2014 – 2015 Nissan Rogue Detailed Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes and this is a 2014 Nissan Rogue this is an all new model for the 2014 model year and this particular trim is the SL trim now if you’ve been to a Nissan dealer lately you may be a little bit confused because you’ll find two different rogues right there on the Nissan dealer lot you’ll find this brand new rogue and you also find the same model as last year sold as
a 2014 nissan rogue select that rogue

select is the last generation nissan
rogue and they’ll be sold side-by-side for the 2014 model year only before we dive right on in let’s talk competition because the rogue competes in a very crowded and very competitive segment as a result I’ll really only be talking about the four primary competitors to the rogue the escape the CRV the equinox and the rav4 oh those are the top four best-selling compact SUVs in America and those are really the ones we’ll be focusing on in this video up front we have an attractive and more aggressive front end for 2014 it also looks an
awful lot more grown-up than the rogue

select that you’ll find on the same
dealer lot as this all new rogue I have been quite partial to Nissan styling direction lately and that continues with this 2014 rogue since we’re in the SL trim we have the LED daytime running lamps which are this little LED strip right here along the inside and the bottom of the headlamp lens and we also have the optional LED headlamps these are full LED headlamps LED high beams and LED low beams but these are only available as a package option in the SL trim if the rogue looks a little bigger to from this dimension you’re not seeing things the rogue has grown for 2014 because it’s now available as an optional seven-seat crossover vehicle compared to something like a Chevy Equinox the rogue is just a little bit
smaller because the equinox is

absolutely enormous in this segment
however it is larger than most of the other competitors this 2014 model strikes an attractive side pose as well you can see from this angle that we have a decent number of arrow treatments going on in this vehicle we have a new air splitter right here and we have some small arrow treatments right there in front of the rear tire which I’ll point out in a bit we also have this trim line that goes right from the hood all the way down through the doors and out to the back but right back here is the biggest difference for the 2014 model year because this is now available as a seven-seat crossover vehicle which means we get a third row seat right and back in order to accommodate that we had to have a more upright profile and a square profile in the rear we also have a

relatively vertical tailgate and rear
glass compared to the five seat only crossovers of on the market and again that’s really just to accommodate cargo as well as the sixth and seventh passengers inside the rogue that is an option so by default the rogue is a five passenger vehicle only the one that we’re taking a look at right here is the five passenger version but the sixth and seven seats are available RSL model has the standard and very attractive 18-inch wheels and right in front of the wheel you’ll see this little arrow Finley right here this actually helps improve fuel economy and if you’ve ever wondered why you see them in modern cars that’s really the reason that they’re going on right there out back we have simple and elegant styling I think it’s a little bit plain as well I think the Mazda cx-5 is the most attractive entry in this segment for me
however I do rank this above the CRV as

well as the rav4 rather than locating
the tailgate hatch right here above the license plate Nissan’s chose to place it right here below the license plate I’d love to know what you think about this particular placement because I find it a little less convenient than having it right here under the license plate below the tailgate latch you’ll find an air vent this helps relieve pressure from underneath the vehicle it helps improve fuel economy over here on the driver side we have a single hidden exhaust tip there’s only one engine and one transmission available in the rogue for 2014 it’s a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine produces 170 horsepower and 175 pound feet of torque those torque and horsepower numbers compare very favorably to the escape the rav4 as well as the CRV the equinox does

have the option of getting a 301

horsepower v6 engine which is
significantly more powerful than most of the entries in this segment of course the escape does also have the option of two different turbocharged engines should you want a little bit more shove in your Ford the big difference between this car and its direct competitors is that the only transmission available is a CVT or continually variable transmission that’s what helps this car even though it weighs between thirty three hundred and thirty six hundred pounds get 26 miles per gallon city 33 on the highway and a combined number of 28 miles per gallon overall that’s if you get the front wheel drive version for $1,350 there is also an optional all-wheel drive system and that will lower your fuel economy by one mile per gallon across the board to 25 miles per gallon on the city 32 on the highway strangely if it doesn’t seem to affect the EPA’s combined fuel economy score so the EPA still says it’s about 28 I think

