2014 Buick Regal GS IntelliLink Infotainment Review

2014 Buick IntelliLink infotainment and navigation system we are inside a 2014 Buick Regal GS right now if you want to know more about that vehicle then look for that complete video showing up on our channel tomorrow and this is the same system that’s also used in the 2014 Buick LaCrosse but it’s not the same system
that’s used in the Verano

or some of the other Buick models let’s
use an entirely different software set this software is actually closely related to Cadillacs cue system only uses a different style touchscreen let’s talk about touch screens and buttons because that’s the primary difference between this and the Cadillac cue system down here we have normal physical buttons you push them and they actually move so we’re on the home screen here and you get to that by the home button we have back button Media button radio button track forward backward an eject button for the single slot CD player
lower in the dashboard volume knob right

there with a power button a little
selector knob right there with a menu button in the middle the Cadillac cue system uses touch buttons it also uses a capacitive touch screen and the difference between a resistive and capacitive touch screen is pretty simple to explain so think about your iPhone or your Android device it has a capacitive touch screen it’s glass on the surface and physically touching the screen doesn’t cause the screen to move the resistive touchscreens are more like your old Palm Pilot where you actually push on it and you can probably see there in the video that the display distorts a little bit because there’s actually a layer touch sensitive layer over the LCD and that’s what actually senses your touch on the screen quite a
different technology this style

technology doesn’t support the
multi-point touch features that the Cadillac cue system does so you can’t swipe around things quite as easily as you can in Cadillac q this style screen also causes a slight matte look to the screen so it’s not as shiny as a glass screen would be and it causes the image to look slightly less crisp than the Cadillac cue system let’s go off the features one by one first off we’re on this home screen here and if you added additional apps which can be added later we’re told then they will be on additional screen so you would access via these side-by-side buttons right here right now there are only these eight icons in the system so there’s nothing to go over to right here in the lower right hand corners where you’ll find your preset to pop up and this is

system presets for all manner of

things not just radio stations you can also preset destinations songs from your media device etc you can drag it up and down you can leave it in this single row set or you can drop it completely back down to the bottom fairly easily over here on the nav icon we have the same navigation software that you’ll find in the Cadillac cue system but the big difference between this and Cadillac cue is Cadillacs cues touchscreen also has a proximity sensor so you’ll notice that those buttons disappeared from the screen in Cadillac Q when you actually get your hand closer to the screen those buttons will reappear for you whereas in the Buick system you have to tap the screen in order to get these shortcut buttons to appear on the top we have our navigation shortcut button phone shortcut button an audio shortcut button as long as well as our clock and our temperature outside there down here we

have zoom out zoom in destination and
the menu button the menu button takes you to current location traffic flow you can change your map view and navigation voice preferences etc on the destination entry screen we have quite a novel change for navigation systems on the market instead of making you follow a specific input method like most systems would where you’d enter a house number first and then a street number next or a city first or whatever here you can actually type in an address just as you normally would so we’ll do 1 2 3 Main Street and you can see it’s very fast because you’re just typing it in the system will then start searching for the address and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve spelled the city or the address correctly it will attempt to correct that address for you we don’t have time to wait for that so we’ll just hit the

exit button it was fairly snappy however

I used that several times got the got
something misspelled in there the system still figured out where I wanted to go you can also enter a destination via the natural voice commands by hitting this voice button right here or by the voice button on the steering wheel and those voice commands are very easy to use they’re also probably the fastest way to enter an address into this system over on the phone interface we have a fairly typical Bluetooth phone interface with a full dial keypad which makes it easier to interact with IVR systems direct access button to our voice mail recent calls contacts we have voice commands right over there the phone’s button is where you can change which Bluetooth phone is currently paired with the system over here on the music and media tab we have XM satellite radio which is enabled at the moment we can also hit the Browse button we can view our XM channels we do have the ability to drag

the little sliders in the system like
that you can also click over to categories if that’s easier for you hit the exit button to get back to this entry here we hit the menu button this is where you can change your tone settings tag songs to and select change volume settings etc if you want to change your source you can hit the radio button again or you can hit the media button to change to a media source you have two USB ports in the system and then just like the Cadillac cue system when you plug in two USB devices it actually merges the media libraries together so it treats them as if it’s one large media library same Browse button allows you to browse the current playlist that you’re on or you can
choose different playlists different

artists songs genres etc everything in
here is fairly snappy because it downloads all this information from your iPod or your USB media device right into the system to make these commands faster you also have full voice commands of your USB or iPod device sort of like Ford SYNC product voice commands worked very well in the system over here on the menu buttons where you’ll find your shuffle settings tone settings and auto volume just like the other settings over here on the Pandora app we have full pandora integration with Buick IntelliLink we can thumbs-up thumbs-down songs we have album art right over there we can browse our Pandora stations via our Android or our I device phone over here on the menu button we have bookmark artists bookmark song as well the system is very fully featured but remember since it does use your smart phone you will be eating up your data plan on your smart phone and you do have to be in cell service in order for this to work over on the weather app we can see our weather via delivered by XM satellite radio we have hourly 36 hour and this multi-day format right here if we had any weather going on in California it would show that right on the braid our map as well going back to the home button we have access to OnStar via that little button there
but this OnStar app is just like hitting

the OnStar button in your rear-view
mirror so it doesn’t give you additional features like you would find in Fords SYNC or certain other products where you can navigate certain OnStar services with this screen so this really just calls OnStar for you when you hit that little button although it looks confusing because there are two phone icons this phone icon right here is the voice command button for your paired smartphone so right now I have my iPhone right here if I hit the start button you’ll see that Siri will pop up on the iPhone right there it works exactly the same way with any other paired smartphone that supports this pass-through voice control feature overall I rank this one notch below Cadillacs cue system just because of the lack of the touch screen and that proximity sensor which really adds an extra level of feature functionality to Cadillac q this is fairly on par with my Ford touch my lincoln touch as well as Chrysler’s you connect product Chrysler’s you connect product is snappier than this product that is one thing that I do have to say about this generation of Cadillac q software as well as the Buick and the Chevy versions

of the same software package is that

they’re just a little bit sluggish sometimes so sometimes you press a button and you have to wait for the system to respond to you especially when zooming in and out on maps you can see this takes a decent amount of time also the navigation graphics aren’t quite as snazzy as the Chrysler UConnect graphics they’re about on par with Ford’s product line however compared to the IntelliLink software that’s used in the Verano as well as the Encore I don’t like this system quite as much that encore system and the Verano system is just a little bit snappier he uses an entirely different software interface it’s not quite as fully featured as this system but I do think that it’s a little bit more intuitive and a little bit faster in terms of responsiveness if you’re debating whether or not to get this Buick IntelliLink system in your next Buick purchase then I highly recommend it not only is the audio interface very well thought-out but the system is also fairly easy to use I rent Cadillac

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