost consideration when you’re taking a look at fuel economy in any diesel vehicle front seat comfort in the e 250 starts at very good for the segment it ends at excellent this e to 50 that we have right here is excellent because it has the multi contour driver seat option to $660 option and inserts a number of air bladders into this seat we have a massage function in the seat back and we also have inflating side bolsters that allow you to not only adjust how firm you want those bolsters to be but it will actually activate them dynamically so if you turn right then the car will inflate the left bolster if you turn left it will inflate the right bolster to help hold you in the seat we also have an extending thigh cushion and a four-way lumbar support oli 250s have
a power adjustable and memory linked

tilt telescope steering wheel but the
range of motion on the tilt telescopic steering wheel isn’t as large as you’ll find in some brands rear seat comfort is excellent in the e2 50 as it is in all the e-class models that’s because of the e-classes profile we have that very upright profile with a tall roof right back here in the back which means that even though I’m 6 feet tall have about 2 inches of headroom left back here this rear seat back is also relatively upright which makes it more comfortable for longer journeys and this seat bottom cushion is a little bit higher off the floor which is better for adults when it comes to legroom however the e-class comes up just a little bit short I have about 2 inches of legroom left right here sitting behind myself in that seat but if I move over to the right side of the car where the front seat is all the way back in its tracks and I sit upright my knees are touching the back of this front seat that’s because the e-class has a little bit less legroom than you’ll find in a BMW 5-series even though this middle seat is fairly high up off the ground compared to these outboard bucket seats
because the e-class has such a tall

roofline I still have about an inch of
headroom left in this middle seat let’s take a quick look around the e to 50s interior we have these four-way adjustable butterfly headrest which allow you to move that headrest more like an airplane style first-class seat we have height adjustable seatbelts as well we look up to the ceiling our model has the sunroof and this is the center console right here one nice touch are these reading lamps in the car the reading lamps actually shine out from underneath this rear view mirror you’ll find that a number of GM vehicles as well that really means that you you end up disturbing the driver and off lot less while you’re driving along down the road using your map light our model is equipped with perforated leather as well as the cooled seat option right here on the front of both the driver and the passenger seat we also have an additional little storage compartment right there moving over to the door panels we have a lot of soft touch plastics and leather inserts going on there mercedes continues to put their front seat controls right there on the
door and the passenger also has a

three-position memory this isn’t dark
plastic this is actually a dark stained wood trim it’s kind of difficult depending on the light to really see the wood grain I think I’d prefer the lighter trim options that are available in the mercedes-benz e-class one thing to note is if you do offer those lighter trim options then pretty much everything above this wood trim stays black we do get the color matched eight pillars out there so that will become a lighter color but the bottom part of the dashboard will end up a lighter color if you choose some of the more camel or tan or grey interior options I think that really helps break up the interior a little bit we have a very large glovebox easily able to accommodate a tablet PC on this upper shelf and we have a decent amount of room there on the lower area as well above the infotainment LCD we have this little analog readout for the parking sensors in addition to beeping at you this system will give you a little string of LEDs there so you can see how close to an object you are up front well we’re up here looking at the dashboard I’d like to point out this defogger great because this is kind of an attention to detail thing that Mercedes has long been known for instead of giving you a boring or common-looking slot in your dashboard we get this attractive speaker grille looking thing right across the dashboard there to give the the defogger
just a little bit more of a classy look

working our way down the dashboard we

have these two large air vents an analog clock and we also have fixed buttons for an awful lot of radio functions this is something I really appreciate and something you don’t find in a number of the competitors we have direct access buttons to radio our discs this will also work for your media command so if you want direct access to your iPod you can just click on their navigation telephone mute hang up pick up etc track forward and backward the only downside with command is that these are really the only two track forward and backward buttons you get you can go forward and backward on a track using the steering wheel that’s not as intuitive as I would like over here we have a fixed number pad for the telephone makes it easier to dial heated and cooled seat buttons parking sensor disabled the Eco button enables and disables the auto start/stop system among other things hazard lights this button puts down the rear seat headrests if they’ve been raised in an upward position rear sunshade and then controls for the driver seats below that you’ll find dual zone climate controls with little toggle switches for the temperature for both the driver and the passenger below the climate controls is this little sliding door and this has two stages one to reveal the cupholders easily able to accommodate the largest size takeout cups that I was able to throw at it you can push it to the next position to reveal your ashtray as well as a 12-volt power outlet moving further back we have the economy and sport
button for the engine and transmission