it’s really about 27 either way you go

that’s still very high for this segment in fact it’s comparable to the Mazda cx-5 with the 2-liter engine which is difficult ly less powerful than this one thing to note is that mazda cx5 does get very good fuel economy however if you add the 2.5 liter engine which produces about the same amount of power as this rogue then you’re going to get about the same fuel economy front seat comfort is just above average for this segment the seat isn’t as adjustable as you’ll find especially in the American competitors in this segment this is an 8 way power adjustable seat we have a 2 way power adjustable lumbar and the seat moves in six different directions that’s really because the front of the seat cushion doesn’t move up and down independently

of the rear and that makes it just a

little bit less comfortable depending on your body type we do have a tilt telescopic steering column with a decent range of motion what helps this car get 7 out of 10 points upfront however is that we have a decent amount of legroom and an awful lot of headroom this is at the very top of its class in terms of total Headroom and total legroom that’s when you take a look at Headroom and legroom in the front as well as Headroom and legroom in the rear taking a look at those numbers holistically is important because although the rogue doesn’t score tops in rear leg room or tops in front legroom when you add those two together we are at the top of this segment because some of the other competitors will favor front legroom over rear legroom but the total amount of legroom available in the car is lower brew seat comfort is excellent these seat bottom cushions are higher off the floor than you’ll find in a number of the competitors and that really makes an awful lot more comfortable in the back for adults kids may find that the seat bottom cushion is a little bit high off the floor for them but it does result in much more usable leg room in the back in a car where the seats are closer to the bottom you’ll find you need to be more reclined in order to fit your legs in the car as you can see sitting behind myself I have about 7 inches of legroom

left here in the rear if I move all the

way over to this side this front seat is all the way back in its tracks suitable for a six foot five passenger I had in the car I still have about an inch and a half of legroom left over here this is a decent amount more than you’ll find in most of the competition in addition to the solid legroom numbers I also have about an inch of headroom left if I sit upright in this seat now we are in the sunroof equip model and that does reduce the rear headroom by almost 2 inches in this car so do keep in mind that if you’re a taller driver or a taller passenger you may want to ditch the sunroof for that Headroom to help make the third row possible the second row seats do slide forward as you can see right here this is the furthest forward they slide and they also recline that’s the most reclined position and this is the most vertical position which you would typically use simply to square off the cargo area so you can fit larger items in the car as you can see if aya were to move this seat to the bare minimum for me at 6 feet tall you could actually put someone 6 feet tall in the front 6 feet tall in the middle and in a real pinch you may find that
you could fit someone about 5 foot 10 in

the back the major problem with the
rogue’s third row is Headroom it is quite limited back there so that third row should be regarded as the emergency back seat the seat for children or the seat for your mother-in-law cargo capacity and cargo practicality are two reasons often cited for buying a crossover vehicle and the rogue really excels in this area we have two lids right here in our cargo area this first one flips up to reveal as an additional storage compartment right here under that floor and it can also be lowered down in a lower position so your entire cargo area can be taller and then this rearward section again flips open so you can see what’s under there it lowers down to the same load floor as this front one or you can put it in this upper position so you can have a second tier of luggage in your car depending on what kind of bags you’re throwing in the back here you can put luggage right there on top and a bag right there on the bottom in the rogue it really makes this awfully convenient in the back if you’re not putting a suitcase on top of this shelf and you’re worried about your

cargo rolling off Nissan does provide
little cargo stops to help keep your cargo from rolling around you can of course use this in that position as well as when this is in the standard position right down here if I can insert it in the slot there we go so it will work in both positions with this second tier in position as well so I’ll help keep things in rolling forward or from rolling back they also conveniently store right here under this lid the rogue scores 9 out of 10 points my exclusive trunk comfort index it loses one point because we don’t have a standard tonneau cover back here and that is really something I do look for in a crossover or a wagon this cargo area is extremely functional and extremely practical it’s also really quite large you can fit 70 cubic feet of things inside the rogue if you fold the second row seat down 39 point 3 cubic feet of things behind the second row seat if you do offer the 7 passenger version then need to know that you lose the spare tire and cargo capacity drops to just 9 cubic feet with that third row in place a 9 cubic feet is just about the size
where you could jammed in one roller bag

like this and maybe another small item
like a purse or something along those lines since we’re in the SL model we have the power tailgate as well which is always a feature I appreciate let’s take a detailed look around the interior we do have a manual day night mode mirror an automatic one is available as a dealer installed accessory we have a sunglass holder right there and this is where you’ll find the controls for this large panoramic moonroof as well as the automatic shade so we click this little button right here the shade automatically closes on that over here you’ll find your reading lamps Sun visors in the rogue have a nice slotting feature which I found very handy as well and they’re quite large so it’s easy to get a nice shading action with those visors both the driver and the front passenger have height adjustable seat belts if we move down to the door we have a collection of hard and soft touch plastics which is fairly normal for this segment you have soft touch plastics up here hard plastics right here and on the door handle taking a closer look at the armrest this is something that I really
appreciated during this week with the

