2014 Chevrolet Impala Review

2014 Chevy Impala well I should say the all new 2014 Chevy Impala because for 2014 there are actually two impalas there’s the old Impala which will live on as a commercial fleet vehicle only and there’s this brand new 2014 consumer Impala let’s take a look for 2014 the Impala has really grown which i think is a great thing for a Chevy because I

2014 Chevrolet Impala Review

still have a big soft place in my heart
for large American sedans this new Impala is essentially based on the Cadillac XTS which means that it’s very long since that Cadillac is designed to be a temporary flagship for the Cadillac brand it’s most notable in these rear doors which are very long give you an awful lot of rear legroom out back the Impala is clean and simple with dual hidden exhaust tips in our v6 version here very well integrated rear parking sensors and these very aggressive but very simple rear tail lamps GM’s designers love angles and there’s
definitely a lot of angular Chevy Camaro

going on on the front of this 2014
Impala we have a nice power bulge in this hood which is very attractive we have these very aggressive and attractive front headlamps our particular model has the optional HID headlamps large Chevy bowtie grille and let’s take a look at some of the closer details on this front end over here on the headlamps we have a nice little Chevy bowtie logo and some additional architectural detail on this side turn lamp again these are the optional HID headlamps our Impala has the optional and very attractive 19-inch wheels shod in a 245 45 hour 19 rubber these are an eagle RS a tire on this particular Impala model and it is a very good tire combo for this car the Impala weighs around 3,800 pounds
we’re not quite clear because GM hasn’t

released an official weight
specification but this is a fairly decently sized tire for a car that’s the size and this weight there are three different engine options available in the 2014 Impala things start out with the base 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine you can opt for a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine with GM’s mild hybrid system as well but we’re taking a look at the top-end 3.6 liter direct injection v6 engine this is shared with a number of other GM products most notably that Cadillac XTS in the Impala it produces 305 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 264 pounds ritu torque at 5,200 rpm that 264 pound-feet of torque is important because direct-injection gives this engine a very broad torque curve and 264 pounds of torque is notably

higher than many of the front wheel
drive competitors out there all Impala models use the same 6-speed General Motors front-wheel drive trans axle sending power of course to these front wheels only our v6 model is rated by the EPA for 19 miles per gallon city 29 highway with a combined rating of 22 which is a solid entry in this segment let’s start out by taking a look at the impalas interior we have these very attractive for weight adjustable headrests these move in and out as well as up and down they are manual and we also have contrasting stitching and contrasting piping going on on the impala seats so ours is this gray with sort of ivory piping and the contrasting blue stitching here we also have the faux suede inserts on the seat these really do make the seats very attractive and very comfortable comfort is very high in the Impala seat the only thing
to know about the Alcantara seat inserts

is that they can pill later in life so
they just like a wolf sweater would pill that can happen here as well we have height adjustable seat belts right there on the B pillars for both the driver and the front passenger over here on the door we have the same sort of faux stitching going on that is an injection molded piece that is then stitched together over here we have fake wood trim fairly high quality plastics going on all over the cabin in the Impala we have even these plastics right here that are below the sawed normal soft touch upper these are also soft touch this chrome strip that runs across the impala interior is quite interesting because at night it lights up so there’s actually a small green LED strip or sorry electro florescent strip embedded inside this chrome strip in the driver store the front passenger door and these

trim strips along the dashboard and at

night they glow with a sort of a green blue glow that matches the gauges we go higher up on the dashboard we can see that we have this stitched dashboard look going on here very attractive two-tone theme and the reason that this piece right here looks a little bit separate from the rest of the dashboard is quite novel if we press this button on the bored the Impala has a trick up its sleeve we have this cubby back here where you can put your phone or your other device and there’s a USB port to power it it’s quite a large compartment and this compartment locks when you put the car in valet mode which is quite a handy feature our Impala has the dual zone climate control as well as the keyless go one thing to note is plastic quality is a little bit questionable around these air vents as well as around the climate control that’s really the only downside I can see in this cabin
low points there to notice we have very

