2014 Buick Regal GS AWD Review

hello everyone I’m Alex dykes today we’re out here taking a look at the all-new 2014 Buick Regal GS stay tuned for a separate video on the Buick Regal eAssist which is the mild hybrid version of this same car now Buick has slowly becoming the American branch of Opel and this is an Opel Insignia with Buick logos on it which has been a very good thing for the Buick
brand speaking of that Buick brand

though the Regal is in an interesting
position because it is the middle child middle child of GM’s lineup it’s right in there in between Cadillac and Chevy and the Regal is the mid-sized car in between the Verano and the LaCrosse being a middle child rebuke is a little bit tricky because this needs to not step on the toes of the Verano or the LaCrosse while at the same time not stepping on the toes of anything from Chevy or from Cadillac that means that this tops out at about $45,000 starts around $30,000 which is right there in between Chevy and Cadillac but it also
means that you won’t find Cadillac style

features like real wood trim or upscale
leather or anything like that going on the inside you won’t find a rear-wheel drive Buick this is a front-wheel drive Opel Insignia with Buick logos on it as I said now completely new might be a little bit disingenuous in truth the 2014 regal is more of a retooling rather than a redesign we have a completely new front end here with a completely new bumper completely new slightly more exaggerated Buick grille with this very large Buick logo this bulow goes this big because we have the optional radar cruise control in this model that’s where the radar cruise control sensor is located right behind there we also get front parking sensors up front we don’t get any fog lights in the Regal GS this
year and we get restyled headlamps that

are a little bit more aggressive than
before one change that I’m delighted to see is these ventiports that shrunk for this year and now they’re finally the appropriate number for while there Buick was doing six ventiports even on cars that had four-cylinder engines and now we have four ventiports two on this side two on the other because this is a four-cylinder only Buick model these are not functional vents at all they’re really just decorative and they’re attached to the hood one thing that I’d also like to note is that they’re a little bit smaller than the vents on something like the Enclave or the Encore the Enclave and encore events are huge and you can see them from the inside of the vehicle something that I found very distracting but the Regals are fairly attractive in this particular size on

the hood side styling for most Buicks is
plain-jane and that continues in the Buick Regal although it is just about as exciting as most other end tres in this segment that leads us to the competition the Buick Regal GS competes really with something like a Volvo s60 a Lincoln MKZ Lexus es350 something along those lines it really doesn’t compete with the rear wheel drive competitors from Japan or from Germany or even from General Motors own stable the Cadillac ATS or CTS one thing to keep in mind when you take a look at that competition along with the Acura TL is that the Regal GS is fairly large and it’s also fairly long it is decently longer than a Cadillac ATS or Cadillac CTS or BMW 5-series or BMW 3-series much of the length difference between this and something like a rear-wheel drive competitor goes right here to the rear seat and that’s really what the Lexus ES
has been for in the Lexus lineup it’s

been for that person that wants a luxury
brand name but once extra rear seat room that’s really going on here in the Buick Regal as well because if you compare this to again the Cadillac lineup then you get an awful lot more rear seat room one good thing to keep in mind also is that compared to the Volvo line if you get a decent amount more rear seat room as well because the s60 and the SAT have about 4 inches less room back there than the Regal GS or then most of the other competitors in this front-wheel drive luxury segment the design of the Buick Regal is very Opel and I think that’s actually a good thing because I’ve always found opals designs to be attractive but the real hallmark of that is this chrome strip that runs across the back of the trunk lid and then of course has the room for the Buick or the Opel logo really unchanged for America

versus the European version of this

vehicle makes it look fairly distinctive
out here on the american roadway down here we have hidden exhaust tips you also have a standard rear parking assist in the Regal GS overall it’s very attractive and one nice touch is they hide the trunk lid button right there under the Buick logo which is very handy now all Buicks have this very sloping trunk lid but GS models add an additional spoiler top right here the GS trim binds you these very attractive 19-inch wheels wrapped in two 4540 r19 rubber as well as these Brembo brakes these are not the largest Brembo brakes on earth but this car is only 3600 pounds that’s a very important number to keep in mind and that’s one that I’m going to continue to stress throughout this video because it is fairly light for a vehicle this size but it’s also fairly light when you compare it to the rear wheel drive competitors that the Buick Regal sort of competes with because the Buick Regal is almost the