Nissan Rogue you can see how far this
armrest really squishes in there it’s really think Lee padded which is something I appreciate an awful lot of cars cut corners on the armrest and I’d rather cut corners elsewhere in the vehicle that have a nice comfortable armrest because I am the kind of person that really does like to lean my elbow on it because we’re in an SL model we have perforated leather upholstery cloth seats are standard in all the other trims of the rogue the rogue features a sizable glove box we were easily able to accommodate a small laptop as well as tablet computers in there if hard touch plastics low in the dashboard this is fake carbon fiber trim and then we have a soft touch dashboard right up here because we’re in the SL model with the optional Bose sound system we also have a center channel speaker right there above these air vents optional on SV and standard on SL is this seven-inch color touchscreen infotainment system if you want to know more about nissanconnect and go ahead and click that infotainment banner at the bottom of your screen to be transported on over to that review if key let’s go right over here dual zone climate control and then below this you’ll see the USB input and auxilary input as well as a 12-volt power outlet I do wish the USB and auxiliary input were hidden away in some cubby somewhere all of this tray is sized appropriately for a smart phone moving back we have a

shifter and two large cupholders that

were easily able to accommodate the largest take-out sodas we could throw at them we have standard heated seats in our SL model right there behind that and an additional little storage cubby we have a relatively large center armrest this could accommodate a gallon of milk all the lid wouldn’t close on that gallon it is relatively deep but it is smaller than you’ll find in some of the competition over on the driver side we have a four dial instrument cluster with this large color information display right there in the middle you can cycle between a wide variety of different screens we have tire pressure monitoring we also have the driver assistance monitoring that’s because this vehicle does offer blind spot warning pre collision warning as well as lane departure warning we move out to the steering wheel our SL model has this attractive leather wrapped three-spoke steering wheel to do off for the other trims of the rogue you do end up with a urethane steering wheel I think this is very attractive it’s also very logical and easy to use we have our volume up/down buttons over here these buttons control that screen right there in the middle we have up-and-down for our tracks source button click to enter over here we have our cruise control buttons cancel accelerate decelerate on/off and then here we have our Bluetooth phone controls Bluetooth phone is standard on all models of the rogue including that base SL model Nissan hides their bank of various buttons over here on the
driver’s left hand side that’s where

you’ll find a sport button power

tailgate button the all-wheel-drive lock button hill descent control as well as a button that enables and disables all the warning systems in the car like most nissan sold in America the rogue has a CVT under the hood or a continuously variable transmission now I know a lot of reviews out there derived this CVT complaining about the noise or or the way that the engine just revs up to a particular speed and that hangs out there but there are a number of reasons that you actually want your engine to do that first off 0-60 acceleration is actually better in this Nissan Rogue than it is in a non CVT vehicle because the engine can rev up to its best power band and then just hang out there rather than having to go in and out of its optimal power band as it shifts gears now because of the people that complain about the way CVT is behaved Nissan has programmed this CVT to behave a little bit more like a traditional automatic so if you floor this car as you’re getting onto a freeway you will notice some imitation shift so it’ll go up to about 6500 rpm and then go back down to about 5,000 rpm and then go back up to 65 Upham and repeat that actually is less efficient and less performance oriented than if the engine had just hung out at 6,500 RPM and you can tell that because the rogue will behave like a traditional CVT if you put it in low range so if you
just put the transmission in L and floor

