2014 – 2015 Toyota Corolla Review

2014 Toyota Corolla now this is arguably totus most important product in the United States and they expect to sell over 330 thousand of these in the 2014 calendar year let’s hop in and take a look Toyota decided to design two completely different front ends for the Corolla we
have this particular front end in the

lle and eco model and a slightly
different bumper model which we’ll post a picture of right here in the S model I find the S front and slightly more attractive than the L and LE model that we see right here but it is a little bit more unusual so if you prefer your front end more traditional than stick with the LE model the le and the S model are expected to account for 80% of the market share in Corolla models split approximately evenly with the base L model and the le eco model accounting for less than 10% each so we’re not going to spend too much time focusing on
that base L model or the le eco model as

a result new for 2014 is a standard LED
headlamp module in all models of Corolla that’s including that based L model that really is a breakthrough not just in the economy segment but in any mass market segment period because this will be the highest volume headlamp in the world that uses LED beams for its low beam the high beams are still traditional halogen beams in here but it’s still a huge deal because up until this point LED headlamps were really the exclusive purview of v’s hybrid vehicles or extraordinarily expensive luxury vehicles and now you can find it right here on a Corolla the Corolla has grown about three inches for the 2014 model year over the 2013 model and a lot of that is right back here in this rear door it means that the rear door is a
little bit better proportioned in

relation to the vehicle than it was in
the 2013 model year we also have pull handles which is something that I prefer in a car over the lift up handles on doors I find these are a lot easier to use and you end up scraping up the car just a little bit less we have keyless entry and keyless go as optional in certain models of the Corolla for 2014 and if you offer the S trim you get integrated LED turn signals right here in the side view mirrors overall I find the style of the 2014 Corolla elegant and restrained definitely not as exciting a certain other entries in this segment for me I think the Kia Forte is just a little bit more attractive on the side as well as the front out back we have an all new design language for the only 14 Corolla with tail lamps that wrap from the body onto the trunk lid I

think that’s a very good look and it
kind of reminds me of the 2013 Honda Civic because that was one of the major changes for the Civic between 2012 and 2013 was the inclusion of these tail lamp modules in the trunk lid it makes the rear end of the car look an awful lot more elegant and more luxurious than a cheap economy box which doesn’t have anything going on right here on the trunk lid depending on the model of Corolla you get you can get an optional back up camera and you can have a trunk button right here trunk release button on the outside of the car that will operate if the car is either unlocked or if you have that keyless entry system installed in the car our particular model being a regular base LE model does not have that option so you do have to use the remote or the key to gain entry to the trunk down here we have a single exhaust tip then we have sort of a
almost faux carbon fiber trim strip

going across the bottom of the car right
here l le and S models get a 1.8 litre 132 horsepower 4-cylinder engine produces 128 pound-feet of torque if you opt for the le eco model then you get the same engine fitted with Toyota’s new variable valve lift system it actually allows the intake valves to operate as a throttle body for the engine produces 140 horsepower but torque dropped slightly to 126 if you offer the base L model you get a four-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual the other models all come with a standard CVT transmission which is brand new for the North American market and the S model can also be equipped with that same 6-speed manual transmission the vast majority of the Corolla sold in America will have that CVT so they’ll be getting 29 miles per gallon in the city and 37 on the highway if you opt for the

LE eco model then that raises things up

to 30 miles per gallon in the city and 42 on the highway front seat comfort is fairly average for the compact segment we have a seat that adjusts manually forward and backward via this lever right here up and down via this lever right here and then reclines via this one over here we don’t have a power adjustable seat available in any model of the Corolla so that is something to keep in mind because you will find it on some of the competition we do have a tilt telescoping steering column with a decent range of motion if you opt for the S model we do get more aggressively bolstered seat bottom cushions and seat back cushions but no model of Corolla has a power adjustable lumbar support or any adjustable lumbar support whatsoever overall I find the lumbar support in the seat to be about middle of the hack it is a bit more aggressive in the Honda Civic although the Civic is not adjustable either 2014 brings five more
inches of rear legroom to the Corolla

versus the 2013 model year that’s an
enormous improvement and it now makes the Corolla incredibly competitive in this segment more rear legroom back here than just about every other entry that I can think of if I sit back in the seat you’ll also notice that these seat bottom cushions have been lengthened to make these rear seats more comfortable for adults and they’re also a little bit higher off the floor than they were before this front seats adjusted for me at 6 feet tall I have probably about 6 or 7 inches of legroom left back here this is more legroom than you’d find in many mid-size sedans definitely more than something like a Ford Fusion if I move over to this middle seat the middle seat is a little bit higher off the
ground and my hair is touching the