same price as certain Cadillac models

and acts a little bit more expensive in this GS trim than certain based rims of the CTS or the 80s but it is a decent amount lighter when you say Buick Regal GS to me the one that I remember is from the 90s and it had a 3.8 liter supercharged v6 engine in it it only produced about 240 horsepower or so but the modern regal is a four-cylinder only engine lineup and the Regal GS no longer gets any more power than the regular Buick Regal so the regular booth regal and the GS both get a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine it’s very closely related to the one that’s in the Cadillac ATS and the Cadillac CTS it produces 259 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque the only difference

in the GS is that that engine produces
that same 295 pound-feet of torque about 500 rpm sooner than the regular Buick Regal really doesn’t provide that much of a difference out on the road however that is a 39 horsepower increase for the regular Buick Regal over last year’s regular model but it is a slight drop from the 270 horsepower that the Regal GS was getting last year there’s also a no-cost mild hybrid option that is a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine produces 182 horsepower and hundred seventy-two pound feet of torque they’re dubbing that eAssist and it also includes a lithium ion battery and a belt alternator starter system that can provide a few horsepower of additional boost for that engine there’s a no-cost option so you just choose whether you want the 2-liter turbo or that ESS system but that’s only in the regular Buick Regal not in the GS of course all wheel drive is available as an option in both the two-liter turbo regular Buick Regal or this Buick Regal GS but it is not available with that ESS system power set to the wheels for most models via a 6-speed General Motors automatic transaxle or an optional 6-speed manual transactional but that’s only available in the front-wheel drive version of the GS driver seat comfort is very good in this segment and probably second only to something like a Volvo s60 whose seats
are very comfortable

we do have four-way adjustable power
lumbar support which you don’t get in that involve a model is one thing to keep in mind to position memory seat multi-way power adjustable driver’s seat with a manual tilt telescoping steering wheel with a decent range of motion the standard seats in the GS have these fairly aggressive seat bottom as well as seat back bolsters on them really help keep you in the seat my average six foot frame this fits me like a glove but if you’re a larger driver you may want to spend some time in GS to make sure that you fit comfortable in these seats out back we have a decent amount of legroom in the Regal this front seats adjusted for me and I have about four inches of legroom left there or so that’s one definite reason for buying a Regal over one of those rear-wheel drive competitors like a Lexus IS or a BMW 3 series or even Cadillac ATS is because you get a decent amount more rear legroom in a vehicle like this the vehicle is a little bit larger than those other cars and all of that comes right here to the rear seat legroom we also get a little bit more legroom than something like a Volvo s60 or a Volvo s80 about three inches or so

but it’s about the same as an Acura TL
or a Lincoln MKZ one thing the Regal doesn’t have a whole lot of however is rear seat Headroom if I try and lean back in this seat I can’t actually because my head needs to be cocked to one side in order to actually have my head hit the headrest in this vehicle that’s because of the swoopy coupe like profile going on back here this is not a problem in the Acura TL or in the Volvo models because they do have a less coupe like profile on the outside does mean that the Regal GS looks a little bit sexier from the side but it also means that adults will have a little bit of a hard time fitting in the rear which is a little bit odd because we do have all this legroom back here but we don’t really have as much Headroom as I would like now keep in mind we are in the Regal GS which does have the standard sunroof so that is something to keep in mind if I move over to the far side of the GS this front seat was adjusted for a six foot five passenger I still have a decent amount of legroom left behind this seat but again I still have that same Headroom problem you probably see

