2014 Cadillac CUE and LCD Instrument Cluster Review

2014 Cadillac cts-v sport we’re taking a look at the LCD instrument cluster as well as Cadillac q in this video if you’re interested in the complete review on the V sport itself then go ahead and click the banner at the bottom of your screen right now we’re taking a look at the 12 inch LCD instrument cluster this is
available in a number of Cadillac models

so if you found this video because

2014 Cadillac CUE and LCD Instrument Cluster Review
you’re looking at an XTS or a regular CTS then don’t worry this is the correct video for you if you found this video because you’re looking at Cadillac Q in something like the SRX then go ahead and skip ahead to the Cadillac Q section of the review because the SRX does not have this LCD instrument cluster as an option at this exact moment the first thing you need to know about the LCD instrument cluster is that it’s controlled by a multi-way joystick style button arrangement right on the steering wheel it’s very easy to use and the interface
is very intuitive

the next thing to know about the system
is that it offers a variety of different layouts which really sets this apart from the full LCD instrument cluster that you’ll find in Jaguar and Land Rover products because those really just imitate standard old analog gauges and this one has a variety of different layouts personally I prefer this particular layout which Cadillac calls the enhanced layout so we’ll be spending most of our time looking at this much of what I’m going to talk about in this layout also applies to the other layouts it’s just that the information is rearranged in those different layouts the reason I like to enhance that is because it gives you an awful lot of information in a very logical layout right up here we
have the navigation Maps this is

actually pulled from the navigation
system and it is a live map and it shows you a close-up of where you are and you can see this at all times so it doesn’t change in this layout and it doesn’t matter whether you have the Cadillac cue system it’s in the dashboard in the center console set to the navigation system or anything next we have three separate areas this area this middle area and this far right area that can have different information displayed in them let’s go over to the left side so we can see what options we can cycle through we have two different trip computers available fuel range instantaneous fuel economy average speed vehicle timer turn arrow gives you navigate instructions so your next turn whether it’s left or right etc distance to your destination if you have one

programmed in speed limit on the current

road battery voltage oil life tire pressure and then we’re right back to the trip again the same information can be displayed on this right side screen cycles through the same number of options so you have the option of having two of those options in that list displayed at the same amount of time we always have the fuel range displayed in this particular layout as well as a graphic representation of the fuel level the layout has a large central digital speedometer and you’ll find status and warning icons displayed around that speedometer for instance we have our cruise control information right there and then we have the drive mode select which will display on the screen so if we select to ring you’ll notice that this little car with the gear icon turns off and if we select snow and ice then the little icon will appear back again and this time it has a little

snowflake in it the larger central area

of the screen can be used for a variety of different functions right now we’re on the audio option we have almost full control over our audio system right here in this LCD instrument cluster by the steering wheel so we can change our source we can actually browse the media you can browse specific playlists if you want specific playlists specific items and you can select that particular item to start playing this is really very advanced compared to all the other systems out there on the market Chrysler’s you connect won’t do this you won’t find this in the maserati ghibli which also uses chrysler you connect you won’t find this and many of the other systems out there BMW system offers a decent amount of this functionality but it doesn’t quite come to this level we have access to a

reasonable number of phone commands

right here in this interface as well we can see recent calls browse our phone book as well as dial favorites very similar in the navigation we can resume the route voice prompts on or off and we also get a compass right here or map if you have the navigation active as you can see in this view not all the views offer dual displays for the information that we see right over here on the left this particular one for instance doesn’t give you that option in the center console you will find the most hotly-contested feature of Cadillac Q and it’s this touch button arrangement right here none of these are physical buttons so these are all touch buttons just like the buttons on either side of the screen or touch buttons as well the system does give you haptic feedback so when you hit a button it vibrates gently so you know that you’ve actually pressed that particular option like the screen you
can drag your finger along the sliders

like this to change your volume as well
as change your fan you can go up and down using the sliders which is kind of Handy unlike the first time I tested the system this time the system never got my finger touches wrong so even after week with this system I never had any time where the system went haywire and started adjusting the volume or the fan control as if I was touching the display and that did used to happen in the first generation of the system but fortunately General Motors has spent a decent amount of time tweaking the software and it looks like they’ve gotten it right on the bottom of this panel there’s a touch sensitive area that allows you to open the screen it is motorized and inside you will find a single USB port the
system has three USB ports total there

two in a center console and there’s one
right here in this hidden little cubby simply touch that to close it again we’re now taking a look at the eight inch LCD that’s the heart of the Cadillac cue system if you’ve used a tablet computer before especially an Android tablet then this interface should be very familiar to you for a number of reasons first off this uses a capacitive touchscreen not a resistive touchscreen which means this is a single sheet of plastic all the way across from here all the way across the screen and all the way to over here so there’s no gap like you’d find in every other touchscreen that’s out there so it looks and feels like a regular touchscreen resistive touchscreens which are the alternative actually use a physical membrane that detects your touch so it actually flexes when you press on the screen and they have sort of a matte finish and it dulls the image everything in the system has a very crisp very clean look to it thanks to this touch screen the second reason this should be familiar to you is because this provides fabtech feedback as well so when you press an option on this screen it actually buzzes your finger so you can feel that you’ve actually pressed that option the other reason that you should feel very familiar with the system is that offers proximity
sensors so right below the screen there