ceiling so that is something to keep in
mind if you routinely carry larger passengers if I move over to the far right seat this front seat is adjusted all the way back in its track suitable for a six foot five plus driver and as you can see I have about two or three inches of legroom left right here in this seat we don’t have a center armrest in the Corolla but these rear seats do fold in a 60/40 folding fashion you can see when we do that these rear headrests on the outboard seats do not adjust but the center headrest does move up and down when it comes to cup holders the Corolla is lagging just a little bit behind the competition we do have these cup holders that fold out of the center console here but I’m not sure how these will stand up to abuse by children we also have bottle holders in each of the rear doors let’s take a look at the interior in the Corolla remember that we are in the LE model and so there are some slight model differences to keep in mind over here we have a height adjustable seat belt that is standard on all models of the Corolla if we look up on the ceiling we have a new knit ceiling fabric that is also standard on all Corolla models going over to the doors you’ll find an attractive two-tone color scheme in our particular Corolla there are several different interior shades that is a
little bit unique in this segment there

are about five different color
combinations you can have the doors are all hard plastic but if we move on over to the dashboard we’ll find an array of soft touch plastics going on from the soft touch upper to a soft touch lower in this two-tone section right here our particular model has an amber trim strip right across the top there’s also a red strip as well as a blue strip depending on which model you’re in over here we have our clock high up in the dashboard and we have our 6.1 inch touch screen lower in the dashboard the touchscreen is not standard on all models of Corolla but you will find it on most models on the dealer lot down here we have a manual climate control there’s also a single zone automatic climate control available moving over to there you’ll see the auxilary input right here as well as a 12 volt power outlet over there shifter is essentially the same in all models of the Corolla our particular model is an le model so we have s and B rather than the manual mode that you’ll find in the S version of the Corolla in Corolla eco models you’ll have an eco button over here in an S models you’ll have a sport button we have two large cupholders this little center divider is

adjustable easy to fit large sodas in
there we have a center console that is not as flimsy as it is in certain other vehicles in the compact sedan segment we have a two-stage divider there and a fairly decent cubby L le and eco models get this three dial instrument cluster while S models get a different four dial instrument cluster with a LCD right in the middle if we move out you’ll see this new steering wheel that tota has been spreading across the lineup we saw it first in that new Toyota rav4 and it’s now right here in the LE model as well if you opt for the S model this does become leather wrap that does become an awful lot nicer to hold our particular model has the urethane wheel over here we have our radio controls volume up and down forward backward etc have a mode button over here back button on this side of the steering wheel we have a Display button which controls that little trip computer that’s right there in the speedometer phone hang up as well as the voice command button right there cruise control remains on a stalk on the steering wheel moving over to this side

we’ll find our headlamp controls as well
as our power mirrors it’s now time for our exclusive trunk comfort index opening the trunk of the Corolla you’ll find an opening that is fairly decently sized for this particular class now the trunk lid on the Corolla is not terribly deep because this glass in the back of the Corolla goes quite far towards the rear end of the vehicle meaning that the opening is fairly tall but not fairly deep back here we have a roller bag this is the largest roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight you can see you can fit quite a number of them in the trunk along with a decent number of journalists the trunk has grown for the 2014 model year corolla while the one thing I’d like to point out is that in something like a Nissan Sentra you can actually stay and this bag up in the trunk long ways meaning that you can put an awful lot more luggage in that Sentra even though the trunks are really not terribly far apart we also do not have a handle to help close the trunk lid so overall our Corolla score is about seven out of ten possible points in our exclusive trunk comfort index not every model of Corolla
comes standard with the 6.1 inch touch

screen however almost every model of
Corolla that you’ll find on dealer lots will have the system pretty much the only one that doesn’t is that base L model the system is very familiar to you if you’ve used any of Toyotas recent products in the past but there are some important differences first off we have this new home screen here which is divided into either two or three quadrants it’s your choice you can click this little gear icon and choose how you want that home screen to be set over there in the general tab but by default we have these three quadrants in this home screen over here we have our entertainment we have our weather down below then we have our navigation over here if you opt for the optional navigation software over here on the Audio tab we have direct access buttons to our different audio sources am/fm CD USB or Bluetooth audio etc you can now swipe screen across to find I Heart Radio and Pandora app integration with your supported smartphone over here on the apps page you’ll find navigation as an app it’s kind of an interesting change we’ll have our eco screen which
is fairly familiar it’s the usual tota