it it will go on up to 6500 rpm and just

hang out there and if you do that it’s actually about one tenth of a second faster 260 then if you put it in Drive and let it imitating shifts any way you slice it sixty happens in the rogue about a tenth of a second faster then it’s direct competitors and that would be the CRV the rav4 the equinox as well as the escape and that’s really thanks to this CD team the other thing the CVT does for you is improve fuel economy and it’s really obvious when you take a look at our real-world mpg numbers in this car the CVT can keep the engine in a more efficient rpm band more of the time than a traditional automatic as a result we’ve been averaging between 25 and 26 miles per gallon in this car over about 720 miles of very mixed driving that does include zero to sixty testing a lot of mountain climbing keeping in mind that my commute does go up in over a twenty two hundred foot mountain pass and plenty of idling during photoshoots as well as video shoots the SL model that we’re testing right now is equipped with Nissan’s latest pre collision warning system the system uses a radar sensor in the front bumper and it will scan the distance between you and the car in front of you and alert you if it thinks you’re going to collide with it unfortunately unlike other systems on the market this one doesn’t really have a very obvious warning indicator for you it really just flashes a very small icon in the multi information display that’s

located between the speedometer and the

tachometer and it will beep at you so
you do have to know what the car is beeping at you you know in order for you to respond to it the beep is a little bit different than the blind spot warning beep or the lane departure warning beep however unlike other systems that also use a radar sensor in the front bumper the rope does not offer radar cruise control at any price the rest of the safety systems in this vehicle use the wide-angle camera that’s also used by the backup camera system as well as the all-around camera system it’s located in the rear hatch and it scans the road around you uses a computer to determine where the vehicle is in regard to the lane lines and it also scans for traffic around you for blind spot warning and blind spot information the car will beep at you if you try and change lanes into a car next to you they’ll also give you a little alert in the form of an a colored LED right here in the a-pillar you know that there’s something in your blind spot overall the system isn’t quite as effective as the radar based systems because the field of view is a little bit more limited so if a car is immediately next to you it won’t alert you like some of those other systems the car really has to be in your true blind spot like that white car that’s over there on my left that I can barely see in my sideview mirror the car is alerting me about that now and if I turn on my turn signal it will beep at me and flash the LED in the a-pillar out on my favorite country road the road disappointed me just a little bit at the beginning and that’s not necessarily the fault of the car I think it’s the fault of the TV advertisements because in the TV ad for this car they have someone

driving the RO grounds portal II they’re

jutting around town they’re jumping on train cars jumping off roofs etc so for some reason in my mind I thought that Nissan was going for more of a mazda cx5 competitor going for something like the best handling vehicle in the segment in truth there’s nothing wrong with the rogue’s handling it’s just that it’s relatively average maybe upper middle of the pack for this compact crossover segment that’s a very good place to be Nissan designed the rugby a very middle-of-the-road competitor the suspension is neither too firm nor too soft and the handling abilities are definitely very middle-of-the-road this handles better than something like a Toyota rav4 or a Jeep Cherokee that doesn’t handle quite as well as that Mazda cx-5 likewise the suspension is very well sorted it doesn’t feel uncompelled over broken pavement it handles corners appreciably well it’s not as soft as something like a Cherokee or an equinox but it is less firm than something like a Mazda cx-5 Nissan spent a decent amount of time quieting the cabin for 2014 and it really shows with a 68 and a half decibel rating at 50 miles an hour part of the reason I like continuously variable transmissions is that I do a decent amount of mountain driving like the road that we’re on right now if you’re going to have a relatively heavy crossover vehicle with a relatively small four-cylinder engine a CVT really makes the car more drivable than if you had a traditional five or six speed automatic transmission this transmission always has the right ratio for you it makes hill climbing an awful lot easier because the car can just continuously vary that ratio to keep you at a constant speed if I were in a regular five or six speed automatic this car
would be doing an awful lot of shifting

with this engine it would also be doing
an awful lot of slowing down on the steeper portions of the road it would slow down then the car would downshift and you’d speed up and then it would up shift again and then you’d slow down again and it just doesn’t do that with a CVT it actually makes things an awful lot smoother and an awful lot more drivable on the downside despite having a sport mode and a low range mode which will keep the engine at a higher rpm band for better performance cvts are just not the sporting option also Honda’s brand new CVT that we find into the hood of the Civic and Lee accord is much faster shifting than this transmission so it shifts ratios much faster much better for passing performance as well as feel out on the road this transmission does tend have slight rubber band II feel and what most people mean by that is if you’re flooring the car and you’re full throttle acceleration and then you let off on the throttle you get this moment of more acceleration than less acceleration and then the engine will downshift again there’s a little bit unusual but it’s something that most of the CVT is out on the market all do the