it better from this angle but if I were
to actually sit upright with my butt in the back of the seat and my back on the backrest of the car my head has to to one side in order to fit in this ceiling middle seat is actually fairly comfortable all things considered and it is not a whole lot higher than these two outboard seats which means you could fit an adult back here for a short trip out we do have two air vents in the back as well as a 120 volt power outlet right here as well the rear seats fold almost completely flat with the cargo area allowing you to more easily push bags straight through from the cargo area into the back of the car they do unlatch on the inside of the car which is something that I prefer not in the truck when it comes to the cargo area the Regal score is seven out of ten points in our exclusive trunk comfort index we do lose a few points for these hinges which do impact the cargo area as well as furnishings in here that are not quite as nice as some of the German and Swedish competition we do gain points however for a handle right here the trunklid which makes it an awful lot easier to get in or out of the trunk
let’s take our usual spin around the

interior we have height adjustable seat
belts over there on the passenger side as well as on the driver side or here we have a two-way adjustable manual headrest we have these very attractive leather stitch seats and you can see from this angle the kind of bolstering that we have going on there on the side on the bottom cushion as well as the side cushion one thing to keep in mind when looking at cars like this that’s any manufacturer is that you are going to get increased wear on these aggressive bolsters so it is something to keep in mind and just be careful when you buy a car to always try and plop your butt right in the seat rather than drag it across the bolster over here on the doors we have very attractive trim it’s difficult to see in our black-on-black model here we do have soft touch plastics all around this imitation carbon fiber over there moving over to the dashboard we have a fairly decently sized glove box as you can see right there soft touch dashboard uppers hard plastics on the lower moving over to the dashboard middle here we have our large eight inch touchscreen this is
Buicks latest IntelliLink software it’s

based on Cadillac q if you want to know
more about that then go ahead and click that link down below to be taken over to our infotainment review right up here we have our adaptive suspension buttons this is GS mode traction control off hazard lights lane departure warning parking sensors and this is sport mode so these are the two different suspension modes in the Regal GS which has the adaptive suspension system and here we have our physical buttons for our radio single slot CD player right there touch buttons for both the heated seats as well as the climate control this is a dual zone system over there driver and passenger physical buttons right here there’s been a definite physical button reduction in this generation of the Buick Regal versus the last generation which did have sort of an accurate level of buttons right there in the dashboard moving out to the shifter we have a little cubby right behind it with a 12-volt power outlet there shifter with a manual mode over here on this side electric parking brake little cubby right there for whatever it is you want to store and then we have two medium sized cupholders with a sliding lid because of the European origins of this Opel Insignia and Buick Regal these couplers aren’t quite as big as I would like they definitely have a little bit of a trouble trouble holding too large american-sized sodas there we open this
armrest we have a fairly decently sized

cubby right there and then in a separate

little compartment right here we have our two USB inputs for this system as well as an additional 12 volt power port we’re in the Regal GS so we have this standard LCD instrument cluster right here if you’re in the regular Regal than you would instead get a small four inch LCD right down here below the speedometer that would display a similar amount of information here we have our tech Namit err we have our oil temperature over here on this other side we have electrical system voltage we have our engine coolant temperature and then our fuel gauge right there the system is very configurable but not quite as configurable as Chrysler’s seven-inch LCD gauge cluster right now we’re in sport mode and we’re going to change to GES mode so you can see the difference it basically just flashes there and adds a little bit of a green highlight around things if we turn GES mode off and we go back to regular drive mode then the display changes to a slightly more modern display look the display can also be configured by the button arrangement on the steering wheel we have access to our info screens this where you’ll find your trip computer fuel range oil life tire pressure things along those lines then we have a GS performance screen this gives us our G meter which is a little bit silly in something like this we get for some reason duplicate gauges as well we get two different oil temperature gauges there and then if we scroll down we get an oil pressure gauge and then we
move on to two electrical system voltage

gauges right there I’m not sure why

those are duplicated in this system moving back to this we have an audio screen and one difference between this and something like Chrysler’s UConnect system is that when we’re on our ipod or USB device that will actually display track information there and you can use this system to browse that device as well which is something that you can’t do on the chrysler system or here we have a fairly featured full-featured phone interface with this system we do have access to recent calls contacts etc dial right from the setup and the nav screen you get nav information as well as a mini-map so right here it’s still loading on this display but you can actually see that it actually displays a small map right there inside that instant cluster which I find very handy moving down we have our settings page this is where you can change system options convert from u.s. to metric you can link the display mode to your drive mode which is under this car has on right now and you can enable or disable certain pages in the system so you don’t have to do so much scrolling moving out to the steering wheel this is a very soft leather wrap steering wheel it has a slight flat bottom right there and the sport grips up top I think this is actually more attractive than a decent number of GM’s other steering wheels including the
modern Cadillac steering wheel design