fuel-economy screen we also have our
past record every time you’ve been in different trips in the car we can hit the back button over there in the corner if it will let me we have our audio app takes us back to there back to the app screen phones and app traffic is an app weather is an app traffic and weather are now delivered by HD information services as default however if you’re in an area where you don’t have HD radio then it will opt to use your smart phone device you can use the Entune app on your Android with an Android device paired with this particular vehicle or an iPhone device and then get that weather via the free end to nap this is where you’ll also find opentable bing Pandora save destinations iHeartRadio movie tickets Facebook Places Facebook Places this part of the new package now have Yelp Sports Talk information and fuel prices all this information delivered via your smartphone app so you do have to have that Entune account although toda no longer charges for the Entune service that is an important change can also access the phone by this direct access button right over here and we do have the ability to do voice text messaging with this system the system now also is capable of learning your voice so you can go in the home button or any of the other methods of getting back to the settings and then you can go to the voice setting and then you can
have the system learn your particular

inflections to improve its voice

recognition ability over here we’ll find our microSD card beneath this little flap right here that’s for our napping database we have track up and down buttons they also work as Seek buttons to an N scroll buttons in the system are always available to tune or scroll via your track so right now you can see we’re in XM so you can always tune via that button there that is an easy way to tune your radio stations a lot easier than certain other systems the system overall is very snappy if we go back to our mapping system here you’ll see that the maps are now a little bit speedier than they were in the past and that’s because they’re all stored there on flash disk so zooming in and out is very quick and easy in the system compared to the older total hard drive based systems the information on the screen is also very clear and we now have traffic information on this map as well destination entry can be done via either the natural voice commands or via the manual entry method here the entry is fairly speedy so if we’re going to enter one here so you can see all right there and you know Main Street for instance right there and hit the Go button you can see how quickly this system route to the address this is an awful lot faster than other competitive products and we’re fairly far away from that address as you can see there so it’s 536 miles and it rounded that quickly this is an awful lot snappier than the other entries in
this segment most notably my Ford touch

however at 6.1 inches this screen is a

decent amount smaller than the forward or the kia entry in this segment I don’t find the system as easy on the eyes as my Ford touch but it is an awful lot more user-friendly in terms of not crashing the Ford system crashes very frequently the system offers full voice command of your USB or I device music library just like my Ford touch and just like the Kia UVO system the Kia UVO system probably ranks top in my book because it has that larger screen it does have the looks of my Ford touch to them for the most part but it doesn’t crash like my Ford touch this is probably a solid number 3 entry in this segment however this is lightyears ahead of anything that you’ll find in the Honda Civic Honda Civic just has that two-tier system and I don’t find it very intuitive to use or to you know to navigate around it’s definitely not as speedy as this system I also rank this above the current system in the current Chevy Cruze I don’t find that system particularly easy to use either the biggest change for the 2014 model year is the continuously variable transmission under the hood this is very different from a step automatic transmission which only has a fixed number of gears basically this transmission has an infinite number of gears between its lowest ratio and it’s highest ratio so the feel is very different out on the road fortunately
this 1.8 liter engine doesn’t produce a

whole lot of power so that CVT is a good

thing in this particular vehicle because you need all the help you can get for acceleration in the Corolla we scored 0 to 60 in just over nine point seven seconds which is fairly average in this segments very similar to what you find in the Sentra and a number of the other entries 0 to 30 however is a little bit slow stunned er 4 seconds that is a marked difference between this and something like a Ford Focus or a Kia Forte which does have a much better 0 to 30 so if your stoplight racing you’ll get off the line an awful lot faster in some of the traditional automatic-equipped cars in this particular segment in terms of CVT performance the Corolla is probably the best in this segment because Honda has yet to bring their earth dreams CVT down to the compact segment so the earth dream CVT has probably the best overall CVT performance that I’ve ever driven it shifts ratios very very quickly the problem that most people have with the Nissan CBTs is that if you’re driving along like we are right now at around 40 miles an hour or so and you floor the engine you don’t get that instant acceleration feel that you do in a regular automatic when you downshift and you start accelerating the Honda CVT as well as this new tota CVT however have that feeling of a downshift so they immediately switch to a lower ratio and then you accelerate rather

