2014 Cadillac CTS Child Seat Review

2014 Cadillac CTS here now this particular model is a cts-v sport which is the head-to-head competitor for the Mercedes Benz ePHI 50 the BMW 550i as well as the Audi s6 this is of course a croco classic ride child seat and we’re gonna see how well one two and three of these seats fit inside the CTS if you
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that banner at the bottom of your screen and if you want to know more about the Cadillac CTS 2.0 T then you can go ahead and find that link at the end of this review the 2014 CTS is based on the smaller Cadillac ATS that really pays dividends for this car out on the road where it out handles the competition by a decent margin part of that’s because this sedan also weigh is less than the competition however one of the reasons it weighs a little bit less is it’s a hair smaller most notably in the width of the car this is about 2 inches
narrower than most of the German

competitors that really does have an
effect on child seats on the inside much like the Mercedes e-class taller drivers as well as taller front passengers do pose a problem for rearward-facing child seats I was not able to install this rearward-facing child seat behind this front passenger seat because it’s not only touching the back but just won’t go right into place like it should for a rearward facing child seat installation you should check with a certified child seat installer or certified child seat inspector before you go installing a child seat in a new vehicle especially if you’re unsure about that just to make sure that everything is fitted properly this driver seat is adjusted for me at 6 feet tall as you can see I have about an inch
and a half to two inches of room between

the rearward-facing child seat and the
driver seat and that is an acceptable distance for that arrangement right there but if you’re a taller person or you like your seat more reclined then it could pose a problem in this category of cars this is not a problem that’s unique to the Cadillac CTS however just about every mid-size luxury car entry suffers from this same lack of space in the rear before we move on to forward-facing child seats it’s important to know why the cts score is the way that it does when it comes to rearward facing child seats Cadillac chooses to apportion the interior space a little differently in the CTS than the rest of the competition you’ll notice this front seat is all the way back in its track as I said it was before and my feet are not touching the back of the firewall in this car I

actually have to scoot forward like that
for my to actually be on the floorboards of the car and as you can see now my back is about three or four inches away from the seat back that’s because Cadillac favors front legroom to rear legroom so you can much more comfortably fit a taller passenger in the front of the CTS then you can in the Germans rather unfortunately when you’re doing that you’re going to get less space for a child’s seat in the back and that’s also part of why in the Germans the child seat has a little bit more room in the back just because there’s not as much room up front outboard headrests in this car move up a great deal and the middle seat doesn’t have a center headrest which means it’s a lot easier to install top tether anchors in this car than it is in certain other entries in this segment
also the top tether anchors are far

enough fact that it’s very easy to use
the top tether anchors in seats with a large buckle arrangement like these Grotto classic ride 50 child seats but is a common problem in a decent number of cars where if you have a large top tether anchor buckle and the belt arrangement and the latch arrangement right here that it’s too close to the seat so it doesn’t actually work properly whereas these you can definitely tell that it’s anchoring the seat very properly in the seat however when you have two child seats across like this it’s really obvious that the cts is narrower than the mercedes-benz e-class or the BMW 5-series because there’s just a little bit less room going on across the back of this bench seat if I close this door it’s really easy to see how tight things are in the
CTS I can’t sit back in the seat because

my shoulder is digging into the door and

my shoulder is definitely digging into the seat so I can’t actually sit back in this seat if I get out of the seat it’s easy to see what’s going on this Center seat is occupying a good 20% of this left side outboard seat and that’s really why things are so tight over here on this side meanwhile this child seat on the right is almost all the way against the door and it’s definitely on the far right side of this rear seat this brings us to the three across configuration as you can see I cannot fit my hand between this child seat and the side of the car that’s really kind of a dangerous spot in an accident this is again just because the CTS is about two to two-and-a-half inches narrower than the majority of the German competition so it’s really obvious when you have to put child seats in the back like this if you do find yourself needing to put three child seats in the Cadillac CTS and you’re gonna want to
find child seats that are narrower than

the average child seat like this again
these are the grotto classic ride 50 child seat it is definitely possible to find narrower child seats out there on the market they do tend to be a little bit more expensive than these however it will give you a better and safer fit in the back of the CTS this is the perfect segue to my biggest piece of car shopping advice take your entire family with you in your car shopping whether that’s just you or you and your spouse and all eight of your children just corral them all jam them all in the car car seats booster seats forward facing backward facing whatever it may be jam everything that you normally have in your car into the cars that you’re test
driving and make sure your entire family

works with that particular vehicle the
CTS is a perfect example of this because if you look at the spec sheet you may think that the rear seat is considerably smaller than the competition but some of that has to do with the way that Cadillac has a portion of the space it means you’re gonna have a lot more comfortable environment up front in the front seats for taller people or larger people then you’ll find in the Germans however the backseat passengers may take just a little bit of a hit if you have those taller people up front the trunk of the CTS is very accommodating for child seats as well as luggage alike we have three child seats in there right now and as you can see it’s fairly easy to put two of the largest roller bags you can carry on a domestic flight in the trunk right here along with those child seats we don’t have a power closing trunk lid but we do have a nice helper handle right here on the inside of the trunk although you may have to grab the outside of the trunk to continue closing that trunk lid again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2014 Cadillac CTS child seat review if you want to know more about the 2014 Cadillac CTS that at the end of this video they’re gonna be two links there’s gonna be one for the 2014 Cadillac cts-v sport which is the model we’re testing right here you’ll also find a link to
the full review on the 2014 CTS 2.0

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