we also have the mercedes command button

and knob arrangement back button favorite button clear direct access button for the driver’s seat options in the system this knob rotates toggles up down side to side and it pushes to select the e-class has a fairly large center armrest pull that little latch to open the box up and in here you’ll find a USB ipod and auxilary input as well as a decent amount of storage nestled right in the middle of the speedometer is this full-color LCD it’s quite an attractive look we have a wide variety of vehicle options as well as other information that can be displayed on the screen we have our trip computer right there you can see our average fuel economy etc you can see we’ve been averaging thirty six point eight miles per gallon with this car we can also adjust vehicle settings we can control our telephone we can adjust our drive assistance systems these are safety systems on the vehicle and we can also scroll on to our audio system and this is where you can actually go forward and backward with your tracks if you’re not on this audio option you can’t do that with the steering wheel so you won’t be able to see your trip information like you would right there as well as go forward and backward the tracks on your iDevice this vehicle is equipped with the optional and very attractive partial wood leather steering wheels you can see it’s wood on
the bottom as well as on the top and has

these large chunky leather grips on the

side this is a very attractive wheel I think it’s definitely more attractive than the stock wheel that’s available in the e 250 you can also get the steering wheel heated however you can’t get the wood trim with that heated steering wheel Mercedes continues to use a gearshift that’s a little stock on the steering wheel you pull down to drive it returns to Center you push up for reverse and you push this little button in at the end for Park the e 250 has a fairly large trunk and also has the option of a foot actuated trunk sensor ours doesn’t have that option but you can pay for one and you could wiggle your foot right under the rear bumper and have it open the trunk lid for you if you’re carrying things we also have an option of a power closing trunk lid as you can see right there it’ll close the trunk lid and opening the trunk lid happens very rapidly which is something that I like the e 250 has an enormous trunk and has the option of folding rear seats which is something that you don’t find in some of the competition because of this large trunk we score an easy 9 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index because it’s quite easy to get in this trunk it’s quite nice to close it as well there’s kind of a misconception out there about Diesel’s and about torque and about the difference in feel on the road between a diesel and a gasoline engine this diesel engine produces about 200 horsepower and

almost 400 foot pounds of torque it’s a

decent amount of torque it’s an awful
lot more torque than you get in the 3.5 liter gasoline v6 engine in the same mercedes-benz e-class but a lot less horsepower what that really means to you is that this car will accelerate slower than an e 350 however when you’re climbing up a hill it won’t need to drop gears like an e 350 will in order to stay at that speed so if you’re climbing up say highway 80 in the Sierra Nevada mountains or my daily commute up in over 2200 foot Mountain past this e to 50 can do it in seventh gear so it’s just loafing along it’s a about 1500 rpm in 7th gear climbing up that hill whereas the e350 has to drop down to fifth gear or sometimes even fourth gear in order to maintain that speed up those same grades however the e350 has an awful lot more passing power so if we’re on a freeway like this and you wanted to actually pass someone especially if you’re on a two-lane highway that kind of a thing then the e350 will accomplish that task much faster than this e to 50 will the difference is really obvious in our acceleration numbers we scored zero to 60 in this e to 50 in 7.3 seconds this is the all wheel drive version that we’re testing right here and the thing to know is that that is a decent amount faster than mercedes-benz very conservative estimates of around 8.2 or so however the difference between this and the e350 is smaller than mercedes-benz advertises on their site mercedes-benz says that the III 50 will do it in about 6.3 seconds we scored about six point three five or six point four seconds to zero to sixty in the e350 so that means the difference is about a full second or so between the two however if you look at the zero to

thirty time this car does zero to 30 in
about the same amount of time as that III 50 it’s at 30 to 60 time where things really start to stretch out by the time you’ve achieved the quarter mile it’s a decent amount slower in this e 250 we’re out here on the highway first because our car is equipped with Distronic plus and that means that this car is actually doing the pedal work for me right now because we also have the advanced lane-keeping assistant in this car it means the system is also doing the steering in the corners for the most part for me that’s kind of unusual in this luxury car segment because rather than just a lane-keeping assistant where it tries to keep you within the lane lines and tries to either steer you back in the lane lines if you veer over the line or will you know warn you if you veer over the line this system actually provides the vast majority of the steering effort required to stay in a corner so as you enter a corner the car will literally provide the vast majority effort to stay in that corner many corners you can even just remove your hands for the wheel for just a brief moment and the car will steer itself right around that corner like right now no hands and we’re steering around that corner for instance obviously this is not something mercedes-benz wants you to do but it is a very interesting feature in this luxury car segment it’s pretty unique radar adaptive cruise control is one of my favorite new car knowledge ease right now we have it enabled and it’s following the car in front of us at a predetermined distance by the car this is the shortest gap but this car will maintain between the Mercedes and this BMW that happens to be in front of us now not only do I like it because I find it very traffic calming