than the Nissan transmission which

changes ratios relatively slowly this transmission also tries to mimic a 7-speed automatic under certain conditions so if you’re in the sport mode in this transmission or if you’re in the S model and you hit that sport button any floor of the car you’re going to see seven imitation shifts as you accelerate up to the maximum speed of the Corolla it is kind of an interesting feeling they’re not quite as crisp as you’d find in a regular automatic transmission although they’re better than the imitation shifts that you do find in the current Nissan Sentra I like cvts and I think this transmission is exactly the right direction for the Toyota Corolla it helps improve fuel economy it also helps improve performance but most importantly it helps improve daily living with your Corolla so if you’re climbing up a hill or you’re going up an incline etc you don’t have to wait for the transmission to downshift it means that the car doesn’t do that slow down downshift speed up up shift slow down routine that you find in the old four-speed Corolla it’s much more drivable in this car performance is also considerably improved over that old Corolla not just in 0 to 60 times but also in passing maneuvers where that 4-speed transmission just didn’t have the right ratio for passing frequently and this transmission always has the right ratio the ride on the Corolla is very middle-of-the-road it’s neither too hard nor too soft it’s probably very appropriate for the mass mark this segment the toda is going for cabin noise is a little bit loud however we ranked about 74 decibels at 50 miles an hour on an asphalt road we’re not on our
normal asphalt road since we are testing

this car up in Seattle so do keep that
in mind but this does appear to be a decent amount louder than the Kia Forte and that new Honda Civic and the Honda Civic used to be accused of being a very loud ride and now it’s scoring fairly middle of the pack with this Corolla being just a little bit louder if you want the quietest Drive then you’re you need to look for something like a Ford Focus when it comes to steering field the important thing to remember is electric power steering and that’s dominating the compact car segment and as a result there’s very little daylight between any of the entries in terms of steering field steering accuracy and steering weight they’re all very very similar the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus do tend to be a little heavier kia and honda allow you to change the steering effort but they don’t really improve steering feel when you change it they just let you go from very light to fairly heavy but overall they’re all fairly similar so anyone that tells you that the Toyota Corolla is awful and the Mazda 3 is just absolutely fabulous is really diluting themselves at least a little bit because they’re all very very similar ride and handling are very middle of the road in the Corolla and that shouldn’t really surprise anybody being one of the volume sellers in this segment it’s very obvious that Toyota has tuned the Corolla for the average person the average person’s preference and most people don’t tend to like very hard or very soft ride so the Corolla slots right in there in the middle keeping in mind that I haven’t been driving on my regular daily commute fuel economy in the Corolla has been very good for a compact car we’ve been averaging about 29 miles per gallon overall mostly in city driving in fairly heavy traffic we’ve not been taking the

Corolla on very many highways here in

Seattle but the few highways that we have been taking on we’ve been averaging in the high 30s these are very good numbers for the compact segment if however you really want the best fuel economy in your compact car then your best bet is to look for something like a Prius C because the Prius C does get very high fuel economy considerably higher than the Corolla without sacrificing too much in terms of room or performance we averaged between 50 and 60 miles per gallon on the highway the last time we had the Prius C that’s considerably better than this Corolla Toyota has priced the new Corolla from eighteen thousand three hundred dollars to just under $24,000 that makes the Corolla one of the least expensive vehicle in this class it’s obvious by the pricing of the Corolla as well as just the way the Corolla is designed that this is targeted at the meat of the compact sedan segment so you won’t find things like heated steering wheels or cooled seats or heated rear seats or any of those sorts of features in the 2014 Corolla if you want those more luxury oriented features then you’re going to need to go for something like a focus or
a Kia Forte but it will cost you an

awful lot more than this 2014 Corolla

which compact sedan is right for you depends very much on your priority list something like a Mazda 3 or a Ford Focus sedan is going to be the better handling and performing alternative something like this is going to be the best value alternative in this segment depending on which options you get if you want the ultimate value with a high luxury content then a Kia Forte is very hard to beat if you want gadget content and luxury content that’s something like a Ford Focus or that Kia Forte again would be the cars for you I like the new Jetta but I don’t find the Jetta as appealing as any of the ones that I’ve already mentioned I do rank this above the 2013 Honda Civic although I do find the Civic to be a quieter ride so if you value quiet rides then oddly enough that 2013 Honda Civic a car that’s been known for being fairly loud on the road is probably a good choice overall my personal ranking is definitely the new Kia Forte first this new Corolla ii then probably something along the lines of a focus tying with a Honda Civic again I’m Alex dykes this has been our look at the 2014 Toyota Corolla one thing that I’d like you to keep in mind is the order in which these videos have been recorded and published right here on YouTube when we last recorded the video the Kia Forte the Toyota Corolla 2014 model didn’t exist and when we recorded the 2013 Honda Civic and I said it was the best car in the segment for me that 2014 Kia Forte.

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