2014 Acura RDX Child Seat Review

2014 Acura RDX five-seat crossover vehicle and this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat today we’re gonna see how well one two and three child seats fit in the RDX how well people and child seats fit in the RDX well hop in the trunk as well now a lot of people seem to think that the RDX is smaller than it is but let’s clear this one up right
away the RDX is about the same size as

the lexus rx350 the lincoln MKX the
volvo xc60 the Cadillac SRX the BMW x3 etc so it is a solid mid-sized to row crossover vehicle one of the reasons that people seem to think the RDX is a little bit smaller than it is has to do with the side profile even though the roof height is fairly consistent front to rear the glass in the car has this very curved nature to it so it rises very rapidly at the front and it drops fairly rapidly at the back and that’s to give it a slightly sexier coupe like look on the side however it really does cut down on the door opening in the back
that means that we have 8.1 inches of

ground clearance down there which is
high for the segment but we also have a door that is a little bit shorter than the average for this segment that makes it feel just a little bit smaller even though the inside of the RDX has more room than the rest of the competition that is something important to keep in mind so although the door opening is a little bit shorter than most of the competitors the actual ceiling height inside is higher than most of the competitors what does that mean for child seats well the seat bottom cushion is a little bit higher off the ground than many crossover vehicles so it means you can have to duck over a little bit less to install child seats in the car or to stick a kid in the child seat but this lower roofline and lower door
opening does mean that you may Bop your

head a little bit more on the roof when
you’re trying to do that a trick worth noting is that in general the larger the rear legroom figures in a vehicle the more accommodating it’s going to be for rearward facing child seats because there’s gonna be more room between the two seat backs the front seat backs and the second row seat back that’s true in the RDX the RDX scores second in this category in terms of rear legroom just behind the much larger at Lincoln MKX it’s a good two to three inches more rear legroom than most entries in this segment and most critically versus the rx 350 from Lexus that it most directly competes with it’s a good one and a half inches more rear legroom that means that you can safely install a rearward facing child seat like this and have this front seat all the way back in its tracks

suitable for a six foot five passenger I
had in the car over there on the driver’s side I have about four and a half inches of room between my seat adjusted for me at six feet tall and that rearward-facing child seat it’s much easier to do this in this vehicle than you could in most other entries in this segment the RDX is wider than most of the competition and that translates to a rear bench seat that’s wider than most of the competition it’s really obvious when you take a look at this Center seat because the center seats actually in the middle of the bench seat a little bit of room between this outboard child seat and the seat decent amount of room between that outboard child seat and the door in the car this is different than you’ll find in the narrower crossover something like a Volvo xc60 for instance if I had these two child seats installed in a Volvo
xc60 the center seat would actually be

more on my side than in the middle of
this rear bench seat that means it would be a little bit more difficult for an adult to sit next to two child seats like this across the rear buckle themselves in etc this is a good time for some general instructions on child seats you should always consult your car’s owner instruction manual as well as the owner an instruction manual for your child seats relating to proper installation in a vehicle you should also try and find a certified child seat installer or a certified child seat inspector in your area there’s some links in the description section of this video down below where you can go ahead and find one because you want to make sure they’re installed properly in a vehicle especially if you’re getting a new car and you’re a little bit unsure of changes between this and maybe a car

that didn’t have top tether anchors or

latch anchors or something along those
lines thanks to this wide rear bench seat the RDX easily accommodates three child seats across the rear and I have about two inches of room between the door and this child seat over here as well as the door and this child seat on the other side of the vehicle if this situation describes you then I want to know how you have the time to watch youtube videos go ahead and comment in that comment section down below and let me know in addition to easily accommodating three child seats across the back of the RDX we also have some other child-friendly features we have a center console it’s a decent distance from that Center child seat meaning it’s less likely to get kicked by your loved ones and if we go down to the floor level you can see that the driveline hump in the RDX is very minor there’s very little of a bump right there in the middle and the floor mat goes all the

way from one foot well all the way
across that hump to the other side meaning it’s more easily able to you pick up the mud and leaves and other things that people might kick in especially that middle seat passenger thanks to a large wide and very upright rear bench seat as well as rear legroom figures that are almost tops in the segment the RTX scores very well when it comes to accommodating child seats this is probably the best vehicle that I’ve tested so far some additional cargo carrying niceties that you’ll find in the RDX our rear bench seats that fold not only from the inside of the vehicle via a latch right on the back of the seat itself but also by little levers
right here in the back so it’s much

easier to fold these seats from either
side if you need to they’re spring-loaded so they just drop right open when you do that even with them upright however it’s fairly easy to accommodate three child seats and some roller luggage this is the largest roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight and you could squeeze two of them in here if you had to beneath an optional tonneau cover the rear hatch and the RDX opens fairly tall but if you’re over about 6 1 or so you may bump your head on this hatch there’s something to keep in mind we do have the optional power tailgate because we have the technology package on

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