2014 Chevrolet Malibu

2014 Chevrolet MalibuĀ  7-inch Chevy MyLink system in a 2014 Chevy Malibu this is the same system that you’ll find in a few other Chevy products as well as certain Buick products this is one of my more favorite systems out on the market right now but it is a little bit confusing because Chevy uses the MyLink brand name for this software as well as for the software that you find in the Chevy

Silverado as well as the new Chevy
Impala and it’s not the same setup the Silverado and the Impala used software that’s based on Cadillacs cue system where this software is completely different the reason I like this versus that other system is this software is very responsive it’s also very easy to navigate around to we have more physical buttons down below here than you’ll find in that other system as well most notably these preset buttons down below one feature that seems to be common with most of these systems is an open bowl display right there so you can hide
things behind there one of the reasons

that I really like this system is
because it’s not only a touchscreen system but most of these buttons are either duplicated with physical buttons down below or you can navigate it using this physical dial right here so you can use this dial to go over to now playing and you could hit enter and you can get right to that screen there’s a back button if you want to go back to the home button home button right over here these are touch buttons on the side now let’s go over these features in order this is the home screen we have multiple pages right there and it can be reordered you can always go back to the home button by either pressing home by pressing home right there on the screen and we get this basic screen right here now playing takes you to the source
that’s currently playing fairly obvious

there we have am/fm XM satellite radio
all these icons are reorder Abul navigation if you’re optional package includes that depending on the version of the car you’re in it may be a seven hundred ninety five dollar option again it really just depends on which vehicle you’re in over here we have our Bluetooth phone interface there’s a fairly typical Bluetooth phone interface it does offer most of the basic features that you’d expect out of a modern system the navigation software the system is very easy to use it’s an awful lot snappier than the other Chevy MyLink branded products we also offer Sirius XM traffic information as you can see on the screen destination entry is very easy with natural voice commands we can directly access that navigation set up right there with that nav button and

destination entry by hitting that

destination button see we have our usual bevy of destination input options and we can repeat our last voice command by hitting that repeat button right over there the system also offers Pandora and stitcher smartphone integration all you have to have is the app on your smartphone you don’t need to have any additional vehicle specific apps like you would with BMWs iDrive in order to use those going over to the next screen you can see our single slot CD player which is down here that’s where you’d find the controls for that iPod interface auxilary bluetooth audio streaming we also have apps for weather this data is collected by Sirius XM you can see what your current weather forecast is we have destination entry there as a separate option again that’s duplicated with that physical button system configuration right there and the tone settings right over there on this

tone button that is the only thing that
I find as a flaw in this system is that if you’re over here on your home page and you’re you know playing Celine Dion or Sakura or whatever it is that you’re playing on your iPod or iPhone and you want to change the tone you either have to go back to that button we have to hit this tone button down there and then you can change the settings right on there it’s not quite as intuitive taken solely as a touchscreen interface but I do like the fact that they do give you this physical button Bank down here that is one redeeming factor that you don’t find in many systems because these buttons are just fairly logically laid out on the last home screen you’ll find movie information fuel prices quick info for the car as well as the pictures they’re all fairly self-explanatory quick info
gives you audio info navigation info

your five-day weather forecast nearby

fuel stations etc it’s accessible either via that home screen button or yet again via a physical button compared to my Ford touch I like the system an awful lot more it is very snappy it doesn’t offer the same array of commands especially voice commands as my Ford touch does it’s not quite as slick as Chrysler’s UConnect system but do find the system one of the easiest to use definitely not a detriment to any Chevy product really the only problem that I have with General Motors new direction seems to be that the Cadillac q software is taking over instead of this software so right now this software you’ll find is something like a view of Renault Buick Encore as well as the Chevy Malibu but you won’t find this software in the Chevy Impala or the new Chevy Silverado those use an entirely different version of Chevy MyLink I will pop a link down below so you can see our infotainment review on
that particular system


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