2014 – 2018 Audi TT review

2014 – 2018 Audi TT review chances are that if somebody starts talking to you about ku pays the Audi TT

won’t be too far behind in the conversation these cars are all about

style and in some ways space and practicality can take a backseat next to

pure aesthetics and there are plenty of ku pays to choose from ranging from

entry-level options like say outs lay on s see through to high-end sports cars

like the Jaguar f-type coupe a and even the Aston Martin db9 and then somewhere

2014 – 2018 Audi TT review

in the middle of the pack is this the Audi TT it first bursts onto the scene

back in 1998 and has risen to become one of our favourite coupe A’s on sale

if jaw-dropping to look at has a luxurious interior but is also very

engaging to drive and it’s party piece is being effortlessly easy to live with

every day now the TT goes up against rivals

including Nissan 370z and the Peugeot RCZ but while both of those cars are

undoubtedly great to look at the Audi TT is additionally great to drive there are

plenty of engine options in this Audi TT there are 4 petrels and one diesel to

choose from and within that selection you’ve also got the choice of Audis

four-wheel drive system dubbed Quattro to choose from as well

now the 1.8 litre petrol which kicks off the lineup and which we’ve got in this

car still feels quick and fun to drive acceleration is brisk and the naught to

60 2 miles per hour sprint is covered off in 6.9 seconds while the 1.8 is

ultimately the engine that we woul recommend there is also a 2 litre petrol

which produces 227 brake horsepower and is available with either front or

four-wheel drive just be aware though that the four-wheel drive cars are

heavier and you’ll only really feel the system’s benefit under treacherous

conditions not just with a few leaves on the foot as we have today there’s also a

2-liter diesel and despite having less overall power to cool on it

have a lot of mid-range pull so is worth looking at especially if you’re a

company car driver towards the top of the TT range is the TTS which gets a

tuned version of the 2 litre petrol engine with more than 300 brake

horsepower and it can almost keep pace with a Porsche 911 260 miles per hour at

the very top of the range is the 2.5 litre TT RS with 349 brake horsepower

available it is blisteringly fast and makes it superb sound from our DS famous

5 cylinder engine just be warned that with that extra power also comes higher

running costs the TTS standard suspension setup is generally

comfortable and even if you opt for the firmer sports suspension it’s never

uncomfortable bigger alloy wheels will allow you to feel more bumps though

which as we all know are easy to find on UK roads the TTS model comes with

adaptive dampers which allow you to stiffen or soften the suspension

depending on the type of driving you’re doing the TT RS gets the standard

suspension setup but is lowered by 10 millimetres now nobody is expecting the

Audi TT to be as comfortable or as refined or as quiet as a luxury

limousine but aside from a few bits of wind and road noise it’s actually a

pretty relaxed and comfortable Cruiser this six-speed manual gearbox you get a

standard with most models offer slick and precise changes but for those

interested in two pedals the S tronic automatic works generally very well

although it can be jerky at low speeds or when manoeuvring the interiors of

modern Aldi’s are pretty much in a class of their own and the interior of this

Audi TT is no exception you sit low down in the cabin and there’s this

wonderfully simplistic dashboard ahead of you now you might notice that there’s

no central infotainment screen and that’s because instead every TT gets out

ease virtual cockpit display now this replaces conventional dials with the

configurable screen instead drivers of most shapes and sizes will be able to

fit comfortably inside this cabin there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat

and the steering wheel are just for height as well as reach if you want

powered lumbar support then it’s an optional extra on our recommend

did Sport trim but if you want fully electric seats then there are a pricey

extra across the range one of the downsides of this fairly low slung shape

is visibility and while the front isn’t too

bad-looking out of the back can be difficult it’s also fairly stingy of

Audi not to fit rear parking sensors as standard wherever you look and whatever

you touch in this cabin the quality is here to see Aldi has used plenty of

luxurious materials in here and all of the buttons and switches feel well

damped and give off a real quality feel your eye is drawn to this twelve point

three inch screen as soon as you get into the Audi TT and it certainly looks

futuristic fortunately it’s brilliant to use as well it puts all the relevant

information including the satellite navigation map directly in front of the

driver and that means that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road in

order to see that information the only downside is that your passenger can’t

help out when choosing music or setting a postcode in the sat-nav system but

that’s fine because Audi has made it very easy for the driver to control it

all instead there are handy shortcut buttons on the steering wheel and of

course there’s a rotary control dial down here on the center console so let’s

see how easy it is to set a destination for the sat-nav now at the moment not a

lot of this screen is given over to the map but if i press this view button here

on the steering wheel then it presents a much larger view a

quick touch of this rotary controller and I can invert the destination now one

of the things we’ve got on this test car is a handy touch pad on top of this

rotary dial so let’s say I want to go to the watt car offices in Twickenham let’s

see if I start typing in T W there we go it’s recognised Twickenham already and

then I’m going to select the center and start route it’s going to have a quick

thing and it’s going to give me three options of Route one which is the

fastest one which is the most erect and one which is the most economical let’s

go for the fastest there we go and the route is set now as standard you get to

DA B digital radio and two USB sockets satellite navigation is optional across

the range and it’s only available as part of

rather pricey technology pack that said it’s an option box we think you should

tick a coupe a isn’t a car usually buy for its outright practicality but the

Audi TT is surprisingly spacious inside the wide interior also means you don’t

feel too claustrophobic or hemmed in storage space in here is at a bit of a

premium you do get small door bins are standard and there is this rather large

cubby space here in front of the centre console there’s also space for one

drinks bottle back here but it does get in the way with bigger bottles on manual

versions if you’ve got very long legs you might wish this driver seats went

back a bit further now even though the Audi TT technically has two fixed rear

seats we couldn’t recommend putting anyone back here as even children will

find it a bit cramped the space is still usable though for extra bags or coats

which won’t fit into the boots each seat also split and folds to create

a fairly large loading area now on paper this Audi TT has a bigger boot than the

Ford Fiesta and that may be true but it’s also rather shallow so while

loading some weekly shopping in here might not be a problem

loading larger or bulkier items might prove difficult the opening is nice and

wide though and if you’re feeling adventurous you could even load a

bicycle in here you’ll just make sure you have to take the front wheel off

first the Audi TT cam looked fairly pricey next to its main rivals now

discounts from dealers are likely to be small and could even be non-existent but

the good news is that the TT is expected to hold onto its value far better than

most other cars in this class while impressive fuel economy helps to keep

running costs low the cheaper petrol models of the TT other ones to go for if

you’re buying privately but if you’re a company car driver the lower co2

emissions and the diesel are likely to be a big draw the two most powerful

models the TTS and the TT RS are ideally suited to those seeking thrilling

performance but be warned you will incur higher ownership costs now in most

versions of the TT you can choose between two trims Sport and S line and

it’s sport that we recommend you get air conditioning Alcantara and leather seats

18-inch alloy wheels bluetooth connectivity and a digital radio is Stan

but you’ll probably want to pay extra for rear parking sensors climate control

and the technology pack which gets you satellite navigation and makes full use

of Audis virtual cockpit display in terms of safety every TT gets four

airbags along with the collision system which helps to stop the car as soon as

possible after a crash though it’s worth noting that automatic emergency braking

isn’t available gyro encamp have given the TT a four out of five star rating

for safety if you’re after a sporty coupe a which is easy to live with

offers real driving thrills and remains stunning to look at than the Audi TT is

the most complete package on offer today it is quite simply one of the best coupe

a’s ever made now for plenty more on the Audi TT including our full online review

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