very mentally calming if you’re in a
situation where you have relatively moderate traffic to heavy traffic this system will take you to a complete stop it will hold you at the complete stop and then at the simple press of a button it will take off again and follow the car in front of you there’s more than just the convenience going on with these systems however because the system knows how fast the car in front of me is going relative to the car that I’m in it can also tell me if it thinks the collision is imminent so if that car suddenly steps on its brakes and this car thinks you’re going to rear-end them it will alert you as well as take action on that situation as far as adaptive cruise control systems go the mercedes-benz Distronic plus system is my favorite right now it beats out the Volvo system by just a hair because of its integration with the steering system in this car that helps keep you in the lane overall the Volvo as well as the mercedes-benz systems just feel very natural in the way that they interact with the car as well as the other traffic if you step on the accelerator pedal you can accelerate up to a particular speed you can exceed the speed that the cruise control is set to

and then it will very naturally return

to that speed if you want to accelerate a little bit faster because you think the car is not achieving that set speed fast enough you can do that and then when you let go again it returns to that set speed very naturally that’s not something that you can say about systems especially in Infiniti and Acura products thanks to the large amount of low-end torque the e250 never really feels out of breath on winding mountain roads or steep inclines like this it’s just that when you step on the accelerator you don’t get that same acceleration that you will out of the gasoline v6 personally however I think that’s a fair trade for getting thirty six point eight miles per gallon on average in this vehicle over nearly eight hundred miles a very varying terrain again my daily commutes up and over 2200 foot mountain pass and we’ve also gone up and over the Sierras in this in order to get to Lake Tahoe and back and we still averaged about 35 miles per gallon on the from sea level up to Lake Tahoe the e250 has a solid Germanic feel and relatively soft Springs for this segment however it still feels very accurate out on these winding mountain roads that were on right now even though there’s still a decent amount of body roll in this e 250 compared to something like a 528 I especially with a Sport Line package in the BMW things feel very accurate in the e 250 and the front end doesn’t feel heavy like the BMW can at times I would

compare this very much to the Lexus GS

the Lexus GS feels very nimble and very lightweight out on the road this feels a little bit heavier but just as accurate rather unfortunately our model has the all-wheel drive system and while I do like all wheel drive in general it does numb the feeling of the e 250 out on the road just a little bit I think that’s a little bit disappointing in the e 250 just because the regular rear-wheel drive e 250 feels so accurate and so precise out on the road but I really don’t want anything interfering with that rear wheel drive feel however I would probably buy my e 250 with all-wheel drive I think the $2,500 option is definitely worth it for that wet leather traction road noise came in at 76 decibels in the e2 50 which puts this among the louder entries in this midsize luxury segment at seven point three seconds to 60 this e to 50 is by far the slowest luxury diesel car that’s available out on the market 0 to 60 in the BMW 535 d takes about five point eight seconds BMW 528i which is the base
model 528i as I said before they kind of

compete with this e 250 does it in 6.3
seconds so both of those are decent amount faster than this the Audi 3 liter turbo diesel does it just about the same amount of time as the BMWs right around 6 seconds or so the trade-off for the SLO 0 to 60 time is of course the stellar fuel economy in this car on a highway trip flat level highway we had no troubles getting 45 miles per gallon in this e 250 keeping in mind that this is the all-wheel drive model and it’s EPA rated for about 42 on the highway compared to the Audi a6 Quattro models the lighter weight and the better weight balance in this e 250 4matic is very noticeable out here on these winding mountain roads

the system feels much more planted and

much more neutral in the corners the a6 really feels like it’s going to head for the bushes when you’re anywhere beyond about eight or nine tenths or so especially in those regular a6 models we get the s6 things do firm up just a little bit but that’s more on the suspension tuning than the weight balance side because the Audi a platform really just has an awful lot of weight