attractive shifter with GM’s
button shifter right here for manual mode control on the transmission two large cupholders easily fit a 40-ounce soda from the take out of your choice down here we have the heated seats in our Impala fairly large center console you have a bunch of stuff in there but you can see it is quite a large compartment fairly comfortable armrest the leather in this car isn’t quite as soft as some of the competition but it is still very good if we move over to the instrument cluster our Impala does not have the optional seven-inch LCD instrument cluster which is a shame I am a fan of those but we do have a nice two dial arrangement there with the op also dials for the fuel and the temperature
in the car moving back out to the

steering wheel I have heard a lot of bad
press about the Impala steering wheel calling it a little bit drab or a little bit ugly but I think I think the design is actually quite attractive it reminds me a lot of the Mercedes s-class which is not a bad thing to be reminded of the s-class has the sort of two-level smileyface steering wheel going on as well over here these buttons control that information display in the instrument cluster phone button voice command button over here we have our cruise control button we have the button for our camera based collision warning system this is not radar based so this particular car does not have the optional radar cruise control system that is optional in the Impala it’s about a $1,300 option back here on the back of the steering wheel is where you’ll find very Chrysler like volume up and down buttons on this side of the steering wheel and then track up and down buttons on the other side of the steering wheel typical GM stocks over there for headlights turn signals windshield wipers etc going down to the left side of the steering wheel is where you will find the electric parking brake the trunk release parking sensors lane departure warning and another storage cubby which is fairly large it’s actually quite deep they’re very easy to carry things in we have our window
switches here mirror controls etc our

card does not have the optional memory
seats and that’s where the door lock button is front seat comfort in the Impala is excellent for both the driver and the front passenger that’s an important thing to keep in mind because many entries in this large sedan mass market segment don’t offer the same range of adjustability in that passenger seat as they do in the driver’s seat our Impala has the four-way electronic adjustable lumbar support our model also has the manual tilt telescoping steering wheel if you ought for the top-end trim of the Impala it does replace that with an electronic memory adjustable tilt telescoping steering wheel unlike Chrysler’s 300 you really sit in these seats rather than on these seats they’re decidedly comfortable as you’d expect from a large American sedan large sedans are all about legroom and that’s definitely going on here in the 2014 Impala front seats have over 45 inches of legroom and these rear seats have just under 40 inches of legroom that’s notably higher than the Chrysler 300 ties with that Cadillac XTS on which this car is based now I did complain about the rear seat legroom in the Cadillac XTS if you recall that video I

was a little bit disappointed that it
wasn’t larger especially because the old Cadillac DTS had a lot more rear legroom but for the Impala I think that 40 inches of rear legroom is perfectly fine when you compare this to other American entries most notably the Ford Taurus or the Chrysler 300 the hump in the middle is an awful lot lower especially versus that Chrysler 300 which means that sitting in the middle seat is an awful lot more comfortable in the Impala if I scoot all the way over to the right side this front seat was adjusted for a six foot five passenger I had in the car so you can see there’s still quite a lot of legroom left back here we have a large and fairly wide center armrest with dual cupholders but now we must talk about Headroom because cars are getting sexy profiles sexy coupe black profiles these days and that doesn’t work well with Headroom I’m only 6 feet tall and my head and my hair are brushing the ceiling if I sit upright in any one of these regardless of how the front seat is adjusted of course and our model does not have the optional sunroof so you do

want to keep that in mind if you want
more Headroom you may have to go to a slightly smaller car or something like the Chrysler 300 because it does have an awful lot of headroom primarily because of its very upright profile there aren’t very many large sedans that have folding rear seats but the Impala is one of them and it has a fairly large trunk pass-through when these rear seats are folded they’re also not too much higher than that cargo area in the back making it very easy to pull larger luggage from the trunk into the passenger area it’s a great feature when you think about it also if you see you can’t really see in the video mind you but these headrests of the rear seats are a decent distance away from the front seat back so it really doesn’t matter how these rear headrests are adjusted these rear seat backs just fold very easily in here thanks to this large wheelbase and large overall size of the Impala with 18.8 cubic feet of trunk space we scored 9 out of 10 points in our exclusive trunk comfort index we do lose a little bit of points because these hinges aren’t the hidden hinge variety so they do occupy a little bit of trunk space but again 18.8
cubic feet is a very large trunk for

