2014-2018 Nissan Qashqai review

2014-2018 Nissan Qashqai review the Nissan Qashqai is the car that started the small SUV trend and from its

launch in 2007 has risen to become one of the UK’s best-selling cars for a long

time the cash kind dominated its class but it now has tough competition from

the likes of the Serta Tucker Volkswagen Tiguan and Peugeot 3008 in recent years

2014-2018 Nissan Qashqai review

its crown has slipped slightly so will this new version help to restore its

place on the small SUV throne in this review will tell you how easy it is to

live with what it’s like to drive and which version is best but before we go

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still with us let’s find out what this new cash guy would like to drive our

Pick of the cash cars engine range is the 1.5 liter diesel

we’re testing today it’s gutsy enough to make good progress and it’s relatively

quiet plus it emits less than 100 g/km of co2 making it a good choice for

company car drivers there is a more powerful 1.6 liter diesel but it’s not

as efficient or as quiet if you won’t be doing enough miles to

justify diesel there’s a 1.2 liter petrol and 1.6 liter petrol and if it’s

mainly driving around town that you’ll be doing we recommend at the 1.2 liter

petrol the cash guy was developed right here in the UK so it’s no surprise that

it buys smattered British Road very well it can feel a little jittery on really

broken surfaces but on motorways an country lanes

it feels very well controlled just make sure you avoid the large alloy wheels

because these make the ride pretty firm the catechized suspension setup controls

its body through the corners too and Road and wind noise is kept to a minimum

even at motorway speeds there’s plenty of adjustment in this seat and the

steering wheel adjusts from reach and rake so you should be able to find a

comfortable driving position and if you go for above the entry level model

Vizier you also get adjustable lumbar support like most SUVs the high driving position

means forward visibility is excellent you don’t get rear parking sensors on

Vizier and a center so in those models parking can be a little bit tricky if

you would like them you can go for the end connector which also gets you front

parking sensors and 360 view cameras the cash guy can’t match premium rivals such

as the Volkswagen Tiguan for interior quality that said there are soft touch

materials on the areas that you’re likely to touch and everything does feel

pretty solid and well put together in fact it does have one of the best

interiors for its price points Vizier and a center cash guys get you a

traditional stereo with Bluetooth connectivity but we’d recommend going

for an connector and above which adds this 7 inch touch screen and gets you da

bee radio satellite navigation and a USB socket but it does not get you apple

carplay or Android auto and it’s not particularly slick either any

family SUV must be practical and it’s good news for those considering a cash

KY because there’s loads of space driver and passenger can really stretch out

although we don’t recommend driver doing that if they’re driving there’s also

plenty of storage for your everyday items including large door bins two

cupholders here more storage here and here and inside the armrest is somewhere

to store snacks and bananas and a decent sized glovebox move to the rear seats

and there’s plenty of legroom and Headroom so adults should feel quite

comfortable in fact you can fit three adults side-by-side for short journeys

and although storage isn’t plentiful you do get these seat pockets and there’s

some cupholders in the door bins the cash guys boots can accommodate a large

weekly sharp a couple of sets of luggage or some golf

clubs and if you find yourself needing to move some bulky furniture you can

drop down the seats to create even more space the cache can look expensive next

to some small SUVs although it will hold on to its value better than most of them

and it will be cheap to run with most of its engines returning impressive fuel

economy especially the 1.5 liter diesel that we recommend on the safety front

every cash car comes with six airbags stability control and a system which

applies maximum braking in an emergency an optional smart vision pack also

brings lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking when it was

tested by Euro and Cup in 2014 that the Qashqai was awarded a full 5 stars

overall then the Nissan Qashqai remains a terrific family car even if it’s not

quite as good to drive as I said a tech er for plenty more on the Nissan Qashqai

including our full online review head to Walker calm and before you go

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