ones from Audi ones from Nissan and the

ones from Subaru all have that same feel
to them however the brand new Honda CVT does not feel like that how does not putting that in the CRV yet but we do expect it at some point soon even though the Rogue doesn’t have the same ground clearance as some of the entries in this segment the road that we’re on right now is fairly rough this is probably one of the worst roads that anybody with a crossover will ever take their vehicle on and the rogue does very well for this segment that’s because we have a well designed suspension and a decent amount of wheel articulation so the wheels have a decent amount of motion with them in the suspension that really helps on these really potholed roads that were on right now also the suspension also feels very sorted at all times and the all-wheel drive system is very quick acting around the corners and around the potholes on this road this is probably the worst kind of road that most crossover shoppers will ever go on it’s fairly potholed it’s missing pavement in a decent amount of sections it’s got a lot of gravel going on a lot of leaves etc this is really good test for a crossover like this the all-wheel-drive system in the rogue reacts very quickly it actually reacts more quickly than something like a Jeep Cherokee when the Cherokee is in its auto mode because the Cherokee actually has to reconnect the rear axle and the rogue doesn’t have to do that now in real off-roading situations the
Cherokees all-wheel drive system will be

much more robust and much more capable
than this but for the average person it really just doesn’t matter the somewhat lower ground clearance figures in the rogue also don’t matter much because out on these roads suspension travel a suspension articulation and suspension design are just more important and the road does really well in these categories it really feels very composed over these very potholed roads and these you know dips and turns and roots that are sticking out in the road the road just feels very composed over everything despite some initial disappointment based on my own expectations of what I thought the rogue should be out on the road I actually give this car eight and a half points out of 10 because the Rogue is very very well balanced and I’m not talking about driving dynamics balance I’m talking about a good balance between performance handling off-road ability fuel economy etc that’s really where the rogue shines it’s just one of the best balanced entries in this

segment all the way around Nissan has
been known for value pricing and that continues for the 2014 rogue things start out at twenty two thousand four hundred ninety dollars for the front-wheel drive s model that does have an automatic transmission not a manual like you’ll find with something like a mazda cx5 twenty four thousand two hundred ninety dollars gets you the middle model the SV model twenty eight thousand seventy dollars gets you the top-end SL model that’s in front wheel drive and then if you fully load your SL model up you end up at thirty thousand nine hundred twenty dollars for the front-wheel drive model and 31 thousand

five hundred thirty five dollars for the
all-wheel drive model as we’re testing right here my favorite configuration would be the SV model with the family package which is the seventh seat option as well as the Premium Package that would give me the nissanconnect system the all-around view camera lane departure warning blind spot warning the power tailgate as well as heated mirrors
well there are some cheaper options out

there the Rogue is among the least expensive in this segment and is a decent amount less than its most direct competitors it’s about five hundred dollars less than a Honda CRV about a thousand dollars less than a rav4 or a skate and a full two thousand dollars less than a Chevy Equinox I think that the Rogues handsome good looks this absolutely ginormous cargo area the option of a third row seat and absolutely excellent fuel economy make the 2014 rogue one of the best values in this small crossover segment well I think that I do like the escape just a little bit better I think I like the feature set going on in the escape you do pay an awful lot more for that forward I also like the Mazda cx-5 for its driving dynamics but it’s not as good of a value when you actually look at how things price out feature for feature Mazda versus this Nissan I also like the Jeep Cherokee but the Cherokee is a decent amount more expensive and you lose an awful lot of cargo area in addition to not having the option of that third row seat the Rogue is a vehicle that I can strongly recommend if you’re shopping in this segment you should definitely put the Nissan Rogue on your shopping list especially if you need that third row seat well I think that I might buy the Jeep Cherokee before I bought the Nissan Rogue I really don’t need that third row seat so it really depends on how much value you place in that third row seat

you also need to keep in mind the

Cherokee isn’t as good on road as the rogue and it does have a much smaller cargo area you’ll notice up in the corner of your screen I now have a number score for the 2014 Nissan Rogue this is something I’m trying out so be sure and comment in the comments section and let me know how you like that you can also find me at facebook.com/ go ahead and like this video comment on this video tell me what you liked and didn’t like about the video about the Nissan Rogue in general or if you have any other ideas about future videos you can also email me at Alex at Alex and autos comm and we’ll see you next week

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