today’s auto market this is the largest
roller bag you can carry on a domestic flight you can fit quite a number of these in the trunk it also has a very handy handle that makes it a lot easier to close the trunk on the outside or on the inside before we take a look at the infotainment system let’s go over here to the instrument cluster so we can take a look at this 4.2 inch LCD between the gauges now the Chevy MyLink system used in the Impala is not the same MyLink system that’s used in the other Chevy products there are actually three different systems under the Chevy MyLink name there’s the one that’s used in the mid-range product there’s the very basic system that’s used in the spark and then there is this system which is actually more closely related to Cadillacs cue this display in the center right there is controlled by this control panel on the steering wheel and we have our trip computer right here scrolling through that we can see oil life tire pressure etc we also have an audio screen where we can see XM information as well as iPod information you have a decent amount of
trol with this screen compared to other

similar systems on the market most
notably the Kia System and the Ford my touch systems won’t display track information for certain audio sources here this system will we have access to our phone navigation system no route entered if we did have a route we’d be able to see route information there you can change your route option to your voice prompts etcetera resume route with this little screen we also have access to vehicle settings change units into a pages speed warning etc on this screen and then we scroll all the way back at the top to our info screen which has a second digital speedometer and of course as I said our trip information back over here in the center console we find an 8 inch touchscreen LCD this is very closely related in terms of software to the Cadillac cue system however unlike the cue system we use a resistive touchscreen here rather than a capacitive touchscreen so the feel to the user is a little bit different we have direct access buttons to our home screen back button track forward backward radio media and then screen open/close we’ll go over that in a little bit over here we have menu select rotate their power button over here now the screen does open and close to reveal a large cubby with one USB port you’ll find another two USB ports in the center console so that is one of the key differences between this and the other
chevy mylink products is that it offers

three USB ports all three USB ports

provide enough power to charge high draw USB devices like iPads tablet computers and certain Android products as well I mentioned Cadillac queue because the system is laid out very similarly to queue and it has the same problems that we noticed in Cadillac Q the first off is a general lack of responsiveness that you may notice in this system you can rearrange these icons on your home screen over here we have direct access to our audio inputs you can browse XM channels you can browse your AM and FM radio as well so we’re here in AM you get the same sort of interface for that if you want to find presets on the system then you’ll find those down there in that little popup menu it is a little bit difficult to actually use that menu while you’re driving and the layout is a little bit less than logical we see here is go back there if it’ll actually and now you see the lack of responsiveness in the software which is something that we’ve noticed I’ll give up over here on the phone screen you’ll find a very typical Bluetooth phone interface keypad direct access to voicemail contacts etc very well featured phone interface if we move over to the nav interface you’ll find the same nav software that you’ll find in the Cadillac queue it’s just as slow and operates basically the same way as the Cadillac cue system where this row of icons and this bottom er of icons will disappear after a certain period of
inactivity allowing you to see more of

the mapping interface

unlike Cadillac queue however you actually have to touch the screen to get those buttons back because the system in the Chevy Impala doesn’t get the proximity sensor that the Cadillac cue system gets overall the nav system is very well featured it has XM satellite traffic displayed on the screen as well as you can see right there but these graphics aren’t quite as snazzy as something like BMWs iDrive it’s not necessarily a problem in the Impala because its competition is primarily the Ford Taurus the Toyota Avalon the Lexus es350 etc I find the system’s foibles and problems and hiccups to be probably worth the difference between the Lexus and Toyota system I don’t find a Lexus and Toyota system terribly intuitive or terribly easy to use it’s definitely not as feature-rich as this system I just wish this system was more reliable this has crashed on us once this week Cadillac Q has crashed on us multiple times in a week in every Cadillac that we’ve tested so far hopefully this means that General Motors has sorted out some of their problems if we go back to the home screen and we go back to weather you’ll see XM satellite weather being delivered by the system very fully featured back on the home screen we have certain smartphone app integration items right now all that’s here is Pandora you
don’t need an extra app on your phone

