2014 Cadillac CTS Infotainment Review

the first thing to know in the center console is that these buttons down here are all touch buttons now I have been somewhat of a vocal critic of Cadillac Q in the past but I do want to point out that Cadillac has seriously improved the responsiveness of these button banks we did not have any problems with these touch buttons down here in the bottom that’s not something I could say about
the last Cadillac we were in but I am

very pleased to say that Cadillac has
made a decent improvement in their software for the 2014 model year now that resumed in on this screen let’s talk about the screen itself this is a capacitive not resistive touchscreen which means that it’s it’s glass very much like your smartphone this is very unique in the automotive industry it also makes it very attractive compared to some of the other displays out on the market this is undeniably more crisp than all the other touchscreen units that are out there on the market like my Ford touch Chrysler’s UConnect etc and
you can really tell that I’m not sure if

it really shows up that well in the
video but in person you can really tell this display is very sharp and very crisp and that’s really because of the touch screen technology going on here we also have haptic feedback so when you touch things on the screen it vibrates just a little bit so you can tell that you’ve actually touched it we also have a proximity sensor that’s down below the screen so right now you can see there’s not a whole lot going on up top there’s just a little Cadillac logo but if I get my hand close to the screen right here at the bottom all of a sudden more options appear on the screen it helps it look a little bit less cluttered we’re going to go to the home screen first so we can navigate around our home screen we have audio
settings as your vehicle settings as

well as infotainment settings XM
satellite weather typical Bluetooth phone interface we have navigation over here OnStar climate and then if we scoot over to this other side we have rear climate because our particular cadillac cts has a three zone system and then we have a Pandora app you can add additional apps and you can also rearrange these icons just like you would be able to on a smart phone unlike Chrysler’s you connect our my Ford touch where you get additional services by clicking on their services button OnStar really just connects you to the OnStar service just like you would with the OnStar buttons above your rear-view mirror going over to the audio screen we can see we have our full interface for our Bluetooth or iPod

device right down here we have some
additional touch screen controls that are very similar to our iPad or iPhone you can open and close those menus at the bottom for your presets etc your presets can also be scrolled so if I drag that up you can also scroll across to different pages you can set presets for more than just radio stations like right now you can see here I have a preset for a media file on my I device and if I click that little button eventually the system will find that on the I device that is one thing that I dislike about Cadillac queue still is that it is still a little bit sluggish depending on what you’re doing with the system right down here we can click over to our radio interface we can browse our media via this button right there we hit the menu button we can see our tone settings shuffle etc if you actually want to browse this
particular media vice we hit little

browse button here we have full access
to our iPod or a media device all the particulars on orous playlists etc we also have full natural voice commands that are very well executed in this Cadillac cue system cue does use XM satellite radio which is part of Sirius XM and we have again full access to browsing all of our XM channels you can drag the sliders in the system just like you would on a smartphone it’s very intuitive very easy to use if you’re familiar with smartphones across the top we have four shortcut buttons for direct access to our phone back to our media device over to the maps or to the climate control the Bluetooth phone and race is your fairly typical Bluetooth phone interface you do have access to our contacts recent calls a dial pad which I find very handy you can also add contacts to these shortcut buttons down

here so you can pull that up in any

screen add contacts there and then just
click those buttons for shortcut we don’t have any text messaging support built into Cadillac queue at this time we scoot over to the navigation page we do have a fully featured 3d navigation layout we can pinch to zoom just like you would on a smartphone but as you can see it is just a little bit sluggish in its response when you pinch to zoom most system response is actually in Cadillac you are a little bit sluggish definitely a lot more sluggish in something like you connect or I Drive or Audi MMI or even Mercedes command however while I’m talking about the direct competitors to Cadillac q I do find I divide I drive to be just a little bit more attractive both in the graphics layout as well as the screen so is it also a snappier and a little bit easier to use I find but Audis MMI is an awful lot more confusing than Cadillac Q so I would rate this above out ease MMI as well as Mercedes command because

command is getting pretty darn old and

you know command just doesn’t offer the same array of features and it’s app integration is even more sluggish than Cadillac Q so I would probably call this number 2 in the luxury segment a very close third would be my Lincoln Touch which is just Lincoln’s version of my Ford touch which I do find quite attractive however this capacitive touchscreen and the way that this system integrates with that LCD instrument cluster we talked about earlier is definitely superior in Cadillac Q because in the Cadillac cue system you can actually browse your iDevice using the audio interface inside that LCD instrument cluster from the steering wheel and you can’t do that on my Lincoln touch entering an address is

fairly easy via the on-screen interface
but it’s an awful lot snap here if you use the natural voice commands on the climate control screen this is where you can sync your climate control settings one side to the other you can also control the rear climate control if your vehicle is so equipped back on the home screen now that my I device is connected you can see that we have a phone button this is for natural voice recognition on your phone so if you have a phone that’s paired with the system you can click that little button and then you can do voice activation commands on your phone rather than on the system through the interface right here in the Cadillac cue system one thing that Cadillac Q does extremely well is integrating various media devices with the system rather than having a media button where you actually have to select various USB devices that are plugged into the system if you plug in up to three USB devices this system will actually amalgamate the media libraries on these devices so it will actually smush them together as if it was one large media device that had all those various songs on it and then you can natural voice command them right here on the screen through the voice button or browse your combined media device basically with that browse button so if you hit the Browse button it’ll actually be browsing all three media
devices at exactly the same time I find

that an awful lot easier to deal with
than something like my Ford touch where you actually have to select the individual device and if you want to find a track on another device you have to go and select that device and then go back etc this way it can actually Brow’s songs you know one after the other without actually having to go back and select the different device it can also provide enough power to charge high dry USB devices like modern tablets iPads etc still keeping in mind that the system is a little bit more sluggish than some of the other systems out on the market I still don’t rate this as highly as BMWs iDrive which is just very snappy it’s very polished very well integrated however my opinion has definitely changed on Cadillac Q with this latest software iteration and I now place this a very close second in the luxury field and in the overall field including Chrysler’s UConnect system I would rate UConnect above this system in feature functionality but I would probably place this third so you know overall it would be I Drive then you connect and then this system in third and then in just the luxury segment this is definitely a

solid second place thanks for taking the

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