and it’s really just down to these

button modules so over here on this side of the steering wheel this button module controls that seven-inch LCD instrument cluster there we have a track up and down buttons flying up and down buttons and select this is an awful lot easier to use than the little toggle going on in the Cadillac models we don’t have a leather-wrapped airbag cover so that is something that you do get in the Cadillac bottles but we don’t get in the Buicks moving over here to this other side we have our heated steering wheel button cruise control on/off button cancel this sets the distance of the cruise control system if you have radar cruise control or the pre collision warning system if you have just the regular pre collision warning system you can see it displays it right there in the instrument cluster voice command button hang up button for the telephone and then speed up and down and resume for the cruise control well this video is focusing primarily on the Regal GS the important thing to know out on the road is that there isn’t a great deal of daylight between the regular Regal and the Regal GS the GS does get the adaptive suspension system and we of course do get a few extra goodies on the car like Brembo brakes and this a touch LCD instrument cluster but other than that there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two so the performance numbers are pretty much the same 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds and in terms

of Road quietness we score sixty eight

and a half decibels out on the road the
Regal GS of course does have this Magna ride adaptive suspension system which is also used in a number of cadillac products we do have three modes we have normal we have sport and we have GS normal is a fairly firm european-style ride and that’s because GM did very little to convert the Opel Insignia into the Buick Regal instead of detuning suspension and making it softer like they did with the last generation of Regal they’ve left that European suspension intact so it’s fairly firm for an American car and definitely one of the firmest Buicks ever created Sport is firmer and GS is yet firmer the system does a very good job of soaking up large bumps on the road leaving you to feel the smaller road imperfections which is usually what people prefer in terms of sport suspension designs the oval drive system in the Regal GS helps a feel very confident the only real difference between the all-wheel-drive system in the Regal yes and the regular regal is the inclusion of a limited slip differential in the back of the Regal GS honestly it’s not doing that much for you because really only about 50% of the power is being sent to the rear and you really don’t need a limited slip differential in the rear for a car that’s getting 50% of the power to both axles so in in normal daily driving there’s no difference whatsoever in snow driving there could be a little bit of a difference because you would get better grip out there in the back and in really hard driving out on the track there is just a very small amount of difference probably not enough to really worry about honestly the 2-liter turbo under the hood is a

definite improvement over the last 2
liter turbo that Buick used it’s definitely more refined although you still hear a decent amount of engine noise inside the cabin and that engine noise isn’t as refined as the German competition the big benefit from this engine however is fuel economy because we’ve been averaging 22 and a half to 23 miles per gallon in very mixed driving in this all-wheel drive Regal GS which is just about what you should expect according to the EPA that’s a definite improvement over the last generation of regal you can get about 30 to 31 miles per gallon if you choose the front-wheel drive version of the Regal GS 31 miles per gallon if you get that six-speed manual transmission 30 miles per gallon with the automatic and you take about a 4 mile per gallon hit for the oilfield drive system if you do get that 2.4 liter ESS system we’re told you can get 36 miles per gallon but stay tuned for a separate video on the Buick Regal eAssist unless you’re really pushing the limits of the Regal GS this feels very confident on the road the steering is very precise and on winding mountain roads like this you can really tell that the Regal GS handles incredibly well even though the weight balance isn’t as good as something like Cadillac CTS or BMW 5-series which are about the same size as this Regal GS the GS handles incredibly well because it’s just lighter overall same sized tires lighter overall gives you better handling even though the handling doesn’t feel quite as good and in terms of overall feel as those rear wheel drive competitors the actual numbers are very good for the Regal GS that’s all the more important to know about the Regal GS because price-wise the Regal GS is fairly close to a lot of rear-wheel drive competitors so you just have to decide whether