these two areas right here and right
here and those can actually sense when your hand is approaching or leaving the screen now that the same software is working its way down to other brands under the General Motors umbrella the screen technology as well as as proximity sensors continue to separate Cadillac from the Chevy and Buick versions of the system right now in the audio screen you’ll see that large Cadillac logo right there at the top of the screen if I move my hand in close to the screen I haven’t touched it yet but you can see that the options have appeared right there up top for direct access to the audio phone navigation as well as climate control thanks to the screen type the screen easily supports swiping commands just like a tablet computer and as you can see it’s very responsive when you swipe your finger across back on the audio screen browsing your devices is very easy we just hit the Browse button then we have direct access to our media library that’s attached to the system Cadillac cue treats multiple USB devices very differently than other systems right now I have my iPhone 5 connected to the system

and if I had multiple iPhones connected

to the system then the system will actually merge all of those music libraries together as if they were one large music library and then you’d be able to browse the music library together so if you had two devices that were essentially identical in terms of their music library then you’d see each and every entry in this list twice because it’d be merging those two entries together if you have different music libraries like your children or your partner or your friend or whatever has a completely different music library than you do and you plug both devices in then you can see both of those libraries merged right together in the system of course the system offers full and complete voice commands of USB media devices I devices etc very much like Fords SYNC product in addition to acting as radio presets the favorites buttons can also store albums artists songs and genres etc so if you want to go to this particular song you can actually store that right there on that list and if that device is connected and you hit that button it
will find it and start playing the song

for you
interaction with the system is very logical and very easy one oddity is you cannot click and drag a particular track if you’re on it can click the album art however and you get direct access to the playlist that you’re already on hit the exit button there the menu button is where you’ll find tone settings shuffle settings and the Bose audio pilot the Bluetooth phone interface is your fairly typical Bluetooth phone and face we have a full dial pad right there access to our contacts recent calls voicemail and then you can choose which device you want to pair with the system at the moment to use navigation software offers a 3d mode with topographical information as you can see right there it also offers pinch-to-zoom which will be very familiar to if you’ve used tablet computers in the past you’ll also notice we do have traffic information displayed right there on the map as well you can also drag the map if you want to view a different area but you’ll notice that interacting with the map in this fashion can be a little bit sluggish thoughtfully Cadillac retains forward and backward and pause buttons
when you’re in the mapping interface so

you can continue to interact with your
media device as with many other modern cars you can enter addresses in this system via natural voice commands but very interestingly you can also enter addresses just by typing them in in this screen and I’ll show you why this is different than everybody else’s in just a second you’ll see how fast this is the reason for that is because the system hasn’t actually looked up that address yet if I hit the Go button the system will now start trying to find an address that matches what you’ve entered in the system from its database it can take a little bit of time however this system will correct for incorrect zip codes incorrect cities misspelled street names that sort of thing we’re even incorrect addresses if it thinks that there is a suitable match in the system you can now see what I mean because the system has now completed its database search and it’s now giving me a list of options that it thinks most represent what I entered right over here on this side you can see a graphic representation of where these options are and number four
is probably what I really meant because

I think I might have entered that
address wrong so all I have to do is click that option eventually the system will ask me if I want to go there as you can see there are certain actions in Cadillac queue that are still a little bit sluggish much like other systems the physical climate control buttons are repeated on this particular climate control panel but we can also control the rear climate control if your vehicle is so equipped cadillac q also offers Pandora smartphone integration so if we allow the app to operate on our phone can output the phone away because we can interact with Pandora right here on the eight-inch touchscreen LCD we can thumbs-up thumbs-down songs we can pause and we can skip forward you can also change the radio station that we are using in Pandora right there as of many other systems Cadillac q also offers weather information it’s displayed right on the eight-inch touchscreen LCD we can see five days 36 hours or the hourly forecast Q integrates an OnStar icon but it doesn’t actually integrate the OnStar services right into the same screen so you can see we just have a main menu it’s just a bit of a shortcut instead of using the buttons above the rear-view mirror last but not least we have settings and you have access to a wide variety of vehicle settings from camera to display settings voice settings vehicle settings etc that’s where you’ll find almost every customization option
available for the CTS or any of the

other Cadillac models will be buried

right there in that settings menu Cadillac tells us that there will be other apps available for the system at some point in time but at the moment what you see is what you get overall I’m much more impressed with Cadillac q this time around than I was when I first saw it I really like the way that this systems graphics look they’re very clean they’re very good looking they’re very modern and very elegant as well compared to Ford and Lincoln’s mytouch these look a little bit less busy and definitely more modern compared to BMWs iDrive the system isn’t quite as fully featured it’s difficult to compare this to Mercedes command because there are two different command systems at the moment there’s the command system in the brand-new 2015 c-class it’s also shared with the mercedes-benz s-class and then there’s the one that you’ll find in the mercedes-benz e-class which is a direct competitor to the Cadillac CTS the one on the e-class is definitely long in the tooth the screen is much smaller it’s not as bright it’s not as attractive the graphics are definitely a little bit more old-school mercedes has tried to add on certain app integration items with that system but doesn’t really work as you might think audis MMI system is attractive in its thoroughly modern however I do find an awful lot of the interfaces a little bit more convoluted than I’d like interacting with that system is just not as intuitive as Cadillac q that’s been my in-depth look at the Cadillac cue system in the 2014
Cadillac cts-v sport if you want to know

more about the B sport then there’ll be

some links at the end of this video so you can click on over to the full review on that car we’ll also be able to click on over to the Cadillac CTS – point of T as well as the Cadillac ATS 3.6 go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen so you can be updated on all of our latest videos go ahead and like this video share this video with your friends tell me what you did and did not like about this video you can also send me messages on facebook send me emails to Alex at Alex on autos comm you can find me over at facebook.com slash Alex and autos and we’ll see you next week Oh

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