2014 BMW X5 Child Seat Review

2014 BMW x5 I suppose you’d call the x5 a crossover but you could also call it an SUV we’ll talk more about that in the full review of the 2014 BMW x5 coming up very soon to be in about a day or so so if that link at the bottom of your screen for the full review the x5 doesn’t work
right now then check back tomorrow the

x5 is a reasonably large SUV so I had no
difficulty installing a rearward-facing child seat behind me in the driver’s seat for reference on that driver side I am 6 feet tall if we move over to this passenger side seat you can see that the seat is touching at the front seat that’s because this seat was adjusted for a 6 foot 5 passenger I had in the vehicle now you do want about an inch to an inch and a half of room between a rearward-facing child seat and a front seat for added safety because in a rear-end style accident this front seat can move an inch or two rearward and
that would impact this child seat in a

negative way again you should always
check with a certified child seat inspector or installer for your particular situation especially if you have taller drivers or taller pastures frequently using your vehicle with the child seat in the back to make sure that everything is interacting as it should as you might expect from a luxury car the latch anchors are well hidden in the seat and they don’t interact with adults when they’re sitting in the back so you won’t feel these latch anchors if you’re sitting in the seat which is a nice feature but they are relatively easy to find you just insert the latch anchor fish around in there a little bit for it and pull and it’s latched in there’s a little bit more hidden than certain other mass-market cars but it is still
relatively easy to install child seats

in the x5 BMW doesn’t provide a latch
anchor for the center child seat position and the instruction manual doesn’t specifically say that you can use the outboard latch anchors for a center mounted child seat however we do have top tether anchors for all three seating positions again if you get the 7 seat version of the x5 we do not have top tether anchors or latch anchors for that third row seat although BMW does say you can’t install child seats back there if you have to one nice thing to note is that these top tether anchors are decently down the seat back which makes it a lot easier to use these longer buckle style anchors that are gronckle classic ride child seats have on them a lot of cars where they position the top tether anchor too far up the seat makes it difficult to

actually use these longer buckles the x5

is a relatively wide vehicle and it’s really obvious when you take a look at the center child seat because it’s truly in the center of this rear bench which means it is possible to fit three child seats across the back which we’re gonna take a look at in just a second however there is just one little problem if we look down here towards this other side of the child seat you’ll notice that although the x5 is fairly wide so are these grok Oh classic red 50 child seats and that means that this rear foot on the child seat is actually sitting right on top of this seat belt buckle for the outboard seat and there’s really no good way of making this move around you can try pushing the child seat over except at the other side of this child seat then hits the buckle on the other side so there’s really no good way around this this child seat is all the way back like it should be and the ball

is in the Green Zone like it should be
right here on the child seat however this foot is just sitting right on top of the seat belt buckle this isn’t necessarily a problem but it does highlight a concern that people have with child seats frequently you should always make sure a child seat fits properly in your vehicle their wide variety of different vehicle shapes and different child seat shapes so it may take a little bit of hunting to find one that works right for your vehicle again this gronckle classic red 50 child seat is just the one I happen to have and fitting them in the vehicle does vary from vehicle to vehicle so you may find child seats that fit better in one car and not in another etc so in this x5 you may want to find a child seat that’s a little bit narrower there at the back because of the width of the x5 getting

an adult in the back with two child

seats really is no problem at all it’s also relatively easy to buckle yourself in with the exception of course that that seat is sitting on my seat belt buckle there we go and once we’re strapped in you can see that I do have a decent amount of room I can sit definitely back my shoulder isn’t really digging into that child seat I do have a little bit of shoulder room left over here on the other side one thing to note is I did have to remove the center headrest in order for the center child seat to fit properly in the seat and have its top tether anchor latched properly the headrest does come out very easily and BMW tells you to either remove the headrest or route the child seat anchor underneath the headrest not to use the top of the headrest for that fitting three child seats across the back was of course no problem at all because we have a decent amount of width if we zoom in over here on this other
side you can see how much width we have

right here between this child seat and
the door you can fit a complete fist in there if we look down the child seat right here you can see that we don’t have any portion of the door handle interacting with a child seat either we have a decent amount of room between the door all Porsche of the door right there and the child seat that does make it an awful lot safer in the event of a side accident as I said before the x5 has always scored very highly in cargo practicality and that continues with this redesigned model we have a power hatch and BMW hasn’t lost their mid gate this is a very handy feature it’s also relatively rare among SUVs and crossovers pretty much just the Volvo xc90 and the x5 have
this it is a very handy feature because

you can put longer items in the car and
you can of course close this mid gate hatch even though they tell you not to drive around like this I know a lot of people that do this and their x5 as well as their Volvo xc90 it really is quite handy because you can close the hatch and have long things sticking at your car again the manufacturer tells you not to do that but everybody I know that has one does that on the inside we also have some additional cargo practicality features that are quite nice to large roller bags that easily fit back here again we are in the five passenger version so do keep that in mind a lot of nice cargo features some additional storage pockets right here we have some bag holders that come down from each side so you can hang bags on them we have our standard roller tonneau cover right here with some additional cargo hooks right up high we also have these moveable cargo tracks that are right here in the floor and this aluminum rail you can move them forward and backward and you can remove them from the car if you so desire you can use those to tie cargo down to the cargo floor so that way doesn’t roll around we also have some additional storage space right up below this cargo load floor and it does have a nice hydraulic hinge there so that way it stays open because we’re not in a 7 passenger version we do have this
storage cubby right here it is quite a

deep one as well it can probably fit
almost one roller bag in here you can definitely put it in but I don’t think I can close the lid quite right no just a little bit too small but it does give you an idea of how large this storage well is right there under that cargo load floor now again if you get the seven passenger version then you don’t get that additional space because that’s of course used up by the sixth and seventh seat in the car as you can see I now have all three child seats in the back and I also have that large roller bag that I had earlier.

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