you’re after the rear-wheel drive

feel or not because the real GS handles fairly well in most circumstances get slightly better fuel economy is lighter and larger overall but it doesn’t have that roof wheel drive feel the light curb weight and those large Brembo brakes really helped the Regal GS from experiencing any sort of brake fade out on these winding mountain roads that were on right here this is a slight improvement over the regular Regal regular regal does have very good brakes and because of its light kerb weight and fairly sizeable standard brakes we didn’t experience too much fade in that either but this Regal GS is that little bit better one thing to keep in mind of course is that the Regal GS does have these Brembo brakes so it is going to be better than most standard brake packages of comparable forty to forty five thousand dollar vehicles that you’ll find out on the road including those rear-wheel drive competitors like a BMW 3-series or five series or a Cadillac ATS or cts because those standard vehicles have regular standard brakes but they’re also heavier than this Regal GS so more weight equals more potential for brake fade Buick sales proposition like most other front wheel drive near
luxury vehicles is all about value

ranging from thirty thousand six hundred

fifteen dollars to forty five thousand four hundred seventy five dollars you can get a Cadillac ATS 2.0 T or even a bass cadillac cts 2.0 t for the same price as this Buick Regal GS however those models wouldn’t have all the same features that you get in this Regal GS you wouldn’t have the radar cruise control the pre collision warning system the blind spot monitoring system front parking sensors etc however you would get things like real wood trim and slightly better leather along with a slightly more attractive interior better quality parts on the inside and that’s again because Buick is trying their hardest not to step on the toes of Cadillac or Chevy so you find a better quality interior in here than you would in something like a Chevy Impala it’s not going to be quite as nice as you’d find in the Cadillac lineup that is a little bit of a limiting factor for them because Lincoln and Volvo don’t have that same sort of constraint and so you do find real wood trim slightly nicer interior parts in something like a Lincoln MKZ or a Volvo s80 now the Lincoln MKZ is slightly more expensive than the Regal GS and the Volvo s60 is about five thousand dollars more expensive for a similarly equipped vehicle although you do get more power in that Volvo s60 as well as real wood trim and a number of other nicer features on the inside something like a Volvo s80 is a little bit more closely sized

to this Regal GS because the s60 is a

little bit smaller but it’s going to be about ten thousand dollars more expensive than this Regal GS would I buy a regal GS no I probably wouldn’t but I would recommend that anybody shopping in this segment test drives one because it is a great car to drive it is a decent value what would I buy instead of a Regal GS I would probably buy a Cadillac ATS 2.0 T we had one a few months ago and that was a great vehicle it handles impeccably it has a great interior and for the price of a Regal GS you could get a nicely equipped Cadillac CTS 2.0 T now you wouldn’t get all-wheel-drive for that price and you wouldn’t get all the same electronic features that you get in the Regal GS but you would get more of a driver’s vehicle so it’s really up to you whether you’d like the drivers vehicle or whether you’d like the rear seat legroom or all those electronic features in the vehicle for me I’d rather take the better handling vehicle and the Cadillac CTS the Cadillac ATS
are among the best in their class that

would buy those before I bought
something like a BMW 3-series or a BMW 5-series so that’s really fairly high praise for something like a Regal GS saying that all I’d buy instead of it is a rear-wheel drive Cadillac because this is a very competitive segment I would definitely put the Volvo s60 t6 all the drive also on your shopping list it’s considerably faster than this Regal GS it handles a little bit better but it doesn’t feel quite as nice as the Regal GS out on the road because it is a decent amount heavier it is also a little bit more expensive in the Regal GS so the value proposition isn’t quite there but I think overall it is a better

car and it might just be worth the five
thousand dollars extra but again this is a very competitive segment and they’re very close together I would definitely buy this before I bought something like an Acura TL which is a little long in the tooth or the Lexus es350 which is just not sporty at all of this a little bit floaty and also I find its interior a little bit cheap if you’re out there
looking at the Lexus es350

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