for that just have a phone plugged in

with the Pandora app it works right with it we of course have direct access to our OnStar you can also use the OnStar buttons in the car above the mirror as well system settings over here you can find a wide variety of system and car settings through that interface it isn’t just zooming in and out that slower in this system versus the other Chevy systems or certain systems from other competitive manufacturers it’s also keyboard entries this keyboard is just not as responsive or as snappy as thanks from Hyundai Kia Toyota Ford etc or even again as those cheaper products from General Motors themselves searching addresses in the system also takes a bit more time than we expected as you can see here it’s trying to find that address for us the interesting thing is that when you use the voice commands in the system it doesn’t take nearly as long so you hit the voice button you can talk very naturally to the system give it the address you want to go to and it looks up that address very rapidly compared to actually entering the the entry yourself as a result I don’t see myself needing to use this on screen keyboard much thanks to that good voice recognition system however the rest of the system is still a little bit sluggish and a little bit slow overall my experience using this version of the MyLink software in the Impala has improved my view of the system versus our time in the Cadillac XTS it wasn’t

nearly as buggy or as crashy as that

first edition of this same software
however I do still prefer the Chevy MyLink system that’s used in the Chevy Malibu again that’s not the same software I find that particular software package much more intuitive much easier to use it’s also snappier the voice commands in the system are a little bit better but I don’t think that’s quite enough to compensate in my book still when you compare it to the competition this is more fully featured than what you’ll find in the Lexus or the Toyota it’s definitely more reliable than my Ford touch at this point just as slow to respond to inputs however as my Ford touch if the Impala name conjures up straight line performance for you then you’ll probably be happy with the 2014 Impala because we clocked 0 to 60 in our v6 version at 5.5 2 seconds which is a very very respectable time for a v6 front-wheel drive car especially one that doesn’t have a turbocharger in it and that’s all thanks to the very low first you’re going on in this Impala by the time a quarter-mile runs around it’s about the same as most of the v6 front-wheel drive competition like the Avalon the es350 the cadenza is a Azera whatever Hyundai calls their large sedan but it is a very comparable quarter-mile time to those other cars sometimes a little bit faster depending on the exact model but the zero to 60 time which is important in those stoplight races and I know that our viewers of course would never stop light race anything but if you should need to then the Impala will outperform a decent number of those competitors despite being a softly sprung front-wheel drive car the Impala has fairly good road manners on these winding mountain roads and that’s thanks

to a very well designed front suspension
our Impala does not have GM’s new hiper strut suspension which attempts to correct some of the you know what people would call failings of front-wheel drive suspension designs but even so it still has a very good feel now you can get that hiper strut suspension in the Buick LaCrosse we’re told as well as in the Cadillac XTS it does improve the feel just that little bit more but in the Impala is still very good now the suspension is still very soft as I said and the steering is still very numb but it is very precise and very well mannered the suspension does not get upset over imperfect road surfaces over you know pothole speed bumps etc like some large cars do most notably the Azera and the cadenza the Lexus es350 even seems to get a little bit upset over broken pavement in a way that kind of surprised me it’s not happening here in the Apollo the Impala just has a very very solid very firm very commanding feel to it out on the road and strangely enough fairly high handling limits as well the Impala is not as quiet as the Buick LaCrosse which is very closely related but it is notably quieter than the Hyundai Azera as well as possibly even the Toyota Avalon this is a very quiet ride the Chrysler 300 is pretty much equal and the Ford Taurus is a little bit louder the Apollo has good brake feel and decent fade resistance for a large front wheel drive car things do still get a little bit light out back under heavy braking but that’s to be expected in any front we five car for 2014 the Impala starts out at twenty seven thousand five hundred thirty five dollars for that base four-cylinder engine if you want the v6 like I would get thirty thousand seven hundred sixty is your base price our model here as fully equipped is forty

two thousand two hundred dollars the
2014 Chevy Impala is easily the best Impala I have ever driven has a much improved interior over last year’s model it’s bigger its softer it’s quieter it’s a lot more powerful as well the impalas 305 horsepower v6 is a Dem of an engine got decent fuel economy about 20 to 23 miles per gallon on average and overall the pricing isn’t bad topping out at forty two thousand two hundred dollars this should represent a slight discount on that all new Buick LaCrosse which is very closely related it’s also a decent amount cheaper than that Cadillac XTS and it really doesn’t give up too much in terms of luxury or performance to those other models however there are still a few little flaws inside that I didn’t like the dashboard could be a little bit nicer I might choose something like a Chrysler 300 in terms of absolute performance over the Chevy Impala but you can’t beat the Impala on overall room value pricing and a quiet interior again I’m Alex dykes this has been the 2014 Chevy Impala be sure and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen so you can be updated on all of our latest videos go ahead and like this video comment on it tell me what you liked what you didn’t

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