over that front axle the CTS is honestly my handling preference in this segment but it’s by a very small margin and a smaller margin than I expected it to be the CTS is an excellent handler it has an awful lot of feel out on the road when you compare it to the BMW as well as the Mercedes however this Mercedes is very very close Mercedes spent a decent of time isolating the cabin and the engine from one another in the e250 however because this is still a diesel and it is a four-cylinder diesel there is still a bit of diesel clatter and a little bit of diesel vibration going on in the cabin when you’re at a stoplight I don’t find it offensive at all but it is something that I should point out so that III 50 will be quieter at idle it will be smoother at idle than this e to 50 however once you’re underway there’s really very little engine noise coming from the engine in this vehicle instead you get some exhaust noise and the exhaust noise is actually fairly Pleasant as far as luxury sedans go the thing that impressed me most with the e 250 was really the driving dynamics our e to 50 has the 4matic system which does SAP a little bit of the fun out of this out on the roads but if you get the rear-wheel drive model it has a very solid rear wheel drive feel to it all eetu 50 models are very well balanced and they also have a very neutral and very accurate feel to them reminds me a great deal of the cadillac cts 2.0 T which has a very similar feel to it the BMW on the other hand feels a little bit less connected and a little bit more front heavy especially if you get the BMW 535 D which has a little bit more weight up front than this e 2 50 the e 250 is the least expensive eClass you can buy in the United States it starts at fifty one thousand four hundred dollars that is a little bit higher than you’ll find certain other competitors starting our model here as tested is seventy thousand one hundred five
dollars because it is almost fully

loaded as I would configure this if I
were going to buy the car I ended up at sixty seven thousand one hundred thirty-five dollars with all the essential features that I really liked and if you fully load your e to 50 you can get up to 73 thousand ninety dollars well that may sound expensive it is just about the same as a similarly configured BMW 528i but this is where comparisons get a little bit tricky because the BMW 528i is the least expensive BMW 5-series it’s the base model in the United States but it’s not a diesel the only diesel 5 Series sold in the u.s. is the 535 D and the 535 D is significantly faster significantly more powerful and about $4,000 more expensive than an e 250 they don’t necessarily compete with one another unless you’re simply looking for a German diesel midsize luxury sedan the Audi a6 is going to be significantly cheaper than this e to 50 comparably equipped and that would be with the 2-liter turbo gasoline engine if you opt for the 3 litre diesel engine that outtie has available in the a6 it’s still going to be thousands less than this e 2 50 BlueTEC however the Audi isn’t going to handle as well really there’s a huge difference out on the road this e 2 50 feels incredibly nimble compared to the Audi a6 that’s just not something that’s going on without Audi if you’re simply looking for the best value in this segment then look no further than a Cadillac CTS 2.0 T Cadillac doesn’t have the brand name or the brand recognition of Mercedes obviously so you do have to take that into account however that CTS honestly has one of the best rides and the best handling abilities in this segment the 2.0 T is a real joy in that vehicle and the fuel economy is relatively decent for a small gasoline turbo engine mercedes has succeeded in a number of things with this 2014 eetu 50 they’ve succeeded in making a very desirable based vehicle there are a number of reasons why you would want to buy this over the next step up in the

line the e 350 we’re even over the e 400

hybrid if you’re doing mainly highway miles than this vehicle is going to by far give you the best fuel economy even compared to that 400 hybrid and it’s going to cost less not only is the e 250 a car that I could recommend it actually is probably one of my favorite entries in this midsize luxury car segment I do really like the Cadillac cts-v sport but I like it for a different reason this e tu 50 obviously the e63 AMG is an incredible performance car so is the m5 but they’re also very different vehicles than this e to 50 the e 250 is just very well balanced delivers excellent fuel economy it’s a very cut a very easy car to live with you could drive this car every day drive it to the store drive it to work have fun on those winding mountain roads it’s just that car that really fits a normal person out on the road I’m really glad that Mercedes chose to make the e 250 the base model in the US as well as making it cheaper than the e 350 rather than something like the same price as the e 350 because I think that will make shoppers give this a second look and you can’t go wrong by giving the e 250 a second look again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2014 a 250 BlueTEC you can go ahead and email me at alex at alex and autos com go ahead and click the subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen so you can be updated on all of our latest videos like this video comment on this video tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like and we’ll see you next week No

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